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    Spammer Rules

    Spammers believe that every internet user is a 20-something, over-sexed, physically-under-developed, male who is happy to pump themselves full of dodgy drugs, wants a nice imitation watch, needs a "job" in "financial services" with a new logo, a web-site designed in Russia, and will send a few thousand dollars to a African who has millions just waiting to be released by the local dictator, if only he had some working capital.
  2. jtevans

    Time to stop chasing spamvertized URLs

    As a newbie round here, who came believing that the Spamvertised site was the most important and useful target, this discussion is welcome education. I was not aware of these particular false trails, nor of the difficulty for service providers, apparently. The spam I am currently getting tends to have a small number of very boring themes; loss of any of these "services" can only enhance the human condition (IMHO of course!) - HGH, Sex, other Drugs, Copy Watches, Stock Market tips (without URLs) and scam swiss job offers with email addresses hosted by Yahoo MX servers. Other Servers appear mostly to be in China, Korea, Russia and (for some reason) Holland. Target URLs do not appear to be obfuscated and yet SpamCop does not appear to report them. I have more reading to do! jte, uk