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  1. Just had a client with the same problem, running Win XP Home Ed., with Outlook 2002, on her Laptop (Acer Aspire 5002), and email would not connect to the incoming pop server. I configured both her desktop and laptop with the same disks, and her desktop would connect and receive all emails. But switching to the laptop and using identical settings, which until today (April 4th, 2006) had worked perfectly, fails to connect to email servers. Tried disabling NIS2005, both Firewall and Anti-virus, as well as Anti-spam. Reset the user accounts, and created a new one... correct settings, password, user name, etc... and these settings work on her desktop but not the laptop. Also could log into the Webserver and retrieve her emails with no problems - but not with POP3 in Outlook 2002 - which had been working perfectly till now. Also tried the repair, restore application, and full Microsoft Office updates. Wondering if it could be a synchronization/time out issue with certain hardware ? Final Solution was to move her folders and adddress bookj to Outlook Express, and it worked fine... again with the same email account settings. Any thoughts on this one ?