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  1. I don't get many replies either, even though I have not set "Forward only replies from sentient people". Replies to reports of spam from cloudapp.azure.com have been an exception.
  2. [My 1st post in the forum. Hi & welcome everyone. Bear with me, & please advise.] I recently get a fair amount of spam via cloudapp.azure.com, e.g. https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6699423967z2b421adc9bd78035ebe688751b3d8b50z SpamCop forwards them to abuse@microsoft.com. Usually, after a few days I get a message from cdoccm@microsoft.com saying: What do you recommend? Ignore the message? Ask SpamCop admins to include cert@microsoft.com? But is this addresse accepting truncated reports? I read elsewhere here in the forum they don't. However, reporting via http://cert.microsoft.com/ I find too cumbersome 😐
  3. Thanks @gnarlymarley . I think it was no cache issue, but anyway I had tried "refresh/show". After reading the recent respective thread on the mailop list, too, I came to the conclusion the SpamCop's parsing + forwarding is just fine. The replies from cdoccm@microsoft .com, though, are weird. So, I'll ignore them.