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  1. I've been getting about 6-8 spams daily promoting websites hosted by Hostwinds for weeks. I've complained so many times by email, by chat, by phone. It's getting worse not better. Hostwinds is happy so long as the emails originate elsewhere. It's every sort of spam from boner pills to emails pretending to be from Amazon. They block reports made by way of SpamCop because they simply don't care. Hostwinds needs to be re-blacklisted by Spamhaus. I hate them. Here are domains spamvertised in just the past day. Tomorrow it will be a whole new batch. attkidsliveset.icu notfoolslims.icu patrice-jain@onlyedcures.icu flexiblesurvs.info giantsonbloods.icu addsecurekids.icu geoghs.icu faithsurvs.info hopeoncbds.icu