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    Hi dhanna, I have a cox account, too. I removed all the mailhosts for a while (it got back to the old configuration), and I reconfigured all the accounts again. Now both pop.west.cox.net and pop.east.cox.net as well as mx.pop.west.cox.net and mx.east.cox.net are added as host servers. Everything seems to be working as it is supposed to for now. Servers appear to be continuously being added as more spamcop members are configuring their mailhosts. I hope this helps.
  2. It was working for me until about 10 hours ago. Then, it stopped recognizing my ISP servers, and the reports were tellling me to complete mailhost registration. I deleted all the maihosts for now and decided to wait until I hear from julian.
  3. The reports I submitted since yesterday morning show up as submitted in my past report list but haven't actually been reported. Are they eventually going to be reported?