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  1. Please forgive my lack of email knowhow - my expertise is in the audio field.

    All I can say to repeat the problem - many clients are complaining that their emails to me are bouncing back accompanied by a page which gives spamcop as the reason for rejection and I have copied to you what I supposed was the important information. Many of the senders are yahoo.co.uk but also some .org and one fastwebnet.it

    Almost ever day now I get a phone call from a client reporting the problem.

    If I have sent to the wrong forum please forgive me - its my lack of knowhow.

    Please repost to the appropriate forum

  2. Yes, just read the suggested string concerning Yahoo - but I have also had complaints from a number of .org senders and one fastwebnet.it

    My business is quite legitimate - I'm a .co.uk - but many of my clients are private individuals.

  3. Thanks for your assistance -

    A sample bounce back message states "connected to 22.33.444.150 but sender was rejected. Remote host said: 553.5.3.0 spam blocked see:http//spamcop.net/bl.shtm1?"

    All the senders seem to get a similar message wether they are broadband, dialup, private or business, uk or overseas.


  4. I run a small business which relies on email contact but many of my clients complain that mail they are sending to me is bounced back by Spamcop. Outgoing mail from me is not effected. It seems that a vast majority of the mails use the Yahoo.co.uk

    I am also a member of a couple of Yahoogroups who automatically terminate my membership because their mails are bounced back - and I have to reregister.

    My ISP says there is nothing he can do but the problem is costing me a lot of clients and cash.

    Is Yahoo.co.uk particularly vulnerable to this problem. Any ideas ?