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  1. X-originating-IP is a header I found in a webmail (hotmail, by the way) that contains the IP of the actual sender (that is, the IP of the computer/host/router/gateway through which the web browser used to access the webmail communicates)

    Otherwise I assume that the originating IP of yahoo/hotmail/webmail posts would be some server belonging to the respective webmail operators' servers.

    I would normally assume that X-originating-IP (nonstandard?) is entirely left out of the question by spamcop, so that you could send mail from any pc from any location without regard to the IP address assignet to you, as long as you could trust your web mail provider.

    But I'm not sure now. :blink:

  2. If it is the SCBL it should be the IP sending the spam that gets blocked


    The IP meaning the X-originating-IP?

    It is obvious that if this is happening one should look for a reliable service (I suggest Hotmail for a free service)


    So hotmail is more reliable than yahoo webmail?

    BTW, the server giving the error message is mail.chello.nl. They told me they're using SpamCop.

  3. Hi all,

    My father in law have told me that he can't send me mail from his local internet cafe in Bali, Indonesia.

    He receives some 5xx error code, and that the RBL doesn't like his IP address.

    He uses yahoo web mail, and at first I thought that it couldn't be possible that his message bounces on the basis of yahoo's IP. But after reading this list, it seems that this is common practice?

    Or could it be that the mail is blocked based on the internet cafe's/providers IP adress(es)? This could only mean that a check is done on the 'X-originating-IP' header.

    I am sorry that I can't provide you with any IP addresses at tihis time. I would just like to check what is the most probable reason for the block.