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  1. section: SpamCop Blocking List Service title: How do I build a local whitelist if I use sendmail? michael
  2. Nomorespam is correct- adding the FEATURE(delay_check)dnl did the trick. For those looking for the entire solution, a synopis of whitelist using access / access.db is below: 1) in sendmail.mc > sendmail.cf, 2 lines are needed FEATURE(`access_db',`hash -T<TMPF> -o /etc/mail/access.db')dnl {most standard configuations already have this working to enable access.db to be functional} FEATURE(delay_checks)dnl if you have had to add either line then you must rebuild sendmail.cf m4 /etc/mail/sendmail.mc > /etc/mail/sendmail.cf 2) add the users or servers or domains you want whitelisted to /etc/mail/access for a simple user it is either "FROM:user.ok[at]domain.com OK" or "user.ok[at]domain.com OK" {syntax depends on version of sendmail- see the sendmail configuration README for your version} then build the database file: makemap hash /etc/mail/access.db < /etc/mail/access 3) restart sendmail and you should be good to go- good luck and thanks to all have worked on the blacklists-- michael
  3. thanks nomorespam- I will give it a try- michael
  4. First off , THANK YOU all for the spamcop list. It works and has been a godsend. The issue I have here I beleive is a sendmail issue, but I have not gotten an answer and I am hoping one of you understands this better than I and will humor me with an answer. We are a sendmail (8.12) house and have gone to using your dns blacklist i.e." FEATURE (`dnsbl','bl.spamcop.net',....". Until recently I have ignored my users who complain that certain folks can't send them email. But I am now having to deal with the whitelist issue. For a simple whitelist I have made additions to /etc/mail/access and then build access.db. What I am finding is that addresses we have OK'd are still stopped. The basic issue I think is an order of precidence. My understanding is that anyone explicitly ok'd in the access.db should not be banned by subsequent blacklist checks. For us, this is not the case. case 1: Use the spamcop blacklist in /etc/mail/access -- "user.ok[at]yahoo.com OK" MAIL BLOCKED with the error message we give for the spamcop list case 2: use the spamcop blacklist in /etc/mail/access -- "From:user.ok[at]yahoo.com OK" {not sure which syntax is correct for /etc/mail/access in this version of sendmail } MAIL BLOCKED case 3: use the spamcop blacklist in /etc/mail/access -- "user.ok[at]yahoo.com ERROR:550 mail failed here" MAIL BLOCKED-- with the message I use to identify the spamcop list mail- thus the order of precedence is that it got checked on the spamcop list before failing with our /etc/mail/access check. case 4: {make sure access.db is really working} dnl- the FEATURE enabling the spamcop list check in /etc/mail/acces-- "user.ok.yahoo.com ERROR:550 mail fail here MAIL BLOCKED this time by my explicitly failing it with the 550 error -- therefor access.db is working, but it does not seem to take precidence over this dns blacklist checking. so two questions 1) is there an error in my logic? 2) is there a work around for a simple whitelist? Thanks in advance and THANKS AGAIN for the great list- michael