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  1. radio-man@msn.com

    [Resolved] eM Client Forward As Attachment

    eM Client has fixed the issue. Thanks for all of the information you gave me. It helped them to understand the issue.
  2. radio-man@msn.com

    [Resolved] eM Client Forward As Attachment

    Thanks for checking it for me. I've contacted the eM Client support team with the info you provided. Hopefully they will do something about it.
  3. radio-man@msn.com

    [Resolved] eM Client Forward As Attachment

    This is what I get... From: QuickMedInsurance <FastMedCare@mobilepoisk.ru> To: "C.B. McCoy" <radio-man@msn.com> Subject: Find More Phenomenal Discounts Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2017 03:18:33 +0000 Message-Id: <B3491F8BD80C22914D4801BDA969AF8F@mobilepoisk.ru> Reply-To: QuickMedInsurance <FastMedUpdate@online-marketing148.ru> Mime-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8 Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Content-Disposition: inline
  4. I'm testing eM Client as a replacement for Windows Live Mail and can't seem to get SpamCop to process my forwarded emails. If I forward a spam email from Windows Live Mail it processes perfectly but if I forward the same email via eM Client it is rejected as being unable to parse. Does anyone have a clue what might be happening?
  5. radio-man@msn.com

    What is the value in reporting SPAM?

    Sorry, thought I had clicked on the lounge area when I posted... It wasn't a rant as much as it was a statement that no-one gives a flying fig about spam. It is now 2:27 PM where I am and I've been at my computer since 8:00 AM. I've received over 600 spams so far today. Almost all of them are in duplicate and are exactly the same as those I received yesterday. They are coming from the same ISP that I reported them to yesterday (via SpamCop) and I will receive even more of them tomorrow. 47 spams from 22 different people came from the same ISP (according to SpamCop). Bottom line, the ISPs don't care... They just want to make money and it doesn't matter what the client is doing as long as they pay their bills on time! It's a waste of time and money reporting spam through SpamCop (or any other service). I've sent thousands directly to the UTC spam email and haven't heard a peep from them.
  6. radio-man@msn.com

    What is the value in reporting SPAM?

    I have gone from a few spam emails per day to over 400 a day in less than 6 months. I report them to SpamCop and to the FTC but it just gets worse! If I report a single spam within 30 minutes I have 6 more from the same person and email address. If I report those when 30 minues I have 15-20 identifcal spams. The government doesn't care and neither do the ISPs!