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  1. OK. What I have here is a question of great cultural and linguistic significance. I know (as a semiregular BOFH reader) that 'arsed' means 'bothered'. I know that arse is right-side-of-the-pond for 'ass.' So how did an innocent and hard working muscle mass get associated with 'bothered'? Enquiring left-siders with a lingering tendency to spell behavior as 'behaviour' (probably due to reading Tolkein and CSLewis as a child), really want to know. (Obligatory SpamCop related content: My ISP did in fact shut down the spammer and I seem to be back to normal, so apparently they did trace back. So they say. SpamCop was slow to forgive, though. Monday is a national holiday over here, so I probably won't know if it's over 'til Tuesday.)
  2. Thanks. Just called my ISP, they are giving me a sing and dance about how they don't think they can change what email server I'm attached to, so here I am with a DSL line tying me to an ISP, an ISP that is scratching their heads, and folk telling me to use a different email account - as if I want my business email showing up with a yahoo address. This really, really sucks. Actually I'm a little confused about this. Most folk in my area have DSL or cable connections to an ISP. I can't believe the ISP has no idea whose generating 100,000 email a day - it's got to be possible to "follow the wire back" and get right to the source, and shut it down. How it is that ISPs DON'T know where they are getting flooded from? Why isn't anyone sending that kind of volume automatically shut down?
  3. I don't spam. I hate spam. I email my customers when they email me. I suspect one of them (I can't prove it) has been cheerfully accepting my email and responding, but then quietly categorizing my email as spam - and as a result my emails are getting bounced all over the country. I want to know who reported me as a spammer so I can make sure I never send him an email again - or if this whole thing is a huge mistake on spamcop's part, I need it cleaned up ASAP. This is doing measurable harm to my audio business - I have customers who think I'm ignoring them, and I am losing sales. I NEED THIS FIXED. I've submitted several web forms to spamcop - no reply. Every time I look, it claims the ban will be lifted in a few hours, but it never is, and the number of hours leaps up again. The count of spam reports is not going up (it seems to think there were two incidents). Here's an example of a bounce (customer name x'd out): The original message was received at Wed, 24 May 2006 19:35:50 -0400 from localhost.localdomain [] ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors ----- <xxxxxxxx[at]cayuse.net> (reason: 550-Message rejected because ensimrhel02.net1plus.com []:45034 is) ----- Transcript of session follows ----- ... while talking to cayuse.net.: >>> DATA <<< 550-Message rejected because ensimrhel02.net1plus.com []:45034 is <<< 550-blacklisted at bl.spamcop.net see Blocked - see <<< 550 http://www.spamcop.net/bl.shtml? 550 5.1.1 <xxxxxxxxx[at]cayuse.net>... User unknown <<< 503 valid RCPT command must precede DATA