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    Email bounces

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp This is just to note that I moved this Topic from the "SpamCop Email System & Accounts" forum to the "SpamCop Reporting Help" Forum, where I believe it is more likely to get attention from the folks most able to help, SpamCop Reporting users (and, perhaps even SpamCop Admin Don D'Minion). Sorry that I do not have an answer to your question or request, GaelicGal.
  2. turetzsr

    Session expiration setting?

    Hi, jhg, ...Are you perchance referring to the SpamCop Reporting login page, http://www.spamcop.net/mcgi?action=loginform? I see a drop-down list there that allows the following choices: 1 hour or until logout 12 hours 2 days 1 week 1 month 1 year
  3. turetzsr

    Just checking

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Wow, Steve, excellent -- thank you! So, I'll continue this paragraph with some meaningless verbiage just so I can see the full effect of the "tab" command on a long paragraph, not that I have any doubt that it will work exactly as you describe it. Be that as it may, this relatively long paragraph should convince me beyond a reasonable doubt that it does, indeed, work as I wish. And since I don't see a need to use it in conjunction with other formatting commands, your caveat should not matter to me. <g> &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp And, of course, I now see that it does exactly what I want -- thanks, again! Edit: except that neither [ tab ] nor [ /tab ] throws a line feed, as some other tags, such as [ quote ], do! But not a serious problem; I'll just have to enter my own explicit line feed.
  4. turetzsr

    Medic Canada

    ...Please see my reply to your similar question #5, in linear post 7, above 89904[/snapback]
  5. turetzsr

    Just checking

    ...Ooh, do tell more, please! Nice, thanks! ...What I really want is an "indent first line" tag so I can stop with the stupid ellipsis!
  6. turetzsr

    My Forwarding Solution

    ...Here's my 2 cents, for whatever it's worth: although my situation seems similar to petzl's in that I can turn on Out-of-Office messages because my (employer-provided) e-mail client (MS Outlook) permits me to limit those messages to only fellow employees and my Contacts, I fully agree that for most people Spamnophobic's guidance is best practice and therefore Bob (gezgin) is well advised to heed it, as he has.
  7. Hi, postcd, ...Welcome to the group of those of us who post to the Forum! ...Unfortunately, none of us here has the power to shut down the spammers. The only ones who can do that are the admins who own/ are responsible for security of the machines that are the source of the spam. If you are using the SpamCop parsing/ reporting mechanism, SpamCop usually offers you the opportunity to send complaints to those admins but there is nothing that SpamCop or you can do to make them take action. The same is true of Knujon and, probably, of SpamHaus. ...The best we victims can do is to encourage our e-mail providers to reject or, better, filter and redirect suspected spam away from our Inboxes, based on a set of blacklists. I gather that is what is happening in your case, based on your comment "Adding spammers IPs to spamhaus blocklist dont help much. their emails still comming to spam box wasting my time finding valid emails amongst them." Yes, unfortunately "false positives" are a way of life, as there is no 100% foolproof method of programmatically distinguishing spam vs mail that you actually do want.
  8. ...Which, if this was (one of) the most recent Topic(s) regarding this subject, would be appropriate. There might be other closely-related topics that might also have been appropriate but I don't fault showker's choice to post here too greatly. <g> If someone finds a better spot, I could move it there.
  9. turetzsr

    Forwarding and FAQ update

    ...Hm, I don't see that at all. All I see is the end of the CES "SpamCop" e-mail. As mentioned elsewhere, SpamCop parser reports and the SpamCop blacklist are not at all dependent upon reports from CES e-mail users (although I'm sure that the blacklist benefits to some degree from the ease of reporting offered). The SpamCop spam Traps, web site reporting and reporting by forwarding spam via e-mail remain, as does the SpamCop Forum.
  10. Hi, sproe, ...Thank you for taking the time to return here to let us know the good news! <g> ...With this post, I am marking your Topic as "Resolved."
  11. turetzsr

    Medic Canada

    ...If you were being spammed by a reputable firm, they might not. However, that is an oxymoron (spam and reputable). It would cost them time and effort to do what you are suggesting and that just isn't in spammers' playbooks. ...Spammer thought patterns don't work like that! To a spammer, only volume matters because the internet is a "free" resource (to them) and they know that most people are smarter than they are and won't fall for their stupidity; more spams -> more eyes on the spam -> more customers (0.01% of 10,000 is 1 but 0.01% of 10 million million is 100,000,000). The fact that they turn off 99.99% of their "victims" thousands of times doesn't hurt them very much at all. ...See my answers, above. ...SpamCop never stops spam. The best SpamCop can do for us victims is to put IP addresses from which spam comes on the SpamCop blacklist, where users of the blacklist (which would be e-mail providers or ISPs) can refuse or redirect the spam to a separate place than your Inbox. The only other option I can think of that is available to you is to complain to the "upstream provider," if you are able to determine who that is. ...If you mean SpamCop's blacklist, no, SpamCop only blacklists IP addresses, not ISPs. You could suggest this idea to your e-mail provider and ISP.
  12. turetzsr

    CISCO contact

    ...My sense from prior experience is that, while Don D'Minion ("SpamCopAdmin") does drop by here occasionally, the SpamCop Forum is not his preferred way of providing support. Hopefully he'll answer the question directly himself in due course but, if there is no response using the "traditional" means of getting e-mail support, users can always contact him at Service[at]Admin.SpamCop.net or the Deputies at deputies[at]admin.spamcop.net (Don also monitors the deputies' address).
  13. ... Well, it darned sure looked as if it were! Thanks for the correction, Don! With this post, I am moving this Topic to the more-appropriate "SpamCop Reporting Help" Forum from the "Mailhost Configuration of your Reporting Account" Forum.
  14. ...It appears that it is, yes! <Edit> Based on Don's post, above, it appears that it wasn't. Sorry for the earlier misinformation but it appeared to me to be exactly like problems I've had that were fixed by going through the Mailhosts configuration (or getting a SpamCop Deputy to do something "special")! ...If you hit some "jargon" you don't understand, please check the SpamCop Glossary. If you can't find the explanation there or what is there is still hard to understand, please post a question to the SpamCop Lounge. But from what you wrote after the above, it seems that you found the information you needed, came to exactly the right conclusions and just posted here to confirm your understanding. <big g> ...The SpamCop FAQ article that deals with this is the one labeled "Why does SpamCop want to send a report to my own network administrator?" And, yes, unchecking your e-mail provider's address is one very good way of avoiding this problem! <g> ...No, I think you've hit on exactly the best solution! Please see the SpamCop FAQ article labeled "How do I configure Mailhosts for SpamCop?" and some of the ones immediately below that in the list. Please note, however, that many large e-mail providers will change their "mailhosts" configuration from time to time and therefore completing the SpamCop Mailhosts configuration may not be a permanent, 100% fix (but is very much encouraged, anyway). That just means that you must continue to review carefully all the e-mail addresses to which the SpamCop parser offers to send complaint reports to be sure that neither your e-mail provider nor your ISP is in the list and, if you find that it is, uncheck it! ...No, you should *never* bounce ... but is that really what you mean? Please correct me if I'm wrong but I think what you may have meant when you wrote "bounce" was "report." A bounce is when an e-mail provider rejects an e-mail and sends a notification back to the sender. If one chooses the "To" address of the spam as the "sender" to whom to send the notice, that bounce may itself be spam because the "To" address is very often a forged innocent third party's address. As to whether you should continue reporting, I believe that you generally should report, as SpamCop is pretty good about not sending complaints to spammers or known spam-friendly addresses; however, if you are concerned that an address to which the parser offers to send your report is the spammer or may convey it to the spammer, then uncheck the box. Even unchecking *all* the boxes and submitting will contribute to the statistics that SpamCop uses to decide whether to place an IP address on its blacklist.
  15. turetzsr

    No refunds???

    ...Little chance of that, from what I can tell. The SpamCop reporting system's fortunes seem to me to be very much independent of those of the CES-provided e-mail service.
  16. turetzsr

    Spamvertised web site report

    ...Unfortunately, you can't but your e-mail provider can filter what e-mails you see in your Inbox(es). Blacklists and/ or e-mail internet header filtering are two alternatives that can be used to accomplish this. You will likely wish your e-mail provider to provide your e-mail user account(s) with access to the e-mails that are so blacklisted, however, in case of "false positives."
  17. turetzsr

    Spamcop Alternatives?

    ...Actually, there is a limit -- please see the SpamCop FAQ entry labeled "How do I submit spam via email?"
  18. turetzsr

    CESmail System changes

    ...Although I would not necessarily have been told, I am unaware of any plans to or discussion about replacing or ending the SpamCop Forums, so I am assuming they will continue to be provided.
  19. turetzsr

    hetzner.de getting away with it?

    ...Well, if you trust them enough to report to them, then IMHO there's no need to munge; if you distrust them enough to munge, then IMHO you wouldn't want to report to them at all because then they'd have your e-mail address from your manual report (assuming you submit the report to them via e-mail)! But it's your call and I think you've hit on a not unreasonable approach. Good luck!
  20. ...Sorry, zachariah, I am not familiar with the concept of "fuel" associated with a "SpamCop" (CES) e-mail account -- I was under the impression that fuel could/ needed to be purchased only for SpamCop reporting accounts because the $30 annual fee for e-mail accounts effectively included pretty much all the same advantages that us reporting members achieve by purchasing fuel. ...Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will happen by and offer more useful feedback than I can.
  21. turetzsr

    Errors encountered while reporting

    Hi, MisterBill, ...You needn't wait for an answer to your question here directly from Don (SpamCopAdmin); he appears to welcome all inquiries. You can reach him either at the address he posted or at the more general address accessible to the "entire team" (we don't know how many people that is currently) of SpamCop Deputies, deputies[at]admin.spamcop.net. ...Good luck!
  22. turetzsr

    hetzner.de getting away with it?

    ...SpamCop's "devnulling" action can be for any of several reasons (including that hetzner "really [does] not care if their servers end up on blacklists." You may benefit by perusing the results of a web query of "devnull" appearing here in the SpamCop Forum. But note that SpamCop tries to provide reports to abuse addresses as a byproduct service of its primary goal of feeding statistics to the database that is used to determine whether spam source IP addresses should be included in the SpamCop blacklist and your submissions, even those whose reports to hetzner are devnulled, contribute to those statistics. And there's nothing stopping you from complaining directly to hetzner, yourself, although in case the reason that SpamCop is "devnulling" reports is that hetzner shares spam complaints with their spammers, you might want to do that from a "throw-away" e-mail address. <g>
  23. Welcome, 32Francis, glad you joined us! ...Depending on what your e-mail client (software) does when you "Click on Forward or push F on the keyboard," that may not be the correct action. From what I gather about most e-mail clients that offer a "Forward" option, that action will usually forward only the body of the spam. The SpamCop Parser expects to see the entire spam, including the internet headers, which seems to normally be done by using a "Forward as Attachment" option. Please see the SpamCop FAQ articles that follow the label "Forward as Attachment Instructions" for additional information and instructions on how to Forward as Attachment for several commonly used e-mail clients. ..."[at]spambot?" That's a typo, right? The correct address will end with "spamcop.net," not "spambot." ...If you would provide that TRACKING URL, it would help us help you. Since the parse had errors and therefore can not be submitted, no damage can be done by providing it here, unless possibly if there are yours or other innocent individuals' e-mail addresses that can be seen after clicking the "View entire message" link in the parse.
  24. ...And if on the other hand you are inquiring as to whether you can convert your "SpamCop" (CES) e-mail account to a report-only account: not as far as I know but no need because report-only accounts are free (albeit with advantages to purchasing "fuel") -- see the SpamCop FAQ entry labeled "What is this? How does it work? How do I use it?"
  25. turetzsr

    Trouble with reporting spam

    Hi, Chickensrule, ...Sorry to hear of your problem. Can you please tell us how you are forwarding the spam, to what address (don't tell us the address, just describe it) and what the error message says? Please note that you must forward to SpamCop as an attachment to your "secret" reporting address.