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    Trouble with reporting spam

    Hi, Chickensrule, ...Sorry to hear of your problem. Can you please tell us how you are forwarding the spam, to what address (don't tell us the address, just describe it) and what the error message says? Please note that you must forward to SpamCop as an attachment to your "secret" reporting address.
  2. turetzsr

    Spamcop blacked by ubl.unsubscore.com

    Hi, jlauro, ...Sorry, I do not know the answer to your question. I am just posting to let you know that I've taken the liberty of moving your post from the "Geek/Tech Things" SpamCop Forum to the more appropriate SpamCop Reporting Help Forum.
  3. turetzsr

    Too many links message

    ...Please see my last post in Topic "Link Obfuscation - Too Many Links" in reply to your post of a couple of weeks ago.
  4. turetzsr

    RFC2142 email addresses not honored

    ...Given the five month lapse since you first posted, eliciting only one "me, too" type reply, I would say that would be a reasonable course.
  5. turetzsr

    Spamcop Alternatives?

    ...With all due respect to your opinion, to which you are very much entitled and is very likely true of some "big businesses," I don't see as much correlation between size of company and misuse of personal information or irrelevant advertising as your statement suggests. That behavior seems to me to be more related to the business model: in GMail's case they are providing a lot of "free" services that are paid for by ads and (per petzl) by mining users' information and online activity. A very large firm with which I am very familiar (as a former employee and current contractor) has a well-communicated policy of protecting its stakeholders' (including customers) personal information and, since it only sells to other (mostly large) companies and government entities has not directed very much, if any, advertizing at individuals.
  6. turetzsr

    Spamcop Alternatives?

    ...victory3x3 is probably already aware of this but for the benefit of others, petzl has replied in SpamCop Forum Topic "Forwarding and FAQ update."
  7. ...Please check out SCWiki article "Quick Reporting," especially the Disadvantages.
  8. ...Both is probably best. Don does drop by here occasionally but to be sure to reach him it is best to e-mail him directly. Posting here, though, might prompt one of the knowledgeable volunteers to use your parse results to do some research that might result in additional information that might help you.
  9. turetzsr

    Link Obfuscation - Too Many Links

    ...Please see the last two"UPDATE"s in SCWiki article "Material changes to spam" for a suggestion of what you are allowed to do to get the parser to complete its work. Please do note the third-from-last "UPDATE" that describes what you may not do (but which I do not think interferes with what you can do to address this particular problem).
  10. ...Yes! As is not infrequently the case, I was mistaken, on this occasion about there not being a way to archive PMs. The option wasn't even hard to find; I just hadn't looked very effectively before a couple of days ago. <blush>
  11. turetzsr

    CESmail System changes

    ...Please see SCWiki entry "SenderBase Reputation Score."
  12. turetzsr

    CESmail System changes

    Hi, svanslyck, ...Yes, you seem to have missed many Forum Topics, including "Pinned: Beta Test Outgoing SMTP AUTH" (and in case you were wondering about the mention in that Topic name of "Beta Test," that is addressed in Wazoo's linear post #64).
  13. turetzsr

    UK2Group.com spam

    Hi, JBJB, ...While you are waiting for SpamCop to address this (if they even agree to consider it), you might consider sending your own complaints. ...Good luck!
  14. turetzsr

    [Resolved] Help

    ...Just to clear up an apparent misunderstanding on your part: neither are those here being paid. The research petzl and Farelf did are entirely voluntary on their part. The FAQ and "stickies" are there to give you an opportunity to try to find the answers to some of your questions yourself (and in the process educate yourself about e-mail and spam in general). But there's nothing too terribly wrong with your having spent the fifteen or twenty minutes I expect you did in writing this entry rather than in spending an equivalent amount of time (or, hopefully, less) reading the FAQ which, admittedly, has a lot of what to you would be irrelevant information (by necessity, since it must cover quite a bit of information relevant to other interested parties) and for which the subject lines of the entries most relevant to you may not tell you enough for you to know that those are the right entries. A long-winded way of saying: apology accepted! <g>
  15. ...Sorry, I didn't intend to imply that continuing to report them would make the spew stop, just that it will keep contributing to the stats that SpamCop uses to decide whether to put the spam sources' IP addresses on the blacklist. ...Anything new on Don' offer 89512[/snapback] -- have you done as he requested and, if so, has he replied as to whether or not he can see the spam?
  16. turetzsr

    CESmail System changes

    ...See new SpamCop Forum Topic "Forwarding and FAQ update."
  17. ...Glad you returned! Yes, the ban against discussing alternatives to "SpamCop" e-mail is off. <g> ...One bad thing about the Forums is that there is no easy way of both keeping important older PMs and making room for new ones -- no archiving function! Sorry about not having enough space to reply and thanks for trying. Don't hesitate to do so here in public if you're so inclined. ...Oh, and by the way, I made your post that I had previously hidden visible, again.
  18. ...Just keep on reporting 'em! And also don't overlook the fact that just because SpamCop doesn't offer to send reports for you doesn't stop you from drafting and sending your own!
  19. turetzsr

    CESmail System changes

    ...Oh, I have no doubt that's the correct e-mail address. And the correct one to use -- if it made sense for this to be handled with e-mail exchanges with each and every "SpamCop" e-mail user. I'm just saying that the e-mail support people may be able to think of a better way and this Forum is the place to ask.
  20. turetzsr

    CESmail System changes

    ...For what it's worth, I agree with DT's posing the question here, as most if not all "SpamCop" e-mail users are impacted and there may be a much better way of handling this than having every e-mail user contact Support via e-mail.
  21. turetzsr

    SpamCop Email Service Changes

    Is to. That's where filtered mail goes!...You misunderstood the question or the reply or both, I believe. I don't believe that the reply meant to say that there would be no value in having a facility that works like "Held Mail" does in "SpamCop e-mail," just that the way the SpamCop reporting-only system works, there are no "hooks" provided for e-mail systems (other than "SpamCop" e-mail) to use. Instead, the user must identify an e-mail as spam and submit it to the SpamCop parser either manually via the online form or to the "secret" SpamCop submission e-mail address.
  22. ...The Topic of the same name that was originated by member unclewoody has been hidden. Please do not discuss such alternatives in this Forum, which is made available to us by the providers of the "SpamCop" e-mail service. Sorry for the inconvenience but I feel that we need to minimize such posts so that we don't risk having this facility taken from us!
  23. ...Ah, I think I see -- SpamCop has it listed correctly (http://www.spamcop.net/sc?track= but Ripe somehow introduced a comma (https://stat.ripe.net/
  24. Hi, unixltu, ...Sorry to hear of your problem! I can almost guarantee that you will need SpamCop staff help on this issue. You may reach them directly by sending an e-mail to deputies[at]admin.spamcop.net and/ or service[at]admin.spamcop.net. ...Good luck!
  25. turetzsr

    Just a simple guestion

    Hi, muhari91, ...Sorry that I can't answer you directly; I am not myself a subscriber. My suggestion would be to review the SpamCop FAQ (links to which appear near the top left of each SpamCop Forum page) articles labeled "When does my account expire?" and "How do I renew my account?" and let us know whether those answer your question sufficiently. If not and you do not get a sufficient reply from other members here, you could submit an inquiry via the form referenced at the SpamCop FAQ article labeled "I forgot my Password / can't login / other account problems."