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    an error occurred while processing this directive

    ...*GASP* There's life off the internet?!?!?!?! <g> ...For the latest, please see Don D'Minion's reply in Forum Topic "Error trying to report held mail." I am assuming that Don's post also covers the error being discussed here.
  2. turetzsr

    Error trying to report held mail

    ...That may be the case but the folks that "run" SpamCop.net choose to not exercise that power, leaving CES as the sole locus of support and responsibility for "SpamCop" e-mail. That state of affairs leads to my assertion that "the powers that be" are different for the two and that if, as I remember, issues with SpamCop.net have generally been communicated in a reasonably timely manner, your portraying the lack of notice about the current SpamCop reporting service issue as being "typical" is to confuse communication history from SpamCop.net with recent history of communication from CES about e-mail issues.
  3. turetzsr

    Error trying to report held mail

    ......You are entitled to accept or reject whatever assertions you wish. I would add, however, that the distinction is far more like saying that although they coordinate in certain respects and may even operate from the same bases, the UK and the US militaries have different supreme commanders -- which they do. ...Anyway, my response was in respect of your earlier "in typical fashion not a word from TPTB." Even if there were no distinction between "the powers that be" for www.spamcop.net and "the powers that be" for CES, I believe (subject to correction for my poor memory) that communications regarding issues with the former are far more timely than those for the latter. But on further reading of your two most recent posts, perhaps I misunderstood the earlier one to be referring to the problem with www.spamcop.net whereas you were actually referring to e-mail problems. Note, though, that the subject of this Forum topic is an issue with www.spamcop.net (although it would also affect e-mail).
  4. turetzsr

    Error trying to report held mail

    ...Are you confusing "SpamCop" (CES) e-mail issues with wwwSpamCop.net issues? My memory (which is admittedly poor) is that, for the most part, issues with www.spamcop.net are mentioned fairly promptly and/ or Don D'Minion posts here about them within a few hours of most incidents.
  5. turetzsr

    an error occurred while processing this directive

    ...No, no one here would know that. You could contact the SpamCop Deputies (deputies[at]admin.spamcop.net) and ask them. ...Also, please don't feel you "need" to report spam; do that at your discretion as time is available and you have the inclination and don't fret about technical issues that prevent you from reporting it. Also remember that the older the spam, the less its value to the SpamCop reporting system.
  6. Hi, miniURL admin, ...Sorry to hear of your problem! ...First, please be aware that your problem is not with SpamCop and SpamCop is not likely to be inclined to deal with your problem in the manner you seem to be requesting. SpamCop send the reports of spamvertizing to the registered abuse address of the spamvertized host on behalf of SpamCop reporting users and only as a courtesy, not as a request to take any action against the spamvertized host. Were I in your situation, I would be publicizing the ignorance of my hosting provider and changing to one that understands that spamvertized sites are (sometimes, at least, as seems to be your case) as much the victims of the spammers as those receiving the spam.
  7. Hi, gw1500se, ...Same question as lisati. Are you perhaps referring to the drop-down list(s) labeled "Relaying IPs:" on the MailHosts configuration screen http://www.spamcop.net/mcgi?action=mhedit;...jThQQJF1ucdSfTo? If so, please have a look at dbiel's reply in SpamCop Forum Topic "[Resolved] Hosts/Domains, Relaying IPs, wha?, Is spamcop for nerds?" and let us know whether that answers your question.
  8. turetzsr

    Yahoo Headers

    ...Unless I'm missing something: no, the two things are not related, unless it's because spammers have become aware of this problem with the Yahoo headers. I suspect that's not it but rather that spammers know, and have for many years, that Yahoo!Mail accounts are free and Yahoo historically relatively lax about enforcing their TOS (https://info.yahoo.com/legal/us/yahoo/utos/terms/ section 6g).
  9. turetzsr

    How can I see why we've been listed?

    ...Did you check on which abuse address SpamCop uses for sending reports? 88756[/snapback] ...Don, does that bypass the normal SpamCop user submission process's sending of e-mail(s) to the abuse address(es) or is the user explicitly "uncheck"ing the option to send complaint e-mails or is there some other reason you can see that "complaint" e-mails might not be being sent?
  10. turetzsr

    How can I see why we've been listed?

    ...If you're looking at the abuse address to which SpamCop sends notifications prompted by SpamCop user complaints, then that would be because the spam has gone to a SpamCop SpamTrap, in which case the only source of information for you is SpamCop staff (if you have not already done so, you can contact them via e-mail at deputies[at]admin.spamcop.net). From the address referenced by lisati, above 88753[/snapback], click on the link labeled "Trace IP" and it will tell you where SpamCop sends the reports. ...Another possibility is that the originator of the message indicating that your IP address is on the SpamCop blacklist was incorrect. But I presume that's not the case if you were able to complete the request to delist.
  11. turetzsr

    Spamcop MIME attachment errors

    Hi, forrie, ...A couple of things: A tracking URL may allow "us" to help you more easily. Try the results of the search tool. To do that, locate the text box between the white "button" labeled "Search for -->" and the blue button labeled "GO," type "MUTT" into that text box (quote marks optional in this case), then press one of the buttons and peruse the pages to which links are returned.
  12. turetzsr

    Yahoo Headers

    ...Click this arrow to go to the very first post of this Forum topic: 88543[/snapback]
  13. Hi, JHoagland, ...My suggestion would be to watch the Forum topic at the link I mentioned earlier: 88557[/snapback]; until that known issue is resolved, you could, if so inclined, try to report Yahoo spam but just give up if any errors occur.
  14. ...Personally, I like your reply in topic "Yahoo Headers" better. <g>
  15. Hi, Tony, ...Did you miss my earlier post 88557[/snapback] or did I not understand yours and the one I referenced in mine is not relevant to your situation?
  16. Hi, William, ...Oops, I'm sorry, I should have been more specific: you seem to have used the link labeled "Search" at the top right, under the graphic image, between the links labeled "Help" and "Members," right? I was referring to the search box tool nearer the very top of the screen, under the links in white labeled "SPAMCOP HOME" and "SPAMCOP FAQ," between the white "button" labeled "Search for -->" and the blue button labeled "GO," as described above by Steve S (Farelf).
  17. turetzsr


    ...That might be the case if there were some easily identifiable alternative to getting SpamCop's attention other than posting here. We frequent participants know that deputies[at]admin.spamcop.net would have been appropriate but that kind of information just isn't easily available to a newbie who needs it. And I don't agree that "making demands" properly characterizes the OP's inquiry -- it seemed polite enough, to me! <g>
  18. ...Thanks, dt (not to be confused with DT, aka DavidT <g>), for taking the time to let us know. I've taken the liberty of marking this Forum Topic as "Resolved" based on what you've written, here.
  19. Hi, goofy173, ...Please use the search tool at the top of any SpamCop Forum page for: Yahoo "discarded as fake" 2014 and peruse the articles whose links are returned .
  20. turetzsr

    spam from: singlehop & blacklotus

    ...Well, you might have reason to be if SpamCop determined whether to place servers of domains on the blacklist in the way it seems that you're suggesting; it doesn't: see the SpamCop FAQ article labeled "What is on the list?" for more detail, especially the section labeled "How the SCBL Works" and, for even more technical detail, the section labeled "SCBL Rules."
  21. turetzsr

    [Resolved] Other email addresses

    ...Yes, michaelanglo, that's what moreofless was doing but is no longer able to do as easily as when she/ he had fuel.
  22. ...Please see (relatively) new SpamCop Forum Topic "Yahoo Headers."
  23. turetzsr

    Parsing error

    ...Please see SpamCopAdmin reply in Forum Topic "Configuring Yahoo mailhosts." Basically, we don't "own" "our" mailhost configuration entries; SpamCop manages and exercises all control over them.
  24. turetzsr

    Parsing error

    Hi, fragile, ...Please have a look at SpamCop Forum article "Configuring Yahoo mailhosts" and let us know whether that seems to fit your situation and, if not, please let us know what is different in your case. The error message you post seems somewhat different, so I am expecting that your situation may not be the same. ...If no one else happens by here with helpful advice, please contact Don D'Minion (user SpamCopAdmin) at the e-mail address at the end of his reply in the other article.
  25. turetzsr


    ...But the absolute volume of spam is not used in SpamCop's algorithm that determines whether an IP address is included in the SCBL -- see SpamCop FAQ article labeled "What is on the list?"