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  1. ...Odd; perhaps you have a problem unique to your setup. Here are the first few of many entries that I see:
  2. turetzsr

    Pasted Report Missing Body

    Hi, David40! ...In order for us fellow SpamCop users to be able to help you, I believe that we will need some additional information from you, starting with: What problem do you believe is being caused by the antivirus text? As far as I am aware, the content of the text of the e-mail should be largely irrelevant to the main goal of the SpamCop parser, which is to find the source of the spam. From where is Outlook Express pulling your e-mail? What antivirus software is in play (probably not terribly important but may help those knowledgeable about it)?
  3. Hi, netmammal, ...Perhaps some of the articles regarding SSL already posted to the SpamCop Forum will help answer the question. To find them, type "SSL" into the text field that's near the top of almost any SpamCop Forum web page between the white button labeled "Search for -->" and the blue button labeled "GO" and then click either of the buttons. If you have any further questions after reading through some of those articles, please do return here to post follow-up "replies."
  4. Hi, unixland, ...Please check out the SpamCop FAQ (links to which appear near the top left of each SpamCop Forum page) article labeled "What is Quick Reporting?" and SCWiki article "Quick Reporting." Please especially note the Warnings/ Disadvantages. ...Good luck!
  5. ...Because it can help keep the spam source IP address on the SpamCop blacklist.
  6. ...If I understand correctly, there is nothing SpamCop can do about abuse addresses bouncing SpamCop reports. However, reporters such as yourself are welcome to send manual reports.
  7. Hi, drivel, ...Are you certain? I've had that message before but it's never stopped me from submitting the report -- it just didn't send a complaint to that specific abuse address. ...For more information about the meaning of that message, please type the message, surrounded by quote marks, into the text form field between the white button labeled "Search for -->" and the blue button labeled "GO" near the top of any SpamCop Forum page and click one of the buttons, then peruse some of the numerous articles whose links are returned. If you have further questions, please do post them as follow-ups here.
  8. turetzsr

    Spamcop logo image missing from server

    ...Not for me; I get a "404 not found" error when I try to navigate to that link. ...To what deterioration of service do you refer? I haven't seen any deterioration in SpamCop (Cisco) service. The only deterioration of a related service of which I've heard is CES (the mis-named "SpamCop e-mail" service). And since the graphic in question has nothing at all to do with CES, the two things are unlikely to be related in any way, IMHO.
  9. turetzsr

    Strange Held Mail folder behavior

    ...As this doesn't sound to me as if it is a reporting problem, I have taken the liberty of moving it from the "SpamCop Reporting Help" Forum to the "SpamCop Email System & Accounts," where it is more likely to get attention from other e-mail users and perhaps even e-mail support.
  10. ...Glad you found it helpful; thanks for taking the time to let me know! <g>
  11. turetzsr

    False spam Trap

    Hi, Danita, ...You (rather, whomever can establish the bona fides of herself or himself as an owner/ admin of the IP address that is on the SpamCop blacklist) may be able to get some limited additional information from the SpamCop Deputies (e-mail address deputies[at]admin.spamcop.net).
  12. Hi, Vladimir, ...My suggestion to you would be to review SpamCop Wiki article "How I Use SpamCop - A Detailed Example - RconneR," especially the section labeled "Improving SpamCop's performance by changing your filter settings." If you have any questions after reading that article, please do not hesitate to follow-up by replying here. ...Good luck!
  13. turetzsr

    3/29 System Outage and Maint

    ...Sorry; there have been a small number of posts that I have removed from public view (plus a few in this Topic that I edited, but otherwise left intact). The reasoning is explained elsewhere and the Forum Admin (another volunteer) agrees that the action is appropriate. There is more to "help[ing] each other" than discussing details of competing services and there are plenty of other places on the WWW to discuss those services.
  14. turetzsr

    Spamcop Webmail Down

    ...Sure, that seems like an inoffensive-enough subject. It might merit its own Topic (thread), though, so as not to get lost among all the other posts here....
  15. turetzsr


    ...Thanks, DT, good point. ...Ongoing discussions: 3/29 System Outage and Maint Down again?? 2013/03/29 9:29CDT 2014-03-26 16:16 CST - Web Mail down again Spamcop Webmail Down ...We probably don't need all of these and some can be merged into others and that might happen, eventually. ...FWIW, I'd suggest using the first in the list, above, for any additional posts about this most recent downtime.
  16. turetzsr

    Alternatives to "SpamCop" (CES) E-mail Service

    ...Sorry, DT, no. While I am sympathetic to your plight, I care about continuing this Forum and I expect many other current and prospective denizens of this Forum care, especially those of us who are (smart enough to?) not (be) CES e-mail subscribers. There are plenty of other places on the WWW to discuss such things.
  17. turetzsr

    Routing problems being fixed???

    ...Sorry, no one here would be able to tell us but SpamCop staff and Don seems to be the only one of them who ever posts here. You could try asking Don via the e-mail address he includes in all his posts or his colleague SpamCop Deputies at deputies[at]admin.spamcop.net.
  18. ...Thanks, mrmaxx! ...Others: for further information regarding this question, please see SpamCop Forum Topic "Alternatives to "SpamCop" (CES) E-mail Service."
  19. turetzsr

    blocked email

    Hi, Andres, ...Could you please explain why you posted here and to the particular SpamCop Forum (SpamCop Blocklist Help) you selected? I see nothing in the information you provided that suggests that SpamCop or its blacklist is at all involved. ...FYI, even if the message did indicate that the SpamCop Blacklist were involved in the action, some e-mail providers mention that when it is not at all the cause. ...If you can explain why you believe this involves SpamCop, that may help us give you a useful answer. ...Furthermore, I notice that you mentioned that "a customer tries to send us an email and returned the following error," which suggests to me that it is your e-mail service that is blocking e-mail coming from your customer to you, which suggests to me that it is something you should be raising with your e-mail administrator! If I've missed something, please do let me know by posting a reply here.
  20. ...Please do not pursue this line of inquiry in the SpamCop Forum. The providers of CES "SpamCop" e-mail also provide this Forum and we do not want to risk their pulling it. ...To clarify: complaints about the service are (assumed to be) tolerated (until we hear from CES staff otherwise); discussion of moving to another provider are (assumed to be) tolerated (until we hear from CES staff otherwise); discussion of details of alternative providers we (the volunteer Forum admin and this volunteer Forum moderator) ask be taken to other discussion media. ...Thank you for understanding. ...It's working fine for me, at least for my own posts! And, as DT pointed out, even if it were the case it wouldn't be relevant to the title of this Topic -- that was hard-coded by the OP. <g> And, by the way, the Forum admin or a moderator can fix it if the OP requests....
  21. turetzsr

    Update - System Failure etc

    ...Per SpamCop Forum Topic "Outage" it was down but has now returned to service.
  22. turetzsr

    Update 2 -System Failure

    ...This Forum has at least five types of members: Users of "SpamCop" e-mail accounts. SpamCop staff. CES staff. Users of the SpamCop reporting system who do not also have "SpamCop" e-mail accounts (I am a member of this group). People who come here with questions such as "why was I blocked?" and "I'm an e-mail admin; how can I use the SpamCop block list?" or just to look at the postings. I do not know how many are in each group but I suspect that group 5 constitutes the largest number and group 4 the second largest but I could be wrong and it's actually group 1 that's second largest.
  23. turetzsr

    Update 2 -System Failure

    ...There's always hope that you'll get a reply, and perhaps even quickly: Thanks for the address... I wrote, and they've already replied!
  24. turetzsr

    Update 2 -System Failure

    ...Yikes, I need a remedial English reading class! <g> I read "PM" as "e-mail." ...Almost certainly a better approach; there's no guarantee that CES staff read PMs.
  25. turetzsr

    Spamcop Webmail Down

    ...SteveT, please (see my "sig"). <g> ...What I was referring to was: and ...I realize that isn't sufficient for you and I didn't mean to imply that it should be; my intent was merely to provide a link to information provided directly by CES staff that people reading only this Topic might not know.