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    Banned But No Link-Back

    ...Gee, I hope no one (at least, no one here) thinks that just because e-mail came from (or through) a Turkish server that it must therefore have been written by a Turk!
  2. turetzsr

    EMail from SpamCop

    Hi, Tedr! ...Have you checked: Microsoft Products and Outlook 98 and 2000?
  3. turetzsr

    Banned But No Link-Back

    Hi, Stephen, Is this true? Surely the point about spam is that it's large indiscriminate bulk email. When I am bounced and can't fix my conference notes for a World Congress with my colleague in Israel I am sending one email. ...spam (not spam, which is a meat product owned by Hormel, who ask on their web site that we not use it in the e-mail context ) is about consent, not content. Seems to me that the feature you suggest would allow spammers to "unblock" themselves as well as allowing you to do so! ...Coming up with creative ways of stopping spam but allowing non-spammers who use the same outgoing IP addresses is not a role I am willing to accept, sorry! On the other hand, I certainly wouldn't want to discourage you from continuing to propose the kind of creative ideas you have tried to do so far, my lack of enthusiasm for your first one notwithstanding!
  4. turetzsr

    Burlee is now Interland...

    Hi, Hills, ...You may want to refer your Interland contact to How can I get SpamCop reports about my network? It includes information about how to have reports sent to the right abuse contact address.
  5. turetzsr

    Forwarded spam duplicating

    ...Well, I'm envious of you, because I'm still seeing it!
  6. FWIW. Ref: US Naval Observatory - Universal Time "Historical Note." Yes, I realize I'm being anal , but .... On web pages I write, I use either "UTC" or "UTC (GMT)."
  7. Hi, Keith! ...You may very well get flamed here, as well, for posting spam directly in your message. Please understand, we get enough of our own spam and we would prefer not to see yours, unless we need to in order to help you (which many of us can't even do, being unfamiliar with the workings of SpamCop e-mail). It would have been helpful to us if instead of trying to include the entire spam in your post, here, you just referenced where it was in the .spam newsgroup. ...Also, while I fully appreciate what you wrote about the denizens of the newsgroup being somewhat hung up on what may seem to be the finer points of ng etiquette, I think you're being a bit hard on them. The answers you received which you posted here seem pretty helpful to me. And the rules aren't completely arbitrary -- newsgroup users tend to most appreciate other users who post meaningful, compact messages so they can go through them quickly and efficiently, answering the ones to which they feel they can make a contribution and passing by those that they can't. The netiquette rules facilitate that.
  8. turetzsr

    Banned But No Link-Back

    Hi, Stephen! ...ISP and e-mail providers who use the SpamCop blocklist do seem notorious for this, without any explanation as to what or why, don't they? ...Sorry you feel that way. I assure you that I understand the feeling (although I don't share it). I doubt it will help much, but please bear in mind that those who lurk here and try to offer help are, generally speaking, those who have been "mugged" by spammers. SpamCop is our very, very good friend in the fight against those spammers, so we're a wee bit defensive about it, sometimes. ...Unfortunately, spammers would love such a feature! "Bad news, spammer: you're on a blocklist. Good news: we're going to let you send your spam on its way, anyway!"
  9. turetzsr

    Forwarded spam duplicating

    ...Please avoid ad-hominem attacks, at least in public. Thanks!
  10. turetzsr

    From me?

    ...My guess is that there's a simpler explanation: the spammer isn't (necessarily) trying to identify you as the spam source to SpamCop (as dhanna proposed) or cause you to appear to be the source of spam to other people (as Wazoo proposed), but just to get through a whitelist, or just because their spamware makes it easy for them to spoof the "From" address as one of the e-mail addresses from the "To" line.
  11. turetzsr

    Forwarded spam duplicating

    Hi, Chris, ...Thanks -- you saved me from having to post the same complaint.
  12. turetzsr

    SpamCop does not see this obfuscated URL

    Hi, Sally! ...If I'm not mistaken, this is the answer: 'unescape' appears to me to be java scri_pt code. ...Perhaps a friendly moderator or deputy will chime in on how to submit a new feature request to allow the parser to identify such URLs, but if I remember correctly, this has been discussed at least a couple of times before and does not seem to be high on the priority list.
  13. turetzsr


    Hi, Bri! ...Is this it? Pinned: FAQ Entry: How can I unsend a report?
  14. turetzsr

    Forums, Newsgroups, Netiquette, Rules, Etc.

    ...You found the help ng to be polite? I'm finding the answers over here to be, on the whole, both more understanding of "newbies" and less "techie."
  15. Hi, Blue, Turned up nothing. Any more suggestions you can think of Steve? At this point I'm ready to try anything. Thanks for your help. ...The only other thing other than waiting for someone official from SpamCop to reply: I'm receiving spam reports, but my mail server logs don't reflect it. Why?
  16. ...You may be being a little too impatient. It may take a day or so for the few and busy folks who might be looking at it to get there.... ...Did you check the inbox where spam reports are going for this IP (michael.morrison <at > vuinteractive.com)? ...How about the server logs? ...To save your tired fingers a little, you may address me as "Steve" rather than "turetzsr."
  17. Hi, Blue, ...From SpamCop FAQ: How can I be de-listed:
  18. Hi, Blue! ...Please check out the Pinned: FAQ Entry: Why is my email blocked? or the SpamCop FAQ: SpamCop Blocking List information. If you still have questions after looking there, please don't hesitate to come on back here and ask them. ...Good luck!
  19. turetzsr

    Can hosts listed as valid MX be excluded?

    Hi, house, ...My suggestion would be to send an e-mail to deputies <at > admin.spamcop.net (replace the "<at>" with "[at]" and eliminate spaces), forwarding the full internet headers of a spam that causes this problem. They may be able / willing to help you.
  20. turetzsr

    KJC Games - Blacklisted?

    Hi, KJC! ...Please check out the Pinned: FAQ Entry: Why is my email blocked? or the SpamCop FAQ. If you still have questions after looking there, please don't hesitate to come on back here and ask them. ...Good luck!
  21. turetzsr

    Does spammer's ISP take spamcop seriously ?

    Hi, Jeff, ...Yes, I quite agree, but I do not believe that the following statement are: I agree. If the US Government would address these international communist and quasi-communist nations &lt;snip&gt; &lt;snip&gt;These countries with $1 per day labor&lt;snip&gt; And our government is in on it!!!! The North America Free Trade garbage and opening up trade to China makes a few Americans tremendously wealthy but makes millions of Americans poorer due to job transfers to overseas and all of our dollars paying for overseas computer technology. We are being crapped on by our own blood-sucking politicians. I smell a rat, many rats, many fat rats in Washington DC. &lt;snip&gt;/CODE] [CODE]Also, can we go on the offensive , not only jailing and driving into bankruptcy G.W.Bush and other neo-cons who sacrifice our national security, soverniety and economy so that a few elitists could become billionaires? I'm surprised it isn't a campaign issue ...BTW, why wouldn't the BB "QUOTE" work in my reply? I had to change all the "QUOTE"s to "CODE"s, except for the first one (which didn't work, either, until I changed the others)!
  22. turetzsr

    total newbie, sorry

    Hi, Wazoo! ... *GASP* That explains why so many otherwise computer-savvy people get caught by virii sent to them via e-mail. It hadn't occurred to me that anyone could find that default option of use! ...Thanks!
  23. turetzsr

    Does spammer's ISP take spamcop seriously ?

    ...Moderators, if you agree with me that this post is going OT, could you please move it (or at least, all the political stuff) to the Lounge? ...Thanks!
  24. turetzsr

    Not able to report spam

    Hi, John! ...Do I understand correctly that you received a "bounce" (an e-mail telling you that your complaint to abuse[at]bezeqint.net would not be delivered) and the above message? If so, then it might be that Bezeq is blocking some Yahoo!Mail outgoing servers (the one through which your original complaint was sent) but not others (the one through which your e-mail asking about the "bounce" was sent). ...If I understand correctly, this is possible, as some Yahoo!Mail outgoing servers may be on a block list because spam has been sent through them, but other Yahoo!Mail outgoing servers may not be on the list because they have not (recently) been seen sending spam. Note that you have no control over which outgoing server your e-mail goes (unless Yahoo!Mail administrators are willing to force your outgoing mail through a specific server). ...And, if all this is correct, then it seems that Mr Ben Harush is saying that not *all* your e-mail is being blocked and therefore his request to see the reject message would seem to be a reasonable one. ...Hope this helps -- good luck!