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    How to find the problem

    Hi, Noodle! ...Please check out the Pinned: FAQ Entry: Why is my email blocked? or the SpamCop FAQ. If you still have questions after looking there, please don't hesitate to come on back here and ask them. ...Good luck!
  2. Hi! ...How will you determine the "'anti-virus' sender?" The reason I ask is that if you bounce it to the "From" address, you could be sending it to some hapless e-mail user whose address was forged.
  3. I am in IT but can not access the groups at work due to company policy. Only HTTP, SMTP, and FTP traffic that can be monitored by security modules is allowed through the firewall. NNTP does not have a security module available. If I punch a hole through, even if I only allow myself access to it, I could be fired. ...Same, here, but perhaps what Bumpkin meant by "could access" wasn't "permitted to" but "can figure out how to"?
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    no links found

    Hi! Theoretically, couldn't a spammer falsify every bit of a spam after the first 'received' line? What parts of a spam body will spamcop parse? ...Interesting! I had a short message exchange with JeffG on just this subject. His view (I hope I'm representing it reliably) is that since headers are added by servers along the route from spammer to you, it is unlikely, and if it did happen, it would get noticed.
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    Selecting and deleting multple held emails

    I know there's a way to reference a specific posting, but I don't have that knowledge at this point. That said, I see a couple of posts with a Topic/Subject line that include "Delete Held Mail" ... This is in the E-Mail Forum, so not sure if you'd posted and searched while this was over in the Help Forum. <snip> ...Hmm ... searching for "delete held mail" found only this thread. But "deleting held" did get hits.
  6. Hi, David, Yes, it does - thank you - this is all I needed to know. Our ISP was forwarding SpamCop messages to us and we needed to understand what they meant. Thank you for putting up with the enemy :-) Cheers, David Jameson ...Enemy? As you said, we're [more-or-less] on the same side! The major difference is that my colleagues begin from their experience with C/R, which is negative, whereas you start from yours, which is positive. ...Your postings, while IMHO seemed somewhat more defensive of C/R than your later posts suggest, were much more reasoned and reasonable than the ones we have seen from MailBlocks users -- thanks!
  7. > > <snip report unfortunately missing any evidence> > Move to first backup: > > http://www.moensted.dk/spam/?addr= > > Level 2 SPEWS listing, but that is not why you are here. Ouch, this is new. I have written "pajo" and demanded they remove the (1) remaing level 1 domain on their netblock. I will cheefully apply pressure. > > You are making an assumption that the reported e-mail came through your > mail server program. That is not always the case. > > > Some of this you will likely already know: > > http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=140&st=5 > > Unless someone does a test on your server that reveals the problem or > produces a sample spam, your only hope to get a clue on what caused the > listing is to contact the deputies. That would be deputies(at)spamcop.net. > > What has shown up in the past is that when a server hitting spam traps, > and not showing up anywhere else, it is a strong indication that the > server may be generating auto-responses to viruses and spam instead of > using SMTP rejects. > > Human reporters to spamcop.net are not allowed to report viruses and > things that auto-respond to them, even though many wish they could. > > spam-traps may be under different rules. > > -John > [snip e-mail address] > Personal Opinion Only Ugg.. I did not know that. I recently installed Clam Anti Virus / MailSacnner. It appears when it detected a virus it would send the sender a notice stating they have sent a virus. I am guessing this is where the spam complaints came from, given that most of the email addresses for the reply were probably fake. thanks for your help John. I have disabled the notices. :-) Jeremy Martinez web-hosting-support.com
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    Wishlist type things

    ...Another wish: paragraph indenting. This will allow me to stop using the three periods before the start of my paragraphs. ...Sure, I know I could just leave an extra line between my paragraphs, but I'm anal.
  9. Hi, all, ...Selected contents from an e-mail reply from Marjolein to suggestions I plagiarized from the original post here: I have no idea; not even sure this _would_ have a separate reporting address since I understand the "diploma's" themselves may be legal. Should probably be one section; no material. Already covered by the "multimedia" section - but I've edited the heading to make this clearer. That's a difficult one, too; such software is actually legal in many countries. Some of it is even freeware. OTH, there's commercial software as well, which might be pirated - and that is illegal. But if you do come across a special reporting email address, let me know.
  10. turetzsr

    How to get actual spam reports?

    Hi! ...As I understand it, SpamCop.Net used to do that, but stopped when it became apparent (I don't know how) that spammers were using that information to further their ends. ...Good luck with your investigation!
  11. turetzsr

    Why are we blocked?

    Hi, ...Please check out the Pinned: FAQ Entry: Why is my email blocked? or the SpamCop FAQ. If you still have questions after looking there, please don't hesitate to come on back here and ask them. ...Good luck!
  12. turetzsr

    our ISP is blocked

    Hi, ...Please check out the Pinned: FAQ Entry: Why is my email blocked? or the SpamCop FAQ. If you still have questions after looking there, please don't hesitate to come on back here and ask them. ...Good luck!
  13. turetzsr

    Should I report all Spam?

    Hi! ...Were I in your shoes, I'd just sign up for a new Yahoo!Mail account and let everyone I've corresponded with (intentionally) know that I had a new Yahoo!Mail address. ...Good luck!
  14. ...There's another relevant (but not necessarily valid, and not necessarily from Marjolein) complaint: that JT ignored all their suggestions, and that since they are paying members, their suggestions should have carried more weight.
  15. Hi, Sam, ...First: congratulations and thank you for the calm report. May people in your situation come here quite angry (understandably, given the unfortunate lack of information they receive from bounce messages). ...Second: I hope the information in the other answers helps you. If not, I hope you will not hesitate to come back here with more questions.
  16. turetzsr

    They're using MY name!

    Hi, Jeff, ...Looks like another very good candidate for a FAQ!
  17. turetzsr

    Server listed without recent warning

    Hi! ...No, that isn't true. You would just have to contact deputies at spamcop.net whenever you discover one of your server IP addresses has been listed. ...No, that isn't true. It still works very well in allowing e-mail admins to block spam from coming into their machines. ...No, that isn't true. You would just have to contact deputies at spamcop.net whenever you discover one of your server IP addresses has been listed.
  18. ...Great -- thanks, Jeff. ...Now if we could only convince JT and Marjolein to make nice and convince M to join us on the web board!
  19. That isn't from SpamCop -- it's from an ISP or e-mail provider that uses SpamCop BL (block list). Again, that isn't from SpamCop, that's from an ISP or e-mail provider using SpamCop BL. You'll have to take that up with the service provider(s) that used the SpamCop BL to block the e-mail.
  20. turetzsr

    help with reports

    ...Having no reason not to do so at this point, I will make the assumption that it is true. ...In my personal (and not necessarily knowledgeable) opinion, powweb is not being a responsible host. Of course, you have no way of controlling other people from including your URL in an e-mail and powweb should not make you have to prove a negative (that is, that you did not give permission to that person or those people to include a reference to your web site URL in their e-mail). Also, in my personal opinion (and, again, assuming your story to be true), were I you I would be looking to sever my relationship with powweb and seek a more reasonable host. ...Wait a minute -- perhaps powweb are more responsible than they appeared to be, at first! ...From what I understand, SpamCop.Net will not add an IP address (and never a domain name or a web URL) on their block list without at least two spam reports. I don't have first-hand knowledge of how web sites within reported spam e-mails are treated by SpamCop.Net, but I've seen claims elsewhere that SpamCop.Net does not blacklist URLs. I would want to see exactly what communication powweb has received from SpamCop.Net before commenting further (well, actually, it wouldn't mean much to me, being a lowly reporting user, but it might to a SpamCop deputy). ...SpamCop is somewhat automated, and adds IP addresses reported by (at least two) members to its publicly-accessible block list. ...Indeed, I do not understand that, either, as SpamCop.Net's stated policy is as you describe. But until I know differently, I'm willing to give the OP (original poster) the benefit of the doubt. ...In my humble (and, again, not very knowledgeable) opinion, I don't see that view as necessarily true (or, admittedly, necessarily force). ...And what would that evidence be (I'm not trying to be snide, here, just trying to help us work our way to making specific, helpful suggestions to the OP)? And to whom should it go -- here (the Help forum) or directly to the deputies?
  21. Jeff, Still working on this?
  22. turetzsr

    How to revoke a report?

    Hi, Jeff, ...Sheesh, it took you a whole 27 minutes to do what I suggested?!?!? ...You're gonna spoil me!!
  23. turetzsr

    How to revoke a report?

    This would make an excellent FAQ topic, as I see it quite often!
  24. Hello! ...Please take a look at the post under "Important Topics" called "Pinned: FAQ Entry: Why is my email blocked?" at Help Forum Index. If after reading that you still have more questions, please return here and ask, and those of us who can will try to help. ...Good luck!
  25. turetzsr

    Suggestions for User-Defined Recipients

    I think these would be abused. People would just check them all. And people would get the mentality that the more places they sent their spam report, the better. For instance, the USPIS could potentially be a spam report recipient for essentially anything physical you order, right? So, would you send the USPIS a spam report for every single prescription drug spam? I doubt they want the spams or could deal with the volume. For that matter, do any of these agencies do anything at all with any spam reports? I know the FTC is rumored to maybe catalog them. What does the FDIC have to do with anything? Or the NASD? They don't regulate stocks, they're the National Association of Securities Dealers. They organize and maybe regulate to some degree stockbrokers, not stocks. I think you'd find that if we all started submitting reports to all of these people, they'd just shut off their email addresses because they can't actually handle the volumes and these aren't workable cases anyway. For the very few cases they actually can work, the most egregious abusers, I imagine they get enough reports already. JT ...FWIW: I kind of like this idea. I also agree with JeffG about the likelihood of abuse. Might the solution to this possible problem be to allow us users (<fingers crossed />even free reporting users) to add our own list of recipients that would be presented to us unchecked, so we could check them when we believe it is relevant?