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    Mail Server Blacklisted?

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Here is a rough translation to English of the first two lines, which are in Portuguese, of the above post 92614[/snapback] for those who are unfamiliar with that language. Bom dia, confiarebh1, &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Spamcop has no connection with or control over the APEWS list. Please read the APEWS FAQ and pay particular attention to Q36 and Q41.
  2. turetzsr

    reports to amazonaws

    Hi, klappa, &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp If I understand correctly, knightshade was referring to a feature of submitting spam via e-mail. For more information about this, please see SC Forum Topic "How do I submit spam via email?"
  3. turetzsr

    abuse contact disabled

    Hi, klappa, &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Please see SC Forum Topic "[Resolved] /dev/null'ing report for ..." and let us know whether that answers your question.
  4. Hi, Jari, &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Sorry to hear of your problem! If no one happens by here with a useful direction for you, I would recommend that you contact the SpamCop Deputies at e-mail address deputies[at]admin.spamcop.net.
  5. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp You're very welcome! Thanks for taking the time to let us know the good news. <g>
  6. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp The "Quick Reporting" option is entirely different than submitting spam to SpamCop via e-mail. <g> The risk in using the "Quick Reporting" option is not related to whether you submit spam to the parser by using e-mail or on the online form; the risk is the same. My advice is to submit spam using whichever method you prefer but to NOT use the "Quick Reporting" option.
  7. My understanding is that Quick Reporting is only available to users with a certain amount of experience, so it may not yet be available to you. However, I strongly advise against anyone using it -- see My warning in forum thread "FAQ Entry: What is Quick Reporting?".
  8. Thanks for joining, Gicu, and for letting us know that your questions have been satisfactorily resolved. <g>
  9. Hi, Gicu, &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Please have a look at SpamCop FAQ article "Upgrade to a premium member account" and reply here with any follow-up questions or to let us know that it completely answered your question. <g>
  10. Hi, Gicu, &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Have you read through the "Pinned" Topics in this "Mailhost Configuration of your Reporting Account" Forum? I would hope that at least one of those Topics would have the answer to your question.
  11. Hi, Gicu, &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Welcome to our Forum! &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Please have a look at SpamCop Forum Topic ' "You have nnn.nk bytes available" message after reporting ' and post a reply here with any follow-up questions you may have about it or to let us know that it answered your question.
  12. turetzsr

    Viagra spammer. Questions

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Not really, IMHO -- see the SC Single-page Expanded FAQ (a link to which appears on the SC Forum Home page) article labeled "Spammer Rules," especially Rule #3. <g> &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp You should be able to find discussion of alternative e-mail service providers in the "SpamCop Email System & Accounts" Forum discussions about the demise of the "SpamCop" e-mail service. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp That's exactly why many/ most/ all of us here promote the use of blacklists like the SCBL!
  13. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Gasp! I missed that little detail -- thanks! &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Then you'll have to go back to Don, unfortunately; nothing else that you will be able to do about this! &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp True that but there's really no other alternative other than to just uncheck the box referring to Rackspace when you submit the parse to send the reports or just to cancel the reports in such cases. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Thanks! And, being (what I believe to be) the better place for all of this discussion, I have merged your Topic "Rackspace SMTP Server Not Recognized As Host" into this one! <g>
  14. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Yes, I agree completely with what you are saying -- it's what I'm saying, as well. "Received: from [] ([] helo=cavuit01.kulnet.kuleuven.be)" -- the sending host is avuit01.kulnet.kuleuven.be. "by smtp4.gate.iad3a.rsapps.net" -- the receiving host is smtp4.gate.iad3a.rsapps.net. "Hostname verified: rhcavuit01.kulnet.kuleuven.be "Possible forgery. Supposed receiving system not associated with any of your mailhosts" -- rhcavuit01.kulnet.kuleuven.be is not trusted. It seems to me that the SpamCop parser is saying that it suspects this sending host of misrepresentation and/ or, at minimum, is not in your list of mail hosts and therefore is a candidate as being the source of the spam. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Did you attempt to contact Don 92456 or the SC Deputies, yet?
  15. turetzsr

    reports to amazonaws

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp The field also has an undocumented 100 character limit, including spaces and commas. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp The easiest way to see is to turn on the feature. You do this with a different option under Preferences | "Report Handling Options" -- "Show Technical Details during reporting."
  16. turetzsr

    reports to amazonaws

    Yes, it is (I do not pay and I have this option set), but I don't believe this helps knightshade accomplish the goal to "add a recipient to individual spam reports."
  17. turetzsr

    reports to amazonaws

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Preferences | "Report Handling Options" | "Public standard report recipients." The SC parser then adds to each parse an option to send to this receipient; you simply uncheck it for those spam that do not come from amazonaws and turn the check mark on for those that do! &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp This Topic will do but the "official" place for feature requests is the "New Feature Request" SC Forum.
  18. turetzsr

    reports to amazonaws

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp True, that! You could add abuse[at]amazonaws.com (or any other address, for that matter) to your Preferences | "Report Handling Options" | "Public standard report recipients" so you can easily send a report using SC's parser/ reporting mechanism.
  19. turetzsr

    reports to amazonaws

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Not exactly; please see SC FAQ article "Reports sent to SpamCop addresses". Note that, as you suggest may be true in this case, SC may do this by request of the abuse address owner but it may also be, as you also hypothesize may be the case here, because the abuse address owner forwards the reports to the spammer. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp SC won't but you may do that manually.
  20. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp And/ or refer to the SC Single-page Expanded FAQ (a link to which appears on the SC Forum main page) article labeled "How can I unsend a Report?"
  21. turetzsr

    What causes

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Perhaps I am also missing something obvious but didn't you answer your own question with the following? &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp This appears to me to be precisely what Lou offered, in different words: &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp As far as I am aware, only manual intervention by an SC Admin/ Deputy can fix this (I have the same issue from time to time). Good luck!
  22. turetzsr


    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Generally speaking, SpamCop seems to leave identifying and contacting "upstreams" to us users. If you have identified such an upstream, you can add it to your SpamCop Preferences | "Report Handling Options" | "Public standard report recipients" and you will have the option of sending SC reports to that upstream address on each parse.
  23. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp No expert I but as I read this, it isn't smtp4.gate.iad3a.rsapps.net about which the SpamCop Parser is complaining but, rather, rhcavuit01.kulnet.kuleuven.be. However, your best bet with any suspected issue with MailHosts and and/ or the Parser is to contact the SpamCop Deputies at e-mail address deputies[at]admin.spamcop.net.
  24. Hi, dinahosting, &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Please see my post, above.91642[/snapback]
  25. turetzsr

    No IP Found

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Thanks, Lyle! If you are so inclined, please drop by here when you've either confirmed that was or was not the problem to let us know!