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    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Yes, this is a perfectly good place. The folks (Cisco/ SpamCop) who would action it and/ or reply have been very busy the past month or two and it may be that they will continue to be busy for the foreseeable future. You could try writing to them directly at e-mail address deputies[at]admin.spamcop.net. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Fixing the SpamCop parser so that it notifies the correct abuse address, which is what actioning your request would do, is an entirely different thing than making the SC blacklist useful for this case. And you can submit manual complaints to admin[at]koonk.com while you are waiting for the SC staff to address this so that the parser offers to send complaints to that address itself.
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    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp As far as I know, this is the first notable technological advance in spam dissemination in a very long time!
  3. Hi, forrie, &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp This isn't a Google limitation; it's a SpamCop limitation.
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    Hi, Nick, &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Welcome! &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Thank you for selecting the correct forum to which to post this message (well, at least, in my opinion <g>). &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp If memory serves (and it isn't very good), you are the first person to post such an introduction. I like it! &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Learning is one of the main purposes of this Forum. I hope you will post any questions you have, especially about spam. I also hope you will make new friends here; while not a main purpose of this Forum, it certainly can be a happy byproduct, as it has for me. <g>
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    Spamcop blacked by ubl.unsubscore.com

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp It seems we SC users are pretty much at the mercy of SC staff to work this out with the unsubscore admin(s).
  6. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Due to administrative issues we are experiencing with this topic, I am closing it. If you have a follow-up, please post to topic "Converting a Short URL (follow ups)". I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
  7. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp This is a follow-up Topic to the older topic 'converting a t.co (or other "short" URL'
  8. Hi, k5oun, &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Sorry to hear of your problem. I would refer you to the earlier post by Steve S (Farelf): 91192[/snapback]. If all else fails, I'd further recommend that you contact the SpamCop deputies at e-mail address deputies[at]admin.spamcop.net. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Good luck!
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    Forwards not working

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Thanks for posting that, Peter! Small addendum: if that address doesn't work, please try the "official" e-mail address, deputies[at]admin.spamcop.net.
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    SC Contacts

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp So I noticed that Don D'Minion has a different e-mail address than service[at]admin.spamcop.net. Does anyone know whether deputies[at]admin.spamcop.net is still correct or do the deputies also have a new address? I've been referring people to deputies[at]admin.spamcop.net and wish to change it to the correct address if this one isn't.
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    SC Contacts

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    SC Contacts

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Thanks, Steve, that makes me feel a bit better!
  13. Hi, seagreen, &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Sorry to hear of your problem. My guess is that you'll need special handling from the SpamCop Deputies (deputies[at]admin.spamcop.net). &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Good luck!
  14. Hi, Albert, &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Yes, those are Google internal IP addresses and no, you can not report this via SpamCop. Please see SC Forum Topic "Gmail, forwarded" for more information. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp For future reference: please don't post such a long list of spam headers here. The Tracking URL gives us complete information in a very terse way.
  15. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Note, though, that an invalid or bouncing abuse address in not the only (nor even the most frequent, as I understand it) reason that the SC parser will "devnull" a report. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Assuming that you sent them the full, unmodified internet headers of the spam, it is clear that being knowledgeable about e-mail is not a prerequisite at Teradyne to be put in a position to respond to abuse complaints. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Follow-ups regarding Teladyne to SC Forum Topic "Null'ing Email Addresses," please!
  16. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp My guess would be that cciu read the unambiguous (and, I think, incorrect) statement that "Web-based Quick Reporting is an exclusive feature of the SpamCop Parsing and Reporting System which only SpamCop Email System Customers may access" [bolded emphasis mine]. Perhaps that used to be true...?
  17. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Ah, okay, I think I see what you're saying, now. As I always use the "Show technical data" option because the "Simple output" seems too brief for my tastes (and because I rarely report spam any more), I can't see the extra, unnecessary content to which you refer but I'll take your word for it. Thanks, but I'm not a SpamCop Mail user and have no aspirations as such: <snip> &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Ah, I think I see why you replied thus. However, as I understand it, contrary to the implications of some of the content of the FAQ article, you do not have to be a "SpamCop" e-mail user to be a "quick reporter." And, as I understand it, if you are not already a "SpamCop" e-mail subscriber, there's no longer any way to become one!
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    Spamcop blacked by ubl.unsubscore.com

    Hi, jlauro, &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Since no one here has offered any help, I would recommend that you inquire of the SpamCop deputies at e-mail address deputies[at]admin.spamcop.net. Good luck!
  19. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp cciu, I think you've expressed here, although a bit too narrowly, why the "repeated loop" that Ron abhors is necessary -- SpamCop does not want you to just take your spam and "chuck it over the wall" for SpamCop to deal with; SpamCop is just helping you to identify the sources of spam and, to a lesser degree, the Spamvertized links in the spam and abuse addresses to whom to report the spam on your behalf. It is all too easy, even for those who carefully review the parse results, to report innocent bystanders, victims of "Joe jobs" and even your own ISP or e-mail Provider! &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Although I hesitate to add this because it is dangerous, there is a facility allowed for experienced reporters called "Quick Reporting" that makes reporting a bit less involved. Please see the link in the SpamCop FAQ labeled "What is Quick Reporting?" but please read the warnings carefully.
  20. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp I have little doubt that you are correct. What I'm suggesting is that it is one thing for a human to use human judgment to come to such conclusions and to act on those conclusions and to take responsibility for those actions and quite another for a computer program to try to find a way to apply analogous judgment to come to the same conclusion when the consequences of action are potentially much more onerous for a business enterprise like Cisco than for us as private individuals.
  21. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Or multiple spammers with the same snowshoe list. And in many cases the individual spams are similar enough to appear to the victim to be the same spam but not similar enough for a program (parser) to be certain they're the same.
  22. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Don't be misled by that last statement "Nothing to do." That just means that the SpamCop parser couldn't find an abuse address to whom it would send a complaint. If you clicked the "Send spam Report(s) Now" button, it did add your spam to the statistics that it uses to decide whether to place the source IP address on the SpamCop blacklist (or, if it is already there, whether and how long to keep it there). <g>
  23. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp What things would they equate? If anyone but the spammers had a list of the spammers' lists of snoeshoe addresses, the white hats would use that information to shut down those spammers and the spammers would have to move to some other means of sending their trash.
  24. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Unfortunately, there's [apparently] no way for SpamCop to tell that spammers are snowshoeing IPs to avoid making their way onto the blacklist. But I imagine that most aren't clever enough.
  25. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Unfortunately, there is precious little that you, as a victim, can effectively do. First: NEVER unsubscribe to anything to which you never subscribed -- that's a common way for spammers to confirm that an address on their "purchase this list of e-mail addresses to which you can send spam" list is a "live" one! Reporting spam via SpamCop is one bit because it contributes to statistics used to populate the SpamCop blacklist, which is used by a number of e-mail admins to flag or block spam. If your e-mail provider subscribes to the SpamCop blacklist, that might help you directly. Using a blacklist or other filtering on your incoming e-mail may be something that could help you, if it is possible for your situation. If it is feasible for you to abandon your spammed e-mail address entirely, you could start fresh with a new e-mail address; if not, you could still apply for a new e-mail address and migrate your correpondents to the new one, relegating the old one to only spammers, those who can't or won't switch and those you failed to notify. Also peruse the links in the SpamCop FAQ section with heading "What other sites should I visit to help learn about, fight, handle spam?"