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    What is the point of spam?

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Ah, but you're thinking on far too small a scale, Mark! Spammers rely on the fact that the internet can transmit millions of messages in a relatively short span of time. 1% of 1% of a million is 100. And we're almost certainly talking multiple millions a week for a big spammer.
  2. turetzsr

    Keep getting hacked please read

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp WPA2, correct, petzl? <g> My guess is that it's only a matter of time before WPA2 gets broken, too. <frown> ...Oh, I meant to post a reference to an article like that in my post -- thanks! But the content of the article in the link doesn't seem to match the text you used -- do you have a reference to MAC filtering having been spoofed (and, preferably, any steps that can be taken to mitigate in addition to using WPA2)? &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Very true (and, again, something I meant to, but forgot to, mention in my post). Don't forget motels' wi-fi possibly being less secure unless they use WPA2, everyone! &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp That would be (hopefully <g>) rogue associates of NewsCorp. Do you know of any cases other than the one in the UK or does it seem to have been limited to that subsidiary?
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    What is the point of spam?

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp One answer: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=A0LEVj3p3T5UiUIAK85jmolQ?qid=20120706105318AAObO4Y. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Another, describing the advantages for both spammer and hosting service: http://news.softpedia.com/news/Make-Money-Legally-With-spam-67829.shtml. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Here is a review of some academic research: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/tzink/archive/2012/03/06/how-much-money-do-spammers-make.aspx. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp The above are just a few of the links returned to me from a GoodSearch (which uses Yahoo) of '+spam +how +"make money".' &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Then there's phishing, which I didn't see covered in any of the above. A phish asks you for confidential information, such as a credit card number or bank account number or even your phone number. The spammer uses this information to make purchases with your credit card, withdrawals from your bank account or sells your phone number which might then be used along with any other information you provide to steal your identity or use "social engineering" techniques to trick you into sending money or even more information to them so that they can steal your identity.
  4. turetzsr

    Keep getting hacked please read

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Not certain it's analogous or as secure but I use MAC address filtering on my home network.
  5. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp You're most welcome! &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Sometimes the NICs (ARNic, JPNic, etc) have more reliable information than abuse.net; in this case, abuse.net looked like its abuse address might be better because it's more "standard." To find the right NIC (and most of the useful information, to boot), I use a web site called G E E K T O O L S. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Mostly, it seems so. Often the devnull action is by SpamCop staff choice, such as when they have reason to believe that the abuse address is controlled by spammers or is spammer friendly or when e-mails sent by SpamCop to that address bounce or when the abuse admin asks SpamCop to not send e-mails.
  6. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Using the SpamCop IP address lookup form (found at SpamCop FAQ article "http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/topic/2238-original-spamcop-faq-added-forum-items/"), I find the SenderBase Lookup for this IP address that indicates that the domain is dion.ne.jp (note the BlackList list! <g>). Looking up that domain in Abuse.Net shows that the abuse address is "abuse[at]dion.ne.jp (for dion.ne.jp)." &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp jpnic whois gateway shows: and navigating to that link (and adding the "/e" switch for English) shows: Group Contact Information: [Group Handle] JP00000127 [Group Name] KDDI NOC [E-Mail] kddi-noc[at]ip.kddi.com [Organization] KDDI Corporation [Division] Network Operation Center [TEL] [FAX] [Last Update] 2005/03/22 14:59:07(JST) jpnic_ap[at]dion.ne.jp
  7. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp The folks who reviewed "email_support" -- CES -- are probably gone. You might send an e-mail to the SpamCop Deputies at deputies[at]admin.spamcop.net but those folks are probably working frantically to try to address all the fallout of the demise of the CES-provided "SpamCop" e-mail service and the hosting of this Forum and may therefore be unable to provide help to individual users for some time.
  8. turetzsr

    What is Knujon On About?

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp SpamCop (and how would know better?) tells us that only a relatively small portion of their spam statistics came from "SpamCop" e-mail members. Even were that not so, the surest way for an IP address to get listed in the SpamCop blacklist is for it to send spam to a SpamCop spam Trap, so as long as the spammers are finding spam Trap addresses, they'll get listed.
  9. turetzsr

    spam from: singlehop & blacklotus

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp My guess would be that your e-mail address somehow found its way onto a spammer's list and has since been propagated to other spammers or a batch of different Black Lotus machines that have been captured by a spammer and your address is on the spammer's list multiple times. If it's UCE, it could even be a single spammer selling "get rich quick sending e-mails" kits to the naive.
  10. turetzsr

    flood control

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Before anyone else other than SpamCop staff chimes in here, I would like to suggest that only they would know the answer to this question, due to the recent change in the version of Invision Power Board that they installed.
  11. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Your surmise is correct and you are quite welcome. <g>
  12. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Please see former SpamCop Deputy Ellen's reply in SpamCop Forum Topic "What does `Mailhost waiver granted' mean?." &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Well, please remember that the principal function of the SpamCop parser is to feed the statistics that are used to decide whether to include an IP address on the SpamCop blacklist. Please also see SpamCop Forum Topic "[Resolved] Reports disabled."
  13. turetzsr

    spam from: singlehop & blacklotus

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Well, no, SC tries to munge your address everywhere it can "see" it but some claim that it doesn't always succeed and there are also other ways for spammers to tell to whom they sent a particular message if whoever reads the SpamCop report forwards it to (or is) the spammer. On the other hand, spammers probably have better things to do than to carefully inspect all two or three SpamCop spam reports they might receive in a year and add the reporter's e-mail address to some list that doesn't already have your e-mail address on it for use by other spammers who go through Black Lotus (the spammer already has your address, after all!). <g>
  14. turetzsr

    spam from: singlehop & blacklotus

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp The general answer that we here give to such questions (with respect to reporting to SpamCop) is: yes, please continue if you are so inclined, as it feeds the statistics that SpamCop uses to decide whether to list an IP address from which the spam is coming in its blacklist, which is used by many ISPs and e-mail admins to block or filter suspected spam.
  15. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp moreofless: if you'd really prefer a thread on this subject that doesn't have the "Resolved" flag set, you could use Topic "can't forward as attachment in yahoo."
  16. Hi, EstherD, &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Welcome to the SpamCop Forums! &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp If no one drops by here soon with a better suggestion, I would recommend that you send an inquiry either to that service[at]admin.spamcop.net e-mail address (one [extremely busy] person looks at that, I believe) or to the SpamCop Deputies at e-mail address deputies[at]admin.spamcop.net [multiple people look at this one, including the person who looks at the other one, so I would think that this would be the better bet).
  17. turetzsr

    District Attorney reporting

    Hi, Mark, &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Note: I took the liberty of moving this Topic from the "SpamCop Reporting Help" Forum to this ("SpamCop Lounge") Forum, since it does not seem to be in regards to the SpamCop reporting utility. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp What I would do in your place would be to ask someone in the DA's office. I, personally, consider spamming to be a crime (always theft of internet provider services, often fraud and/ or even assault) but they might not.
  18. turetzsr

    spam from: singlehop & blacklotus

    Hi, Mark, &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Please see the conversation above (note to others: Mark raised this as a separate topic and I merged it here).
  19. turetzsr

    Keep getting hacked please read

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp It sounds as if you're more sophisticated than the average web/ e-mail user in assembling a good bit of relevant information. My sense, though, is that unless you have very deep pockets you are unlikely to be able to do any serious damage to the culprits or get them to stop because it's too easy for them to spoof addresses and therefore hide but it's clear that you understand that it's probably just your turn for them to annoy for a while and they'll eventually tire of that and move on to some other poor victim. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp For what it's worth, I refer you to the Forum "sig" of member "petzl" for some handy pointers to possibly helpful tools.
  20. turetzsr

    Keep getting hacked please read

    Hi, Tugg, &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Sorry to hear of your problem! I wish I had some words of comfort or advice for you other than to just create an entirely new Yahoo account (and as many other accounts as you can, such as OS account on each of your devices, and deactivate the old one) and use a strong password (long, unguessable and with both upper and lower case alpha characters, digits and, if your e-mail provider allows it, punctuation characters) on it. Hopefully, some kind and knowledgeable soul here will drop by with more helpful advice in due course. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Since your question seems to have nothing to do with SpamCop Reporting (or anything to do with SpamCop at all, for that matter), I have taken the liberty of moving it from the "SpamCop Reporting Help" forum where you posted it to this, more appropriate, venue.
  21. turetzsr

    SpamCop groups on Giganews

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Sorry; here's the content to which I referred (which is in a Forum post I failed to realize was not generally available): &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Note: Richard W is one of the SpamCop staff.
  22. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Oh, I was referring to this part of his post (emphasis via red text mine): You did that step and still it shows the message?
  23. turetzsr

    Email bounces

    Hi, Schmide, &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Thanks for taking the time to let us know the good news!
  24. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Does Don D'Minion's (SpamCopAdmin) reply in Forum Topic "Email bounces" seem to relate to this?
  25. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Member has been asked (once again) to cease this behavior. If this request is ignored, more significant action will be considered.