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  1. Hi, Mike,

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Having wiped the tears from my eyes a few times, I can now write to thank you very much for lending us your dad. Rest assured that he will be sorely missed, for not only the stellar work he did here but also his warmth and kindness.

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp The eulogy is reminiscent of my favorite song: "You're There" -- music by David Friedman and lyrics by Alix Korey. I recommend listening to the Barry Manilow version (even if you're not a Manilow fan) on YouTube and following along with lyrics (Manilow's version is slightly different than others I've seen).

  2. Hi, Joe,
    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp That's okay, we don't want to see the e-mail, we need to see the parse results. You may be able to find it by navigating to the "Past Reports" tab at www.spamcop.net, then clicking the "View recent reports" link. When you click on one of the links of one of those reports, look for a link labeled "Parse" -- that link will be the Tracking URL that we need.

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Now that I see how much effort it is to find it, I will understand if you prefer to wait until the next one! :) <g>

  3. Hi, JoeF,

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp It would probably help us to see the complete parse, which we would be able to do if you provided the Tracking URL of the SC parse of your spam. Often in such cases, there is an internet header line somewhere that should have a date/ time but it's either missing or in the wrong formal. You may be able to find other relevant hints by searching for the phrase "This email contains no date" using the handy "Search" tool that appears near the top right of almost all SC Forum pages.

  4. Hi, Dave,

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Sorry to hear of your problem. Does Ex_Brit's reply in SC Forum Topic "SpamCop Email Service Changes" help you at all? If not, I would recommend that you send an inquiry to the SpamCop Deputies at e-mail address deputies[at]admin.spamcop.net. Until you hear from them (and permanently if they don't have a better alternative), you could terminate using SpamCop to do the filtering.

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Good luck!

  5. <snip>

    We provide unsubscribe link in every e-mail, but unfortunately some customers take it as a very difficult experience.

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp It is not only difficult, it is unwise and sensible users will not unsubscribe from communications to which they did not subscribe in the first place. See the paragraph labeled "If the recipient is given the choice to opt-out or remove, is it still spam?" in the Spamhaus FAQ.

  6. Hi, outlawspam,

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Sorry to hear of your problem. It is one many of us share (or have shared at some point). Please let us know what you read that made you think that SpamCop would stop your spam. This seems to be a common misconception but no one has yet answered this question; I'd really like to try to get the offending language corrected!

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp To try to answer your questions, at least superficially: reporting to SpamCop does two things:

    • SpamCop tries to find an abuse address to which to send a report, on the outside chance that an administrator of the spam source (IP address) will see it and both wish to and be able to stop future such spam. SpamCop has no power or influence over such decisions.
    • SpamCop includes your report in a set of statistics it uses to determine whether to include the spam source IP address in its blacklist, which it makes available to anyone who wishes to use it to handle suspected spam (generally, that's e-mail admins and ISPs). One user's reports can never cause a listing.
    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Since SpamCop bases all its decisions on the IP address it determines to be the spam source, when spammers use multiple IP addresses, generally through spam botnets, SpamCop sees them as different sources and that frequently allows spammers to escape being included on the SC blacklist.

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp If anything here isn't clear, please use the "Search" feature near the top right of each SpamCop Forum screen or post a follow-up reply here.

  7. Hi!

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Sorry, I believe that you are trying to use the wrong tool. Your using SpamCop to report spam will not, by itself, stop any spam from reaching you. I would recommend that you discuss your spam issues with your e-mail provider.

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp If you want to learn more about how to properly use SpamCop and what it does just for the sheer joy of learning about it (which I find valuable), I would suggest you look at the SpamCop FAQ (http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/topic/2238-original-spamcop-faq-added-forum-items/) article "How does SpamCop reporting work?" and the articles in the section labeled "SpamCop Parsing and Reporting Service." Warning: you will find a lot of "TECHNICAL WORDS" there -- some are explained in the SpamCop Glossary (http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=4473) and others can be found by using your favorite internet search tool.

  8. <snip> When someone submits an email as spam and later realizes that it was not spam, how does that person delete the original entry? <snip>

    Hi, swallen56,

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Please see the SC FAQ entry labeled "How can I unsend a Report?." Spoiler alert: it essentially says what Lou (Lking) said 92234[/snapback]. :) <g>

    They could then use your apology in their discussions with SpamCop if needed.

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Although it's unlikely to be needed because reports from only one SC reporter can not put an IP address on the SC blacklist. :) <g>

  9. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Sorry to hear of your problem. As gnarlymarley suggested, you will have to contact SC directly for this to be addressed to your satisfaction; your fellow users here will not be able to do more than guess at why your account was suspended. I'm not certain whether service[at]admin.spamcop.net will actually work -- I'd suggest that you include both Don D'Minion's most recent published address, spamcop[at]spro.net, and also the SC Deputies at deputies[at]admin.spamcop.net.

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Good luck!

  10. Hi, caltenba; welcome to the SC Forum!

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp My recommendation is to not worry too much about SC's parsing of such spamvertized links; this is not a particularly important part of what SpamCop does. You could report them instead via Knujon (that's what I do because Knujon has an e-mail address that is available even to us non-subscribers) or Complainterator, about which you can find more by searching the SC Forum.

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp If you are really committed to asking for a review of the SC parser, I would recommend that you send this information (or a pointer to this Forum thread) to the SC Deputies at e-mail address deputies[at]admin.spamcop.net. They may or may not reply to you and may or may not do anything with the information you send them, though, so please keep your expectations low. :) <g>

  11. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp My expectation would be that pretty much everyone here is likely to be in the same situation as Steve (Farelf) and that db17's question would be best put to her/ his own e-mail provider. A simpler approach might be to just try adding the offending domain name to the blocked senders list and see what happens. The only drawback I can think of is that this might result in blocking mail that is wanted and unless some such unintentionally blocked mail were identified by its failure to arrive when expected, that situation might not be discoverable.

  12. <snip>

    SC offers to report - it is up to the reporter whether or not reports are sent. Always, it is YOUR responsibility. You can cancel (as I did) or send.


    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp You may also:

    • Uncheck the "abuse" addresses to which SpamCop offers to report but you would prefer that it not and let it send to the others (which you would leave checked).
    • Select from among those "Public standard report recipients" you have added to your reporting preferences to whom you wish SpamCop to send a report for the spam whose parse you are reviewing.

  13. <snip

    I would be reporting spam contents, not headers. Would it work in an account?

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp No. Please see the SpamCop FAQ entry "How do I get started reporting spam?" starting at the section labeled "Reporting spam."


    The question is how to add the offending domains to SC database.

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp If I understand you correctly to mean the domains that are in links in the body of the spam: SC won't do that; its blacklist deals exclusively with IP addresses that have been reported as sources of e-mail spam. To report Spamvertized links, you might want to check out Knujon and/ or Complainterator, links about which may be found by searching the SpamCop Forum.

  14. <snip>

    Anyway to have Spamcop report to abuse[at]enom.com instead of/or in addition to abuse[at]namecheaphosting.com?

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp No guarantee but chances are better if you would post this to the SpamCop Reporting Help → Routing / Report Address Issues Forum.


    Also, how does one complain to District Attorneys or the Attorney General?

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp That would depend on the District Attorney/ Attorney General. For some ideas, you could peruse the results at URL http://www.goodsearch.com/search-web?utf8=✓&keywords=%2B(complain+OR+complaint)+%2B("attorney+general"+OR+"district+attorney"). For the US Attorney General, you could check the Department of Justice web site. However, my guess is that unless someone has lost a lot of money or a state or federal agency has been victimized, District Attorneys and Attorneys General are unlikely to do much with your complaint.

  15. &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Sorry to hear of your problem; it is one many of us have or have had.

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Your e-mail admin would have to take some action to stop the spam from reaching your inbox. If your e-mail app allows you to filter by content or, better yet, by content in internet headers, you could use that filtering. Also see Farelf's reply in Topic "Constantly receiving spam/apparently of same origin."

  16. <snip>

    I don't think it's permissible to post the full headers I have here


    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp There's no formal prohibition but we prefer that you post the Tracking URL rather than the full headers. The Tracking URL allows us to follow the link to a separate web page to see what the header and body of the spam are rather than cluttering up the Forum with such things.


    so I don't know what can be done about it, if it can't be reported, and can't be actioned.


    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp That's very rare. Could you please share with us the error message or, better yet, the Tracking URL?

    This is the last straw for me.

    If SC can't or won't do anything about it, then they can go hang.

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp You seem to be blaming the hammer manufacturer for not making a tool that can't be used effectively as a screwdriver, without having even communicated with the hammer manufacturer (deputies[at]admin.spamcop.net), only with other hammer customers. Or did you contact the deputies and they declined to do anything about it or haven't replied?

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Added later on edit: To extend/ mix metaphors, you seem to be condemning the charity organization for not accepting your two-dollar bill (the analogy I intend is your attempted spam submission, not your voluntary membership money) because their equipment or accounting system just won't handle it.

    I'll spread the word far and wide how useless the service is, and how little the people that run it give a rosy rat's red rear about what people who use it have to say.


    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp You are perfectly within your rights to do that. I hope, though, that when you do you'll add that SC has a cadre of users who are satisfied with the (free -- you don't need to purchase anything to use it) product, notwithstanding the one specific thing you wish it would do but won't.

  17. But what about time .If I reported spam in SpamCp immediately after I receive spam on my account .How fast owner and admin will stop spammers account it that website.

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp The sooner you report the spam, the sooner the admins will be able to start work to stop the spammer if they want to do that.


    second is Israel .Jew use different language it isn't English .

    &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp The national language of the state of Israel is Hebrew. Almost all Israelis, not just Jewish Israelis, use it (at least those who live within the original borders of Israel). Many non-Israeli Jews know at least a few words of Hebrew but only a very tiny number of non-Israelis can converse or write whole sentences in Hebrew. A fairly large number of Israelis, especially those who use the internet, know and use English.