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    Gmail's server blocked

    Gee, I thought I was being polite to everyone. Thanks for "correcting me".
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    Gmail's server blocked

    Hello all I am a new GMail user whose mail has been bounced by servers whose administrators accepted the SpamCop blacklist entries for GMail. I understand that this is because GMail chooses to hide the IP of the originating source and put only the IP of their own server. Hence the server gets shut down for many users when a few mis-use the service. My question is whether GMail could give the option to its users to make the true origin IP of the mail available in the message header and what effect this would have. If they did this which of the following would be the result: a-Users who select this option are immune to BL of the google servers. b-Users are still affected by the BL of the google server since it also appears in the mail. c-Depends upon settings made by administrators of the sites that use the SpamCop BL. Thanks for your time in answering my query. jetssuperbowl