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  1. Supposed receiving system not associated with any of your mailhosts The spam you are reporting is from a email account you have registered in your email hosts?
  2. If SpamCop mailhosts don't work for you or your company, reporting through SpamCop is not a option sorry.
  3. Your problems should end if you just used SpamCops mailhost program? Just requires you to have your email address to be sent a validation which identifiess your mailhost This belongs in the just "too easy" basket? You are making reporting hard for yourself!
  4. just needs your ONE email address? Not every email address (unless a different domain addy) SpamCop will send you a verification email for each host which you copy and past into top link For Fastmail I got two validate emails from SpamCop which identifies all mailhosts
  5. you need to set your mailhosts or you will report yourself
  6. IF its you reporting spam make sure you have put your email address in mailhosts or spamcop can get it wrong?
  7. your remailer is not stamping IP correctly which don't help contact your remailer service also. should be how?
  8. I'm just a user of SpamCop not a tech
  9. Try complaining to "deputies [at] spamcop [dot] net" that will go to Cisco tech
  10. yes take care! without seeing a tracking URL from SpamCop we are in the dark! At top of page after SpamCop parse
  11. got the IP wrong so updated reply the injection IP that's being reported is you are not email marketing? removed
  12. What's the IP you are not making it easy? a lot of spam reported through that IP each report is sent to registered abuse address? SCAN INFECTED COMPUTER MOBILES FOR MALWARE - THEN Change Passwords for email accounts etc! Could be you have a compromised computer does not appear to be a Botnet but may be a "sink" for a botnet
  13. IP is a Boitnet? I count 12 reports made through SpamCop last one "Submitted: 9/12/2017, 10:50:49 AM +1000: OFFIZIELLE GEWINNBENACHRITIGUNG" This may or may not be a shared IP (speak to your provider) That said do a scan FOR MALWARE - THEN Change Password - ALL computers mobiles using that IP The Malware infection/trojan is described here Believed infected with "SendSafe" - Windows Defender will pick it up. Cleaning it ?? is listed This IP address was detected and listed 73 times in the past 28 days, and 3 times in the past 24 hours. The most recent detection was at Tue Sep 12 09:25:00 2017 UTC +/- 5 minutes This IP is infected (or NATting for a computer that is infected) with an botnet that is emitting email spam. The infection is probably sendsafe.
  14. Well I subscribed for the us$30 a year account To send spam to SpamCop I just "forward as attachment" (to my super-secret SC reporting address), a bit of a delay but never more than 2-3 minutes I prefer full reporting to make sure it goes to a working abuse address
  15. just signed up to test SpamCop worked sent me a validate no bounce Will wait for some spam now to see if it handles it Added fastmail to my host and woking