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  1. petzl

    PARCO Innovation compagny blacklist

    ISP means "Internet Service Provider". Whoever receives your email seems to be blocking OVH who once had a bad name for dealing with spammers. You maybe can contact recieving provider to ask them to "whitelist" your email. SpamCop is like a radar, if it gets spam over normal volume in it's spamtrap and reporting submissions by members it blocks IP for 24 hours after last spam message. You should maybe consider Gmail in emergency situations. It is not SpamCop blocking you. Also do not publish your full email address in public like here. Use "commercia [AT]parco-innov[DOT]com" to hide from Bot's who scrape email address's.
  2. petzl

    PARCO Innovation compagny blacklist

    It's not listed I see no evidence it ever was? the link below shows you the IP is not blocked. Some times ISP's use their own blocklist and blame SpamCop for it! https://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=checkblock&ip= Cisco also gives your IP a clean spam report if it was ever listed it would give it a "poor" rating https://www.talosintelligence.com/reputation_center/lookup?search=
  3. petzl

    PARCO Innovation compagny blacklist

    Not listed now no reports of spam have been made? If listed automatically it would mean that IP was hitting spamtrap (non-existent) email addresses by the thousand?
  4. petzl

    Server --spamcop

    I pay for SpamCop reporting. that site is for unpaid subscription which would require a different password no longer than 28 alphanumeric characters.
  5. petzl

    IPv6 support for spamcop reports

    removed this line Received: by 2002:aa7:d1d8:0:0:0:0:0 with SMTP id g24-v6csp469345edp; then it works https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6474321966zc4c65c929eab8085d8b63ae0c3e1af12z
  6. petzl

    IPv6 support for spamcop reports

    Works for me yesterday? You have done nothing wrong.the Gmail parsing has only become a problem this year? A tracking URL would show whats wrong found at top of page BEFORE you submit. Removed 2nd line from headers https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6474077628zfbc461f2acdbedd8a76aa4c91fdd30d1z
  7. petzl

    Reporting to Spammer?

    Yes or they have "legacy" entries from those manually put in to override ARIN. These should be done with an expiry date many are defunct. RIPE is more accurate, however years ago they denied SpamCop look-ups I use a windows program http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/ipnetinfo.html for domains http://www.gena01.com/win32whois/ for text web-browser http://www.netdemon.net/ it does more like port scan can no longer register as programer retired.
  8. petzl

    Any point in reporting spam from AMAZONAWS?

    Yes show a tracking URL
  9. If you send a "mail list" you need to consider double opt in with a working un-subscribe
  10. petzl

    How i delist my domain?

    https://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=checkblock&ip= In the past 3.4 days, it has been listed 2 times for a total of 2.1 days compromised/forged web and or email accounts If Microsoft Windows Defender is available to you, use it Scan for Malware! THEN Change log-on to a more secure password-Phrase! >
  11. Might depend on who at the abuse desk reacts to your report?
  12. Your abuse reports seem to be working cloudfare have removed link 404'ed
  13. A track is useful? IP hopping is "normal" more for DoS attacks through port 25, which is blocked by competent providers
  14. petzl

    Hosting provider being blocked.

    SpamCop email accounts have to be forwarded to a WORKING email account. If it ever bounces SpamCop will stop sending. Tab Preferences/Change Email address or name
  15. You can report these as spam if/as you cannot now unsubscribe. The abuse desk may be able to stop it?