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  1. becauase SC admin admin sent it to whomever in L3
  2. because level 3 have told them not to send SC reports to the registered abuse address
  3. SpamCop admin will send report on to Level3 also you have not submitted report?
  4. the report will go to SpamCop admin chances are putting in real address will have it "bitbined" but not to SpamCop
  5. just keyword headers " sender IP is " without quotes which in this case is abuse[AT]amazonaws.com country Japan child porn spammer has moved to another free throwaway AWS web account AWS don't accept abuse reports from SpamCop and prove to me they are morons from space. Most countries use monkeys, using morons is one better? AWS will send your report to spammer child porn spammers but they will opt you out of their spam. with hotmail spam you need to either "forward as attachment" put the sender IP in body with abuse address. If "forward as attachment" is not available copy and paste Body and Text into forwarded message AWS require this method. above paste put in source IP then two blank lines SpamCop can no longer decipher Hotmail headers
  6. petzl

    oath.com spam

    Yes but can look at past episodes/news I missed My big touch screen "all in one" computer is by my lounge, with big screen up high on wall
  7. petzl

    oath.com spam

    I've had a Yahoo account since before last millennium don't use it except to watch Channel 7 TV. Election coming yes voting "our" duopolies last "Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason.” Mark Twain
  8. petzl

    oath.com spam

    don't know if it's stopped? Don't sound good when just two years ago 3 billion Yahoo email accounts lost their data including passwords How long you been with Yahoo?.
  9. petzl

    oath.com spam

    Yes, Yahoo (now Oath Holdings Inc ) are free throwaway accounts, as well as in September 2016, Yahoo revealed a hack that compromised 500 million user accounts. In December, the company revealed yet another hack, this time affecting a record 1 billion accounts. On Tuesday, Yahoo updated that number to all 3 billion accounts its services. Seems most (maybe near everyone) have not changed their Yahoo passwords? For some reason Australia is now being blitzed by Yahoo spam? https://www.mailguard.com.au/blog/yahoo-spam-continues-to-bombard-australian-users/
  10. petzl

    oath.com spam

    not about receiving spam it is yahoo sending spam.
  11. petzl

    oath.com spam

    might be a good thing Yahoo were useless at stopping spam May take a while for new owners to work it out (I hope)
  12. petzl

    oath.com spam

    It's Yahoo running it but my second Ripe look-up just now, gives the SpamCop abuse address as correct? Oath Verison have taken over Yahoo etc?
  13. petzl

    oath.com spam

    These are Yahoo throwaway email accounts the abuse address is/should be network-abuse[AT]cc.yahoo-inc[DOT]com Once spammers have you on their spam list when they move around to a different free account they use that same list. Also post US sourced phishing spam to phishing-report[]ATus-cert[DOT]gov just raises action from yahoo to actually act.
  14. petzl


    I think this is a misunderstanding we have a annoying spammer flooding the site with bougus spam and real messages can get overlooked When one sends a report through SpamCop before you submit it there is a "Tracking URL" at top of page. Good idea to show it and your query can be understood better. You should be able to go to "Past reports" TAB and reparse a pevious report to get this tracking URL Here is one of mine Here is your TRACKING URL - it may be saved for future reference:https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6542242138z70eee8040fbd8d6299089b3af181b547z Thanks
  15. I have a paid subscriber account and can up to 90 days Click the TAB "Past reports" then click the link "View recent reports" can only read my reports