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  1. The best form of defense is attack! By adding to "submission notes" upgrades your report. Send yourself a copy to see what your sending, spamcop reformats a lot of notes on the last line I put a > symbol. Rhis seems to make your notes better formated.
  2. SpamCop often does not get the abuse address or gets it wrong. Pays to use a whois program yourself, A Windows free one is "IPNetInfo v1.77"
  3. Sometime abuse desks employ morons, in report history there are 100's of reports that have been made last report made. looks like this is the one DK responded to, possibly by emailing the bot controller who is claiming it's fixed. cert for DK is contact ( at ) govcert ( dot ) dk Submitted: 1/14/2018, 6:53:02 PM +1100: Bet on $776 million Graham
  4. SpamCop does not send reports to that IP so no one has "resolved issue" unless someone has sent to a working address? so you can try manually send/forward spam to, also "upstairs" (NETWORK OWNER) Try the supposed unsubcribe link the US does not recognise spam if it has a working unsubscribe link. You can also include report to US cert include in comments "your servers are spewing spam gibber all over the world me included. your abuse desk seems asleep at the wheel?" Other hosts in this "neighborhood" with spam reports
  5. A tracking URL helps. I get the odd one but not many to escalate try JP Cert always in comment IP address if that IP is AN open PROXY cirt [at] cyberdefense [ dot ] jp [ Additional comments from recipient ] is an open proxy BOTNET SEE SEE ALSO CisCo sites REPUTATION IP LOOKUP If Microsoft Windows Defender is available to you, use it! THEN Change Password Other BOTNET hosts in this "neighborhood" with spam reports
  6. A tracking URL would help
  7. Removal advice here
  8. A tracking URL would help? You can alway submit the spam yourself Top of page before you submit
  9. You can fix by yourself pressing enter twice where headers should end this will separate headers from body
  10. The spam is combined with headers SpamCop sees tis as a "no text in spam body" situation
  11. At top of submission before you submit is a tracking URL send this not waste time with FULL HEADERS! Here is your TRACKING URL - it may be saved for future reference: SpamCop has problems with leacy issues where abuse addresses are hard-coded in and never expire even when that address goes belly up Always check abuse address with a WhoIs program like IPNetInfo to confirm abuse address (SpamCop is not being maintained so most of it's info is rubbish) Also send a report to yourself to see what abuse desk does (they are useless) always in notes put in offending IP at least!
  12. Works for me from my FastMail account. SpamCop may not be replying to you because of bounced emails to your address? Check preferences
  13. Maichimp seem to act on spam complaints manually sent to them. Legacy issue where mailchimp have told SpamCop not to send reports, but still make them via spamcop
  14. Using identifies country of IP then send incident to relevant CERT (view all page bottom) 1 no whois address? 2 no whois address? 3 no whois address? 4 no whois address? Aways in "Additional notes (optional - max 2000 characters): " I have created some templates saved in "notepad" to copy and paste ALWAYS under text put in > or SpamCop format to one unreadable line send a copy to yourself to improve