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    Anyone getting Gateway Timeout?

    Can't send report: smtpEnvelope (7141099200.0a1f0fd7@bounces.spamcop.net, cais@cais.rnp.br): smtpFrom: mail From 7141099200.0a1f0fd7@bounces.spamcop.net: error (452 #4.3.1 temporary system error (12) ) Can't send report: smtpEnvelope (7141099201.1ff50742@bounces.spamcop.net, mail-abuse@cert.br): smtpFrom: mail From 7141099201.1ff50742@bounces.spamcop.net: error (550 No expected reply from SMTP) Can't send report: smtpEnvelope (7141099202.79d13cdc@bounces.spamcop.net, comunica@dri.ufmg.br): smtpFrom: mail From 7141099202.79d13cdc@bounces.spamcop.net: error (550 No expected reply from SMTP)
  2. I now only use Gmail webmail if a email is marked "phishing" you get a warning "this email is dangerous links disabled." Here is a screen shot of such a warning. https://ibb.co/kBTDTmQ It is from someone I bought pinhole glasses from today hope they are not a scam? Address they got from PayPal I use my SpamCop email address with PayPal. I did not mark them Phishing must of been a Gmail computer.
  3. I only use web-gmail seems blocked as soon as I mark it phishing, most links are through google gmail cloud. Don't know if they would block SMTP My Russian Crime gang gone silent or a year are back but down to one phishing attempt every few days https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6722646496z39beae5ed09980866a86f01b527a11fdz I truncate most of their rubbish static also went through a oneandone email server which I reported from my Gmail account Spamcop did not report oneandone ? https://check.spamhaus.org/listed/?searchterm=
  4. Yes if going though Gmail as soon as one marks it phishing the email and links are stopped.
  5. If you can log into Google mail mark as Phishing
  6. petzl


    always put in notes for porn spam Child porn spammer pictures under 18 or made to look under 18 NO PROOF OF AGE available! SENT TO MINORS email received from IP
  7. petzl

    Why am I blacklisted?

    Need to get the IP number to find out more!
  8. Turkey is having forest fires/floods? https://www.france24.com/en/live-news/20210814-no-survivors-of-turkey-fire-fighting-plane-crash-as-floods-kill-44 Always put in report notes "RESET PASSWORD" if they read abuse reports? *Might pay to also send to* https://www.first.org/members/teams/tr-cert trcert[AT]usom[DOT]gov[DOT]tr
  9. HOSTNAME topgoodcoffee.com Meric Internet Teknolojileri A.S. https://check.spamhaus.org/listed/?searchterm= Suspected Snowshoe spam IP Range Based on research, analysis of network data, our 'snowshoe' spam detection systems, intelligence sources and our experience, Spamhaus believes that this IP address range is being used or is about to be used for the purpose of high volume 'snowshoe' spam emission. https://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=checkblock&ip= Listing History In the past 16.9 days, it has been listed 7 times for a total of 5.7 days Other hosts in this "neighborhood" with spam reports Always put in report notes "RESET PASSWORD" if they read abuse reports? Might pay to also send to https://www.first.org/members/teams/tr-cert trcert[AT]usom[DOT]gov[DOT]tr
  10. Seems working now but has not been submitted, Sometime something misses a beat in SpamCop Please go to link and submit https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6714803703zb35689fb043d3a0042b0addf3676d7f0z
  11. Often SpamCop is slow at refreshing cache seems working now?
  12. The first link is not reachable https://d00.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/10507.htm
  13. abuse[AT]civo[DOT]com (SpamCop not correct) reporting looks to be ignored! https://www.ncsc.gov.uk Maybe including "incidents[AT]ncsc[DOT]gov[DOT]uk" is needed! https://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=checkblock&ip= Other hosts in this "neighborhood" with spam reports https://check.spamhaus.org/listed/?searchterm= This IP address has been observed to be involved in at least one of the following activities; sending spam, snowshoe spamming, or hosting botnet command and controllers (C&Cs). It may also be hijacked IP space, or associated with bulletproof hosting. As a result, this IP address is listed in the Spamhaus Blocklist (SBL) https://www.civo.com/about seem the site/COMPANY behind attacks? Registrar Abuse Contact Email: mail to: abuse[AT]register[DOT]it
  14. If you delete your old email host address, then go to "add new host" follow directs SpamCop will send a email to that address. Once completed/successful you go to "Mailhosts" under "Hosts/Domains" you should be able to scroll then see the number of them displayed?
  15. petzl

    Windows Mail in Win 10

    Send a SpamCop Tracking url found at top of page BEFORE you submit
  16. petzl

    Mail forwarding broken?

    Seemed to die when the SpamCop private "UserNet" went to web "usernet" Also spam is now handled a lot better if you use Cisco email servers you rarely see it.
  17. petzl

    Mail forwarding broken?

    Send a web form message, never touched mine. But been using it since last millennium Suggest check your forwarding email is correct Otherwise you will need to contact support deputy[AT] or is it Deputies?
  18. petzl

    Mail forwarding broken?

    As of yesterday May the 13th Australia mine was working?
  19. petzl

    SPAMCOP BREACH? Attn: Admin

    Try to see if any email you use has been "Pwned" I checked spam[DOT]spamcop[DOT]net, result Good news — no pwnage found! No breached accounts (not sure how safe this site is, take care with your supersecretADDRESS[AT]spam[DOT]spamcop[DOT]net )
  20. I also use Private Internet Access (PIA). (just looked, PIA have gone from US$30 a year to US$60 for static IP) Very easy to use, WIN10 "updates" often give my software/hardrive a glitch requiring "sfc /scannow" Strange things were turning/changing software settings? sfc fixes this annoying WIN10 feature "Command Prompt" is changed to "Windows Powershell" but will still work if you type CMD?
  21. See if you can get a static IP from your VPN? Mine offers this but at a extra US$30 a year, I use WireGuard not openVPN problem for me the static IP is it is only available from Melbourne not Sydney (Australia), this gives my financial sites a hernia! They know I'm in Sydney. Melbourne is a 1,000Klm away.
  22. petzl

    New storm?

    There is only one IP in headers is a botnet abuse[AT]satpol[DOT]pl is this your email provider? The machine using this IP is infected with malware that is emitting spam, or is sharing a connection with an infected device. We believe this malware to be of the gamut family. https://check.spamhaus.org/listed/?searchterm=
  23. Usually 'Transport Layer Security (TLS)" not being used by email receiver. You can check a email server IP here. https://mxtoolbox.com/diagnostic.aspx
  24. The link is dead so maybe the spammer is to? First link connect but the "Clicca su questo link!" (Click on this link! ) is dead
  25. Would help if you sent a SpamCop Tracking URL (top of page BEFORE you submit) Example Here is your TRACKING URL - it may be saved for future reference:https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6710031076zbd573a3adb8731630811177659b869faz