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  1. My SpamCop email address I have only given to friends.Some of these friends over the years have had their email address book stolen. So now I'm on a lot of spammers list. I report every spam I get, even having spammers sent to jail.
  2. Best to report from your email address that received spam (also report with SpamCop) forward as attachment the spam and to "phishing-report [ at] us-cert [dot] gov" in from, cloudfare will see this and act.
  3. What a considerate spammer/blackmailer you have CaLy ? While good advice if you must sign into "dodgy" sties use a throwaway email address with a different password! This spammer is attacking my SpamCop email address so like all spammers is lying. I never use my SpamCop email except to friends (whose computers have been hacked email addies scrapped)
  4. Spamtraps email addresses are deliberately secret no reports are given. These addresses are fake put into web-pages so bots can scrape them to be sold to spammers.
  5. Here's one I got seem to be the phishing flavour of 2018, get them occasionally, I have a 28 alphanumeric random upper lowercase! Could be cracked in: 3.33* 10^ years (whatever that means, but is in 10's of millions of years, I use a password saver/generator) https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6495540332z09916df218ebe8629343162648b82e4ez
  6. Just a Criminal Phishing scam. If you are a Windows user turn "Windows Defender" ON surprisingly accurate so-far Also lopk for the "SpamCop Tracking URL" at to of page before you submit, copy it before you submit report to post here if you have question, you can then get better advice. https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6495265847ze8966850e1ce2d10f05d463925ee5d1dz
  7. Wish spamcop pointyheads would get a working Captcha this is ridiculous!
  8. petzl

    ISP has indicated spam will cease

    Anyone can disable SpamCop Block List including spammers by simply going there! Once done SpamCop will not report and give the "ISP has indicated spam will cease" message you then have to report from the email source where it arrived.
  9. you need to install a "Captcha" it is a bot filling out your form https://www.whoishostingthis.com/resources/captcha/
  10. petzl

    New email threat and processing shortfall

    Yes Google/Gmail have become arrogant and don't care seems a disease with many tech companies that don't need to compete Gmail have their servers "received line" mis-configured. Just report what you can if too many. Best and easier to report Gmail spam from Gmails webmail platform than Thunderbird IMO hostmaster[at] nic.ad.jp is the correct abuse address not SpamCops add "icsr-ir [at] jpcert.or.jp" for Japan spam
  11. petzl

    New email threat and processing shortfall

    Correct, just "Download Original" and open remove 2nd line, copy paste what's left into SC, best is to then forward spam from Gmail to actual abuse address as a text file attachment. This is what Gmail downloads it as. That\s a DoS attack. Gather info? are they from same IP/network? Doubt if it will be hostmaster[at] nic.ad.jp is the correct abuse address for SpamCop often has legacy issues where abuse address were changed but never again checked. Also forward spam with the downloaded text to the CERT of the country concerned include in note, when you find "unsubscribe" don't work Criminal phishing, bogus reply address, bogus unsubscribe and other stuff Yes once is enough probably a joe-job unsubscribe but gives you more info about spammer! *Also* click "report phishing" at Gmail. Probably won't stop the spam but might, won't make it worse, IMO. these spammers attack Bot already have your address! These spam bots are expensive the owners won't like it being taken down, The spammer pays to use it. Bots owners will be Cybercriminals with access to spammers money and computer. Maybe home address phone number etc! Remember spammers are dumb. is the domain site URL "abuse [at]poweruphosting.com" AND phishing-report[AT]us-cert.gov Listed on the SBL https://www.spamhaus.org/sbl/query/SBL405375
  12. I think SpamCop has fixed the rubbish abuse address it once gave? Need to see a tracking URL
  13. petzl

    New email threat and processing shortfall

    Gmail spam you need to remove 2nd line in headers Received: by 2002:a17:906:8141:0:0:0:0 with SMTP id z1-v6csp1999137ejw; Track below in Gmail mark all spam phishing still report. Consider clicking unsubscribe they have your email anyhow https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6492803009zf0ca0f45eeb9c3f21f83b4240ceeb08fz
  14. Would help if you gave a SpamCop URL track for better advice
  15. I suppose SpamCop easily could but they don't? Gmail though shouldn't be saying email received from their network. Just mark/report any and all spam phishing which will make it pointless for spam to be sent there. I still report after marking it phishing.
  16. petzl

    misattribution Needs to go to "disa.columbus.ns.mbx.arin-registrations [at] mail [dot] mil" postmaster [ at] mail [dot]mil is a default address when SpamCop can't find one Russian spam? using a compromised email server analyst [at] gvii [dot] net
  17. petzl

    how to report scam links

    If you can give a SpamCop tracking URL(top of reporting page before you submit) will get better advice.
  18. I suggest this method HERE And HERE Maybe someone has a better idea? [edit] prompted by appeal in another topic now pinned
  19. petzl

    source IP is wrong abuse@staff.xxx Still same black hat abuse address who don't care
  20. petzl

    source IP is wrong

    is where Gmail servers accepted the email from. spf=pass (google.com: domain of direttivo-return-6263-attilio.bongiovanni=gmail.com@pvi.it designates as permitted sender) smtp.mailfrom="direttivo-return-6263-attilio.bongiovanni=gmail.com@pvi.it"
  21. petzl

    source IP is wrong

    Google/Gmail are playing silly buggers. the are putting in a network IP as a received point You need to remove the 2nd line so it leaves no space (or just put "truncated" in its place) Received: by 2002:aed:24f5:0:0:0:0:0 with SMTP id u50-v6csp3903022qtc; SpamCop will then parse it fine. https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6490007164za1e5f4bb82209c71fb6fe63221171191z
  22. petzl

    Is Google even paying attention to Spamcop?

    Google/Gmail have requested SpamCop to send reports there. Trouble is this may now be a neglected legacy issue done so many years ago Gmail have forgotten?
  23. petzl

    Is Google even paying attention to Spamcop?

    The proper address is "network-abuse [at] google [dot] com" SpamCop have this sent to "abuse {at}" I mark spam as phishing then forward to "network-abuse [at] google [dot] com" direct from Gmail but use/report through SpamCop to give other options
  24. petzl

    E-mail reporting -- "No reports filed"

    I think "Quick" reporting is the same as "submit" reporting both require you to log-on to SC and press submit. But maybe you have a legacy account where "quick" still works as intended, I had to get a new email address when my SpamCop one had to be forwarded, requires one to have your mailhost/s working and approval by administration to enable, which "we" no longer have a admin.
  25. petzl

    E-mail reporting -- "No reports filed"

    "submit.whatever@spam.spamcop.nwt" still works. But "quick.whatever@spam.spamcop.nwt" won't do a quick report you must have a working reply address