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    Our ip is being blocked.

    I suspect you are bouncing email Learn about backscatter Bouncing email is worse than spamming as reply addresses are mainly a Joe Job. If they are hitting SpamCop spamtrap they are hitting addresses with around 16 or better alphanumeric[at] addresses which are better than bank security to guess but are obtained by web spiders, software used to mindlessly gather addresses for spammers Please read how to stop doing this http://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/329.html SpamCop will release a blocked IP quickly just as it will list quickly (SpamCop Blocklist stops spam as it is being sent not after it is sent). Other blocklist are slow and you will find that they will not release an IP as quick as SpamCop does. FIX YOUR PROBLEM NOW! <Moderator Edit to fix the link for generic access (www...)>
  2. Sorry you are correct ,SpamCop would not list this/your server if spam was sent through it (SpamCop would indeed just block the source computer) I looked at your SpamCop "report history" and is is targeting as a spam source (need to see newer headers) IP is also being sourced for UUBE This then means your server is bouncing (Joe Jobing) email to fake addresses http://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/329.html I suggest you contact deputies directly http://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/91.html
  3. Your Mail server is not stamping the source IP (where mail server received message from) Your email server is not compliant and is concealing the spam source ****mail.tor.primus.ca_headers***** Return-Path: <remove^bblockstech.com> Received: from smtp-05.primus.ca (mail.tor.primus.ca []) by www.***.*** (Postfix) with ESMTP id A529111E82 for <***^***.***>; Mon, 17 Apr 2006 21:46:26 -0400 (EDT) Received: from dsl-207-112-109-251.tor.primus.ca ([] helo=YOUR-97FD25D54E) by smtp-05.primus.ca with esmtpa (Exim 4.50) id 1FVfEi-0007k9-J9 for ***^***.***; Mon, 17 Apr 2006 21:42:37 -0400 From: Steve Shivkumar <sshivkumar^bblockstech.com> To: ***^***.*** Message-Id: <20060417214237.609557^bblockstech.com> Subject: 5-day Voice Over IP Security Boot Camp Course in Ottawa June 5-9, 2006 Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2006 21:42:37 -0400 MIME-Version: 1.0 Reply-To: sshivkumar^bblockstech.com Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary="MixedBoundary.11111111.11111111" *****Headers_End**** http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z1087964718z872b4575be82457c32c974068e18a468z A test email from me through Hotmail correctly identifies the IP source[]. It does not identify Hotmail email server as the "injection point" (Hotmail servers are compliant) If you make email server [] compliant where it appropriately stamps the source or "injection point" your server will not be added to the SCBL or any other "blocklist"(unless it does other dumb things like mindlessly bounce email) At present your server is naming itself as the spam injection point It needs to stamp where it is getting its email from
  4. The only one "punitively punishing" anyone is your incompetent ISP who will not fix/make this email server compliant My spam ratio is nearer 99% I get about 1 spam email a week pass through SpamCop if that. The little spam that does get through is moved/dragged via IMAP & mouse to my "very easy to report" (VER) folder for reporting (which will count towards blocking on the SCBL) All of SpamCop email spam is accurately put in a "very easy to report" (VER) folder and at a few clicks of a mouse SpamCop sends an abuse report for everyone SpamCop does not just block and bitbin/delete. It accuratly sorts spam from ham allowing you to VER every single piece of spam. Just deleting spam does nothing except allow spammers immunity SpamCop email allows one to attack the spammer (many of whom end up in the courts and or jail as SpamCop often sends reports to other interested parties) If email is important to you get a competent email provider NEVER AUTOMATICLY ACCEPT AN EMAIL ADDRESS YOUR ISP FORCES ON YOU! I'm in Sydney Australia a customer of SpamCop using the only email address I will ever need
  5. For an email server to get listed means it is not competently set up! If email server was set up correct SpamCop would be just blocking a zombie computer, as SpamCop only identifies the spam source unless it is concealed by a ISP's misconfigured email server SpamCop would send an email, trying to contact the owner of ALL reported IP addresses, for every single report made by SpamCop members. (Others have sent complaints about your pig ignorant provider also) It turns out many do not care read them or bother to correct a problem that is spewing spam filth (which one are you defending?). SpamCop has been sending emails to abuse[at]ca.mci.com since August . September was mainly UUBE (as bad if not worse than spam as it Joe Jobs email addresses) One thing that does get the ball rolling is when the offending IP gets listed (SpamCop actually lists as spam is being sent, not after accurately bitbining billions of spam in seconds, but delists quicker than other blocklists) Would you use the phone if you had to listen to a 10-second brothel advertisement every time you made a call? This is what spam is likened to most! If email is important to you get a competent email provider and stop trying to kill the messenger which is all SpamCop is NEVER AUTOMATICLY ACCEPT AN EMAIL ADDRESS YOUR ISP FORCES ON YOU!
  6. petzl

    BotNet scenario

    To elaborate. Does SC set out to persuade ISPs to take action to clean up the spam emanating from their area? Sends a report to ISP & or 3rd parties for every spam reported by SpamCop Does SC have a mission to educate Internet users on methods to filter spam? Provides self-help discussion groups and Newsgroups, also employs a team of anti-spam specialists as well as volunteers Is the primary role now seen as feeding the SC blocklist (arguably the best in the industry)? SpamCop tries to use technology to stop spam and has formed an alliance with Ironport Together they have created new technologies to eliminate spam from hitting ones inbox Does SC feel that it has a role to reduce the amount of spam? SpamCop is reducing, infact stopping spam getting in to ones inbox The SpamCop email service is proof of this. It not only accurately sorts spam into a VER folder but makes it easy for one to notify every ISP where spam came from. Never automatically accept the email address forced on you by an ISP if email is important to you
  7. petzl

    Gateway Timeouts

    Working for me (Sydney Australia) (guessing here) Regular intervals SpamCop switch IP addresses to foil DDos attacks. Sometimes ones provider is slow to refresh their proxies and can result in Gateway timeouts (try hitting "F5" key)
  8. petzl

    Individual Email Blocked

    Try going to their website and ask to be whitelisted SpamCop does not list email addresses. SpamCop does list IP addresses (your reject notice is incomplete) SpamCop tries to list the actual computer sending spam (that is if your ISP has their email server set up competently) Would not hurt to see if your computer has similar to what I recommend in my signature
  9. petzl

    BotNet scenario

    SpamCop not only finds the source of spam which can lead to being added to the SCBL which happens while the spammer is sending spam not after spam is sent (spam runs take hours involving billions of email addresses. This makes the SpamCop SCBL act like a radar releasing an IP when spam is seen to stop SpamCop also notifies the owner of that IP (or at least does for competent ISP's) this action can, has and does provide evidence for authorities to track down the, or a spammer sending the authorities in for criminal prosecution By just using a spamtrap or heuristics alone to detect and then block a IP without notifying the owner of IP source may stop spam But does nothing to advise the owner of a computer that has been compromised. A compromised computer can not only start spewing spam it can also provide information about the owner of that computer. Such as when they are home when they are not, items for blackmail, Credit Card, Bank details, etc. SpamCop is also continually advancing and always will. Reporting spam is still very much a necessity as by not reporting, blocking only does nothing much but block a minimal amount of spam allowing a spammer anonymity and imunity from law (Although many spamtraps and computers are run by big corporations to catch these criminals.)
  10. http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z1076203915zbabd5e6246c8840d7a11b9de36ce236fz Source IP CHINA ISP - BLUESKY BEIJING CHINA Block IP RANGE to
  11. No need to forward you can pop SpamCop directly (I'm in Sydney Australia) SpamCops servers are probably faster than your ISP
  12. You could whitelist the domain names yahoo.com/gmail.com and use your email client to set rules to then put these in your own folder (using your clients rules again after in folder to seprater FULL email addresses to a legit folder) Failing that you can turn off the SCBL using the other blocklists SpamAssassin will score 1.5 against any email listed on the SCBL which may be enough (combined with other scores) to separate the spam from ham (wanted email) Although running rogue email servers. Which will and should end up on the SCBL Would you use the phone if you had to listen to a 10-second brothel advertisement every time you made a call? This is what spam is likened to most! That said both Yahoo and Gmail are becoming very popular and being on the SCBL is no good for a business relying on email clients (I personally recommend Hotmail as a superior free service using a 8 or better alphanumeric "handle) Gmail and Yahoo as and if they continue to conceal spammers need to be blocked (both though may be trying to clean up their act)
  13. petzl

    Yahoo! Mailservers Blocklisted

    Yahoo has rogue email servers that send spam through them and is why they get listed (they conceal the spam source takin the "wrap" themselves) The ISP using SpamCop as a block instead of sorting potentail spam to a folder needs to be contacted (try their website) and ask to be whitelisted include the email address of whom you wish to contact You may get lucky
  14. petzl

    Yahoo! Mailservers Blocklisted

    Yahoo conceal the IP where spam comes from and either do nothing or are slow to react in stopping spam source66.163.187.112 is one of Yahoo's email servers. Listed because they hide the IP source of the spam With SpamCop it identifies the last "link" of IP's if an email server is rogue/misconfigured it will not stamp the IP of where the email came from meaning that rogue email servers can end up on the SCBL When using blocklists they should never bounce email but sort it to a held email folder for checking, if OK then whitelisting Most people mindlessly accept the email account their provider forces on one! If email is important, one should seek out a competent email provider
  15. petzl

    Spamcop blocks Major Belgian ISP

    At present yes? although spam, as well as UUBE (bouncing to spamtraps) has been sent through that email server as well. The fact that the email server is not stamping the email source means it is stating is the source of spam (UUBE is as bad if not worse than spam) Any spam and or UUBE problem from this rogue server will alternate as one to other, and or combine to form both types of abuse Not having email server [] configured correctly will mean much of this ISP's users will get blocked not only by our SCBL. Which lists and delists quicker than most. Other blocklists are slow to list and take longer to delist if they ever do This provider also needs to correct their abuse address with ripe spam samples *** Submitted: Wednesday, 6 September 2006 10:33:19 PM +1000: [spam] Uitnoodiging - Invitation ! 1909594724 ( http://www.worldway.be/septembre/print.html ) To: abuse[at]mactelecom.com 1909594643 ( ) To: spamcop[at]imaphost.com 1909594642 ( ) To: abuse#skynet.be[at]devnull.spamcop.net -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Submitted: Friday, 1 September 2006 6:10:49 AM +1000: Para Profesionales Interesados 1900919877 ( ) To: abuse#skynet.be[at]devnull.spamcop.net
  16. petzl

    Spamcop blocks Major Belgian ISP

    The official abuse address listed by RIPE for IP is abuse[at]skynet.be (which bounces) They do however have in "remarks" (which needs fixing) the correct abuse address of abuse[at]belgacom.be which would not show in most look-ups Your IP (or source) if sending spam then going through mail server is what would be blocked. Belgacom is concealing the source of problem naming its own mail server (or Skynets) as the spam Source! As a great many common users of this mail server some sending spam or bounces/vacation notices means it gets listed not only the SCBL but most other blocklists as well (Most blocklists use spamtraps for listing) Belgacom also need to fix their abuse address listing having it in remarks means it is not picked up By the way I'm in Sydney Australia and have no connection to SpamCop other than being a customer I were not talking about shifting providers just email service (The one you have is broken)(SpamCop Email Sevice is 2nd to none)
  17. petzl

    Spamcop blocks Major Belgian ISP

    If email is important to you it would pay to get a competent email provider (do not mindlessly accept the email address an ISP forces on you) is an email server? SpamCop only tries to list the IP that the spam comes from . Then tries to send an abuse report to that provider abuse[at]skynet.be bounces (99 sent : 99 bounces) This email server [] is not stamping the source IP of spam sent through it meaning as it hits spam traps of other blocklists aside from SpamCops Block List (SCBL), this email server will be listed elsewhere also (because mail server "" is unacceptably misconfigured)
  18. http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z1071693207z125bee27072719db8391688d7b475d5fz China spam source Block CNCGROUP HEILONGJIANG PROVINCE NETWORK IP RANGE to
  19. Low priority not happening again No one else is asking so may of been a temporary glitch
  20. http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z1066833353z48dd3091087ee88daa46fe1b0fa0c66bz After report is sent SpamCop then say's it sent reports to abuse[at]usen.ad.jp It maybe just a web "typo"
  21. I only cancelled reports to the web links not the IP spurce (which although states an abuse address did/does not send one?) **from past reports** Submitted: Saturday, 16 September 2006 9:01:29 AM +1000: Ro|exMens&LadyVacheronPatekFrom200Bucks 1922936876 ( ) To: spamcop[at]imaphost.com 1922936867 ( ) To: Submitted: Saturday, 16 September 2006 3:27:46 PM +1000: A Job offer 1923235473 ( ) To: spamcop[at]imaphost.com 1923235467 ( ) To: 1923235460 ( ) To: ** Not happened agian since or at least so far
  22. Source IP http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z1066583240zebc14e924b4e9ad0bb28bf3252f469f0z 2nd time today this happened (I deselected all the URL's for reporting)
  23. http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z1065920373z5f4241b91162bb588744bd25464a4504z spam Source Block China CNC GROUP HEBEI PROVINCE NETWORK IP Range to ALSO http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z1066226117zded7ff0ab3f4f3db265cb09140dcefafz Block China spam Source DA QING PETROLEUM COLLEGE IP range to
  24. Viagra spammer may be Australian The Australian Communications and Media Authority is investigating an allegation that an Australian resident had used his or her home computer to send more than 2 billion unsolicited spam emails. The authority searched the premises, believed to be in Queensland, a few weeks ago, and expects its investigation will take several more months. The regulator would not divulge details of the case yesterday, but the Herald understands that this investigation could help it find other Australian spammers who operate from their homes.
  25. No email is deleted if identified as spam it is sorted to a Very Easy Report (VER) folder for you to just click for no hassle reporting to SpamCop or whitelisting and forwarded to your inbox. So easy it does not have to be automated Looks like this Yes personal white lists can be created if you put au in it all email ending in au will pass You can also create your personal blacklist if you put au in it all email ending in au (not whitelisted) will be blocked. Of course you can also use full email addresses in these lists You are best to use the SpamCop email address you select Although SpamCop email will collect all your exsiting email accounts and accuratly sort real email from spam No need to forward email just POP spamcop directly its servers are very fast probably faster than the one you use now I'm in Sydney Australia and no connection to SpamCop other than a paying customer