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  1. http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z1051087967zab85356837980cdf8d42c51e1b40f6d2z spam Sporce Block China CNCGROUP SHANDONG PROVINCE NETWORK IP Range from to
  2. Somene on that IP is bouncing emails which are being reported as spam
  3. Thanks Steven working now (Outlook Express latest)
  4. I cant get it to work? I'm trying port 557 as port 25 is blocked by my provider My password is between 25 and 30 alphanumeric letters long (I suspect this may be the cause)
  5. petzl

    ISP whitelists

    The SpamCop Block List (SCBL) is the best and most accurate and effective Block List to use. It is like a spam Radar blocking spam as it is being sent (not after) activated in seconds (a spam run goes for hours) bitbinning filth viruses etc before you can get it. Using SpamCop to effortlessly report spam instead of just bitbinning notifies ISP of problems as well as helping in criminal charges being laid against spammers (now very common). When using any "blacklist" it should just segregate email to a "bulk" folder never delete Even then a whitelist of email addresses by your ISP should be available Whitelisting IP numbers of non spam companies (like lawyers Banks Stocks) is made available through SenderScore It is free for your ISP to use and will reduce false positives of important email Many "Lists" are not free and will require Payment depending on ISP size. Realistically if email is important you should be prepared to pay for an email service run by SpamCop it only costs US$30 per annum and gives you the best shields, from not only spam, but computer virus's sent through email as well. If not your cup of tea you can get a refund in 14 days. With SpamCop Email no mail is lost. spam is very accurately sent to a bulk folder where it can effortlessly reported to ISP's concerned (at few clicks of a mouse button)
  6. http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z1033583076z1ad19878e715dd26e625cfb5833ab6b6z BLOCK CHINA Source IP CHINA, SHENZHEN, GUANGDONG - DATA COMMUNICATION DIVISION Block IP range to
  7. There is no need to forward email once picked up by SpamCop for filtering remove forwarding addresses and pick your filtered email direct from pop.spamcop.net SpamCop's servers are faster than you can receive. Sorted email can be checked (reported and or forwarded/deleted) by going to http://mailsc.spamcop.net/reportheld?action=heldlog
  8. Try logging in here first to sort/report your spam The is also a tab to then go to your WebMail
  9. Skulduggery tactics with those attacking SpamCop is not new, As I am finding zero use of the CBL I expect mystically I will shortly As you but no one else already is? Again today Spamassasin and SpamCop's Blocklist the only ones doing the blocking as usual CBL have no mention. They also go on about not listing mail servers? Stupid concept as many spam friendly servers are improperly set-up conceal the IP source and I don't want or need their spam. SpamCop does not block these incompetent fools straight away and always tries to inform them of their abuse problems When SpamCop does a parse it checks with a number of blocking lists to see CBL are one of such (ineffective) list. Even then they are slow and behind SpamCop Blocklist (SCBL) in listing IP's. I do not See it as a very good/effective blocklist at best Not sure if the CBL list afflicts the running of the mail servers my problem is the antics of those that seem to be behind it in trying to harm SpamCop and would not miss seeing the CBL if removed
  10. So far not seen CBL catch much of anything. the highest recorded score goes to SpamAssasin SCBL then the country blocklists like China Brazil etc. Not see the need to pander to CBL. In fact would rather have if needed be another choice I know they tout themselves up but I rarely see them catch anything that is not already being stopped or in the SCBL (and I check) IMO CBL are run by identities that have never been SpamCop friendly! Reality in-fact very active in trying over many years to bring SpamCop down so do take care (Not a wise choice to give them any credibility they are a poison pill)
  11. It's the most useless of the blocklists we use anyhow I vote for its removal. Do not see the point in installing junk just for the sake of it?
  12. http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z1024037707zdfc0e107dd3143b8c94668c38c3956fbz BLOCK CHINA spam SOURCE CHINANET GUANGDONG PROVINCE NETWORK BLOCK IP RANGE FROM to
  13. http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z1023481623z26426ed583531d0b66fb1d09bf6f107dz China spam Source Block China CUSTOM OF CGWNET IN BEIJING IP range from to
  14. http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z1022922517zaf3546ca4ed8ae500fedfcc3ac9fc11cz BLOCK CHINA filters leaking IP spam source BLOCK CHINA UNITED TELECOMMUNICATIONS CORPORATION IP range from to
  15. I've not noticed CBL stop catch anything? Perhaps it can be dropped altogether?
  16. A SpamCop spam trap has 16 or more alphanumeric letters in it meaning it has a minimum 128bit security which is considered unguessable (Bank security or better) For your IP to get listed probably means you or someone on your network is bouncing email to return addresses You have not sent the afflicted IP address so replies are based only on information you provide? SpamCop when blocking IP's will only block the source IP which is the computer sending the spam If SpamCop blocks the upstream IP it means that the provider is incompetent (Exceptions are networks which send email through a "door") Example of how SpamCop tracks to an IP http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z954372779zccd9c25447bb065338ed20eb5b48aabaz is/was my Personal computer not upstream (like the mail server it was sent through)
  17. Block China http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z1016858194z1882458984137c59a235b8f0de954247z CHINANET GUANGDONG PROVINCE NETWORK Block IP range to
  18. Probably a good idea to change your log-in password as well? Suggest you add the last two numbers of phone number to existing one (beginning or end of)
  19. The legacy issues of SpamCop are that as membership by spam victims esculates FULL reporting slows down to a stop Then SpamCops owners have to increase both processing power and bandwidth to accommodate new users As for webmail slowing (don't often use it as I find the program clunky. As in very worst webmail system around and VERY buggy) I would suspect the new member issue the cause If one can resurect JT he may find a cause and correct it. If he is still interested in SpamCop email users?
  20. Block China http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z995088917zd2d8e96fb5ae6a30c55cd328329c9744z spam Source CHINANET SHANXI(SN) PROVINCE NETWORK IP Range to
  21. By registering YOUR email host/'s it ensures that SpamCop will not identify them as a spam source
  22. http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z992898079z980008617fcc26204aa0a0a8b5ed7899z Block China spam Source IP CNCGROUP HEILONGJIANG PROVINCE NETWORK IP RANGE to
  23. is an email server which is improperly configured as it is not stamping the IP source? SpamCop will only list a computer sending spam if that computers IP is not hidden (blocking spam as it is sent not after releasing that IP when spam stops) For an email server to get listed means a lot of spam is being sent from that IP from what I see (I'm only a SC user) Mole reporting only provides statistics and does not count towards blocking, That is unless spam is also hitting SpamCop email traps (which are unguessable they have around 18 alphanumeric tags which is better than bank security of 128bit) No reports are sent when email hits spam traps untill it is listed (your IP has a not to be contacted flag) has ISP does not wish to be contacted this may be a legacy issue which will be corrected if you wish and when SpamCop deputies reply. Monday to Friday is when more deputies are at the wheel and will be able to respond quicker and you should be able to release this if you choose
  24. Had a look myself and IP is their email server meaning they are not stamping the IP source again they have no clue (SpamCop will add email servers to the SCBL only after a great number of abuse reports have been made)
  25. Handling abuse reports is a costly exercise If they are competantly set-up SpamCop will only block your computer SpamCop tracks email headers to the very IP address of that computer which sends the spam. If not competantly set-up (you said they are cheap and incompetance is often why, good IT cost) SpamCop is forced to log upstream IP and perhaps block. You did not say if you use a spyware detector? Spyware are not viruses but programes that allow thugs to access your computer! Admittedly some virus detectors do look for some spyware they miss most. If your computer is the one blocked by SpamCop YOU then have a security problem aside from being used by spammers it is accessed by any thug that wants to. These thugs will know when you are home and or when you are not as well as where you live! All files and info including passwords they can see and can use for blackmail etc Please go over my signature and keep your computer secure