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  1. Your whitelist should only have host-tracker.com in Whitelist box provided you can increase the security (less false positives) by putting in full email address noreply[at]host-tracker.com
  2. petzl

    How do I get spam forwarding address?

    If things are not working out you can easily cancel your account through/via this WEBPAGE First check out the WebMail FAQ
  3. petzl

    Yahoo webmail blocked...or?

    The IP source in a PROPERLY configured mail server should stamp that address. Far to many ISP's do not have competently set-up email servers as such should not be used. Do not automatically accept the email address your ISP tries to force upon you A Properly configured email server will show where the email was sourced from. In the link shown it shows SpamCop tracing back to my personal computer [iP] which is all that SpamCop wants to "block". ALL properly and competently set-up email servers will stamp this IP source If they do not they are simply spam friendly junk do not use them
  4. petzl

    Yahoo webmail blocked...or?

    If it is the SCBL it should be the IP sending the spam that gets blocked However many so called email providers offer misconfigured servers which do not list the IP source meaning the next link in chain can get blocked which is their own mail server. For SpamCop to list an email server means that they would be ignoring abuse reports as SpamCop would (in the case of Yahoo or Gmail) send a great many abuse reports It is obvious that if this is happening one should look for a reliable service (I suggest Hotmail for a free service)
  5. petzl

    Another spammer of to Jail

    Did not require registration when I read it? Liked the Ironport (spamCop) connection and why I provided that link Aside from blocking spamming IP's. Reporting spam also gets authorities to act and get convictions Just bit-binning/deleting spam does nothing **full Story from Los Angeles Times*** Hacker Sentenced in spam Case By Charles Piller, Times Staff Writer May 9, 2006 A Downey man was sentenced to nearly five years in federal prison Monday for using malicious software to seize control of 400,000 computers and then selling access to the "zombie" machines to spammers and hackers. Prosecutors said the 57-month sentence for Jeanson James Ancheta, 21, was the longest ever handed down for spreading computer viruses. The case also marked the first federal prosecution for using such hacking methods for financial gain. Ancheta pleaded guilty in January to selling access to so-called botnet software that can remotely control computers to deliver spam and orchestrate distributed denial-of-service attacks against websites. Such attacks send overwhelming streams of requests to the sites, causing them to shut down. Ancheta advertised his botnets online under the heading "botz4sale." "Your worst enemy is your own intellectual arrogance that somehow the world cannot touch you on this," U.S. District Judge R. Gary Klausner said at the sentencing hearing. Ancheta also admitted to directing armies of infected computers to download adware — malicious software that causes advertising messages to appear on the user's screen and can harm affected computers. He collected $107,000 in commissions from the advertising companies. Ancheta used an elaborate subterfuge to hide his actions from the victims and from the companies whose messages were displayed on their computers, said Assistant U.S. Atty. James M. Aquilina. Ancheta also was ordered to pay $15,000 in restitution to the Naval Air Warfare Center in China Lake and the Defense Information Systems agency, whose computers were compromised by the botnet attacks. "Every conviction raises the barrier to entry for these guys," said Scott Weiss, CEO of IronPort Systems in San Bruno, Calif., which produces anti-spam software. But, he predicted, such crimes would remain common. "Most of these bot networks are not being run from suburban L.A.," Weiss said. "They hire guys in places like Ukraine where the long arm of the law doesn't reach as easily."
  6. Hacker Sentenced in spam Case 57-month sentence for Jeanson James Ancheta, 21, "Every conviction raises the barrier to entry for these guys," said Scott Weiss, CEO of IronPort Systems in San Bruno, Calif., which produces anti-spam software.
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    Where/how do I use Quick Reporting?

    Have you configured your "Mailhosts" For "Quick Reporting" I believe (if authorized) you have to replace the word submit for quick Read more here If you have a SpamCop email account log onto your VER WEBPAGE then click TAB "report spam" get your SpamCop forwarding address from there (It is more powerful) again (if you have Mailhosts configured) substitute word "submit" with "quick"
  8. petzl

    How do I get spam forwarding address?

    Log-in to SpamCop Reporting page (Top right-hand corner) Once there your spam reporting/forwarding address is shown Although MailWasher I found to be good you should try out SpamCop Email. If in two weeks it is not your cup of tea you can ask for a refund.
  9. SpamCop members would/could report your website It's up to you to contact SpamCop and your web-host to cry "Joe Job" SpamCop will try to add the spam senders computer IP to it's SCBL This SpamCop members list blocks spammers in seconds! This is as spammers try send spam. Not after the spam is sent. Making our SCBL the very best blocklist for accurately sorting spam to it's "bulk Folder" for further reporting
  10. petzl

    FixingEmail.org 2.0

    I don't mind tasteful advertising (hate pop-ups) I believe a financial return means you operate with conscience and will survive Best way to get interest is create a "list" Those ISP's with broken email servers that they force on subscribers (1) Not log the source IP (Gmail etc) (2) uncontactable ISP's (no usable abuse address) Perhaps create a "good list" site Most only put up bad-lists and maybe getting overdone SpamCop Blocklist Brazil, China and Korea along with SpamAssasin is all that is needed to SORT email from inbox to Bulk folder. ALL spam in Bulk folder should be reported to the ISP to allow a remedy as SpamCop Email does, It being the only email address you will ever need (had mine since last century, still bullet proof ALL spam accurately sorted & reported) SpamCop Blocklist is unique as it is a spam Radar blocking spammers as they try to send (not After spam is sent). Quickly releasing blocked IP's as spam stops (before block ISP is notified) Good List suggestion? A web-browser proxy of selectable sites blocking all others (Good sites to pay bond for entry) Target Schools concerned Parents List of BondedSender or good email sources which can be Configured easily Make Windows users aware of my Signature(you should perhaps consider a link signature). As well as a site like or similar to Symatecs to give a free security check
  11. That's my thinking also? If you have a hotmail account it is unlikely to ever be blocked (they have properly configured servers and do not tolerate spammers) The security issue may be the Hotel uses a web proxy with many checking Hotmail accounts from same IP (but only guessing) Hotmail works best directly from your email software on your laptop
  12. Symantec /NortonSecurity check your computer (this website will install activex software to scan your computer so allow pop-ups) Then go through my signature If you have a Trojan or a zombie computer I advise you to disconnect from net reformat drive then reinstall (backup files you do not want destroyed first)
  13. petzl

    How big is the inbox?

    AS Wazoo has said there is a link in FAQ So far size is not a issue for members. To keep it this way it just requires removing big files when you can POP'ing SpamCop directly should do this. The servers are very fast and I'm in Australia If it becomes an issue the storage limit will become 15meg (My camera is 8 meg and so have a number of my friends with similar cameras and getting even bigger in future) I also have set up IMAP and have disabled the auto-polling. To move mail to held folder from other accounts, I just pull it there with mouse. I also use it to empty trash folder. You can also "pull" email from SpamCop to your computer (so it's handy)
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    Yahoo! Mailservers Blocklisted

    I don't need Yahoo to comply I also don't need or want mail from yahoo at all in fact yahoo is a good domain to add to blacklist Facts are a great many of today's users are "novice" or "naive" users who sheepishly take the "free" email account from provider never keep windows updated never use firewall never use a virus program And never will These are the bunnies that Yahoo target
  15. http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z918608895zea7b3b8695f549389f97646d14a80aeaz IP Source Country CHINA City HANGZHOU Region BEIJING ISP CHINANET-ZJ HANGZHOU NODE NETWORK IP Range to add to Chinablock Start to End
  16. petzl

    Concerned about potential false blacklist

    SpamCop will only try to list/target the IP source of the computer that sent the spam in any properly configured/compliant email server A Properly configured email server will show where the email was sourced from. In this link shown it shows SpamCop tracing back to my personal computer [iP] which is all that SpamCop ideally wants to "block". You can after configured your "Mail Host" test drive SpamCop to see what it is going to report This allows SpamCop to list an IP as it is sending spam not after. Releasing that IP when spam is stop being sent If your computer becomes listed by SpamCop it is urgent that you Security Check[ your Personal Computer (PC). (pop-up required to install Symantec/Norton java/activex) An unsecured computer gives access to all thugs! Not only spammer control. Thugs will learn where you live when you are home or when you are not as well as every detail available on that PC Important for windows users to go through my "signature"
  17. Try Symantec to scan your ports you will have to have Java activated and download their applet/activex scanner. They will of course try to sell you their solutions however it should give a heads up and you can decide options
  18. Cmputer Ports all secure as well?
  19. Spamtraps are email addresses that are obtained by "spam Spiders" scraping Newsgroups and or websites "Spiders" are often part of the operation of a "zombie computer" but can also be used by spammers SpamCop Spamtraps have around 17 random alphanumeric Addie's. It is easier to guess bank security (128 bit) than these Addie's The only way you would be sending these to SpamCop is if you bounce a spam message back to a spammers address this means you would also Joe Jobbing Thousands of other victims as well as ending up on the SCBL This "blocklist" is for SpamCop members to sort probable email spam into spam folders It lists spam as it is being sent not after. When spam stops it is delisted
  20. petzl

    my spamers aren't blacklisted

    This is a mail server they are not stamping the source of the IP http://www.senderbase.org/?searchBy=ipaddress&sb=1&searchString= SpamCop works out how much email comes from a specific IP and blocks if that IP exceeds a "quoter" When and if that Mail server gets blocked it will deservedly disrupt their credibility for having a misconfigured email server A Properly configured email server will show where the email was sourced from. In the link shown it shows SpamCop tracing back to my personal computer [iP] which is all that SpamCop wants to "block".
  21. You are not getting abuse reports? Strange because India is very white hat and responsive to spam complaints. My guess is you are not stamping the IP source with your email server A Properly configured email server will show where the email was sourced from. In the link shown it shows SpamCop tracing back to my personal computer [iP] which is all that SpamCop wants to "block". For a email server to be blocked many abuse reports would of been sent first. SpamCop has been reporting since February the 6th this year reports going to ip.admin[at]vsnl.co.in
  22. Looks to me like every thug in this area knows when you are home and when your not! All infomation on that computer is available to any thug who wants I suggest reformat and a Security check for this computer
  23. petzl


    Without an IP to work with? If a mail server is getting added to SCBL it mainly means they are not configured correctly SpamCop will on a properly configured mail sever only block the personal computer sending the spam. Improperly configured is where a mail server bounces to Spamtrap addresses and or does not stamp the originating IP address goes to abuse[at]att.net? the others do not have a working abuse address. It would help if they had a abuse address They are also being added to other blocklists
  24. petzl

    IP address in the BL

    Your IP seems to be listed with other blocklists your provider does not have an abuse address for? If you end up on SCBL it because your ISP is not acting on abuse reports (in this case not having a contact address and not getting them) Pay for you to do a Security Check This is a Symantec site Also go through my signature If you have a Zombie Computer you will be (IMO) best format all drives as everything on that computer is avaiable to any thug that wants to know. This can be when you are at home when you are not, you address phone number, passwords bank details etc
  25. petzl

    my website is somehow blacklisted?

    Just get yourself a reliable email provider like SpamCop's The one you are using is trash! For a email server to get listed by SpamCop means (1) They ignore abuse reports SpamCop would atempt to send around 100 before listing a mail server ( ) To: abuse#verio.net[at]devnull.spamcop.net (this means they are not accepting abuse reports from SpamCop at this time?) (2) The mail server is not stamping the source IP the email is coming fromGoogle evidence This means other blocklists will be adding this "Mail server" to their lists Do not accept the email address your provider forces on you and ask for a discount for not using it! If they can give evidence that it is properly configured (this one is not) so do not use it Email addresses need a virus filter and a "spam" folder that uses the worlds most accurate blocklist for sorting spam (SCBL into and then REPORTS) that spam to the abuse address listed (for the source IP) so that any spam hole can then be closed