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  1. Block China http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z967077920z4dd87a0e1d67e8a41c369aacc9a6dabdz offending IP belongs to CNCGROUP NEIMENGGU PROVINCE NETWORK Block IP's from to
  2. petzl

    Microsoft Debuts Windows Live OneCare

    do not remove Microsofts (Beta) AntiSpyware WINDOWS DEFENDER as it is needed for "Windows Live OneCare" So far (presently) 90 day trail product can only be upgraded for USa residents. Billing is to be automatic annual re-billing and one must sign up to Microsoft Passport?
  3. Microsoft Debuts Windows Live OneCare 90 day trail then US$50 for three computers per annum Just trying it out and find it to use a lot less system resources than the one I removed Doing a virus scan now and still able to use computer no troubles Had to remove Zone Alarm and my Virus program (This program requires freeware Windows Defender)
  4. petzl

    Microsoft Debuts Windows Live OneCare

    I doubt if Microsoft can just add it to their "suite" Doing so woould probably be considered anti competitive I have only tried it tonight it is (so far) a good choice and at a very competive (½ price to say Nortons "System Works" and for 3 computers).Which I have just removed (2005 version) to try out what I see as Windows version. So far I find it superior in that while scanning (doing a full scan) I can still work my computer At present it is offered for a free 90 day trail so one can do nothing or try the new all-in-one, always-on PC care service from Microsoft
  5. petzl

    Microsoft Debuts Windows Live OneCare

    The program comes with a Firewall, Virus detector, Spyware detector, unnesscary programs removal, Windows enhancer (read the verbals for it on it's web page) Unfortunatly program can only be installed online and with no firewall or virus program running so there is risk (I also use a hardware firewall)
  6. Same here, today's was "Check it out!!!!!!!!" from open proxies world wide Hopefully SpamCop abuse report will close these holes None get past my VER (spam) folder Don't see the spammers point either It's as if they want these open proxies closed. All are on multitudes of blacklists, SpamCop email not only blocks them but notifies the various ISP's, most email blocklists do not sort spam, just deletes it. Wondering if this spammer is targeting SpamCop addresses as SpamCop email and VER does close security links?
  7. Other hosts in this "neighborhood" with spam reports Aside from sending to SpamCop Spamtraps which use better than bank security alphanumeric addresses (unguessable) There are or have been a largish number of spam messages also. You need to set-up a working abuse[at]address to get copies of SpamCop reports Submitted: Thursday, 30 March 2006 3:46:28 PM +1100: By ordering Penis Enlarge Patch you can get 25 Patches just for $99.95. 1704327568 ( ) To: postmaster[at]yauza.ru -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Submitted: Thursday, 30 March 2006 3:46:27 PM +1100: By ordering Penis Enlarge Patch you can get 25 Patches just for $99.95. 1704327569 ( ) To: postmaster[at]yauza.ru -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Submitted: Thursday, 30 March 2006 3:46:27 PM +1100: By ordering Penis Enlarge Patch you can get 25 Patches just for $99.95. 1704327632 ( ) To: postmaster[at]yauza.ru -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Submitted: Thursday, 30 March 2006 3:46:26 PM +1100: By ordering Penis Enlarge Patch you can get 25 Patches just for $99.95. 1704327642 ( ) To: postmaster[at]yauza.ru
  8. Don't seem to get rubbish from the China leaks again once I point it out.
  9. The ISP only accepts "unmunged" reports so many compliants it wouuld not be gettting sent to abuse#net1plus.com[at]devnull.spamcop.net many would be just bitbined and added to SpamCops statistics and SCBL
  10. Include in China block IP range Source IP http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z955519120za3008577332763100d96c40c335d4f68z BLOCK IP RANGE CHINA region HEILONGJIANG CNCGROUP HEILONGJIANG PROVINCE NETWORK IP Range to IS blocking China offline? More from china http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z955543190z7d81dcbae2e6793ec7fad9e153298a49z BLOCK CHINANET-ZJ SHAOXING NODE NETWORK IP Range to Anything made in China I do not buy and throw on shop floor http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z955855634z437049801ea7f342b867eabc4b44aaf8z source IP CNCGROUP LIAONING PROVINCE NETWORK Block IP range to
  11. petzl

    No recent reports, no history available

    Working for me
  12. Derek T is "bang on" your ISP has it's email server misconfigured and is not logging in the email headers the Source IP of the computer that is sending the spam Example of how a Source IP is detected with a properly configured email server http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z954372779zccd9c25447bb065338ed20eb5b48aabaz In this example it is my Computers IP ( detected and SpamCop would, only after telling my ISP, block my computer (Not my ISP's email server) This message was sent through hotmail Note how spamcop optionally sends Abuse Reports to third parties If the only IP listed by an incompetent provider is their email server it (after sending a great many abuse reports, more than would be sent by SpamCop for a single computer) It will eventually by listed by our SpamCop Members SCBL Do not automatically accept an ISP's compulsory email address Consider using a state of art SpamCop Email Address
  13. No reports back since the 15th (As a email SpamCop subscriber/reporter I do not see an option to disable reports and would not want this) What happened to the "forum" graph showing SpamCop reporting rate? I are also not getting reports back also not seeing IP's being shown as reported? such as this one http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z947663159zc6f221aac1743c56974654fd76cf24faz No evidence IP has come up for scoring on the SCBL
  14. OK now ust of been a 10 minute glitch?
  15. petzl

    Yahoo webmail blocked...or?

    I have a hotmail account which is more of a spamtrap but I do also use it as point of first email contact to check if they pass email address on I'm not sure either as to what injecting a Brazil IP means either? but this clowns spam software does (different IP's for each spam) What Microsoft and Ironport SpamCop's owners amongst many others do, do is set up Honey Pots and computers in various countries they allow to get "Zombie" infected then track the sending computer where they do get the residential address Ironport seem to have been behind the conviction of this spammer To me there is no doubt they and most others also use spam reports sent through SpamCop to further track these culprits down
  16. petzl

    Yahoo webmail blocked...or?

    This (x-line forgeries) is done/tried by an annoyed spammer but does not fool SpamCop at all http://mailsc.spamcop.net/sc?id=z941425357ze1bb0c213a0b2591ee9dcb29ffb0e914z This spammer annoyed at me closing all his porn web sites and the links they went to has/is attempting to Joe Job various websites. All spammer is doing is closing the hole he and other spammers posts through. As well as chancing the legal wrath of Microsoft (who I notify)
  17. Your whitelist should only have host-tracker.com in Whitelist box provided you can increase the security (less false positives) by putting in full email address noreply[at]host-tracker.com
  18. petzl

    How do I get spam forwarding address?

    If things are not working out you can easily cancel your account through/via this WEBPAGE First check out the WebMail FAQ
  19. petzl

    Yahoo webmail blocked...or?

    The IP source in a PROPERLY configured mail server should stamp that address. Far to many ISP's do not have competently set-up email servers as such should not be used. Do not automatically accept the email address your ISP tries to force upon you A Properly configured email server will show where the email was sourced from. In the link shown it shows SpamCop tracing back to my personal computer [iP] which is all that SpamCop wants to "block". ALL properly and competently set-up email servers will stamp this IP source If they do not they are simply spam friendly junk do not use them
  20. petzl

    Yahoo webmail blocked...or?

    If it is the SCBL it should be the IP sending the spam that gets blocked However many so called email providers offer misconfigured servers which do not list the IP source meaning the next link in chain can get blocked which is their own mail server. For SpamCop to list an email server means that they would be ignoring abuse reports as SpamCop would (in the case of Yahoo or Gmail) send a great many abuse reports It is obvious that if this is happening one should look for a reliable service (I suggest Hotmail for a free service)
  21. petzl

    Another spammer of to Jail

    Did not require registration when I read it? Liked the Ironport (spamCop) connection and why I provided that link Aside from blocking spamming IP's. Reporting spam also gets authorities to act and get convictions Just bit-binning/deleting spam does nothing **full Story from Los Angeles Times*** Hacker Sentenced in spam Case By Charles Piller, Times Staff Writer May 9, 2006 A Downey man was sentenced to nearly five years in federal prison Monday for using malicious software to seize control of 400,000 computers and then selling access to the "zombie" machines to spammers and hackers. Prosecutors said the 57-month sentence for Jeanson James Ancheta, 21, was the longest ever handed down for spreading computer viruses. The case also marked the first federal prosecution for using such hacking methods for financial gain. Ancheta pleaded guilty in January to selling access to so-called botnet software that can remotely control computers to deliver spam and orchestrate distributed denial-of-service attacks against websites. Such attacks send overwhelming streams of requests to the sites, causing them to shut down. Ancheta advertised his botnets online under the heading "botz4sale." "Your worst enemy is your own intellectual arrogance that somehow the world cannot touch you on this," U.S. District Judge R. Gary Klausner said at the sentencing hearing. Ancheta also admitted to directing armies of infected computers to download adware — malicious software that causes advertising messages to appear on the user's screen and can harm affected computers. He collected $107,000 in commissions from the advertising companies. Ancheta used an elaborate subterfuge to hide his actions from the victims and from the companies whose messages were displayed on their computers, said Assistant U.S. Atty. James M. Aquilina. Ancheta also was ordered to pay $15,000 in restitution to the Naval Air Warfare Center in China Lake and the Defense Information Systems agency, whose computers were compromised by the botnet attacks. "Every conviction raises the barrier to entry for these guys," said Scott Weiss, CEO of IronPort Systems in San Bruno, Calif., which produces anti-spam software. But, he predicted, such crimes would remain common. "Most of these bot networks are not being run from suburban L.A.," Weiss said. "They hire guys in places like Ukraine where the long arm of the law doesn't reach as easily."
  22. Hacker Sentenced in spam Case 57-month sentence for Jeanson James Ancheta, 21, "Every conviction raises the barrier to entry for these guys," said Scott Weiss, CEO of IronPort Systems in San Bruno, Calif., which produces anti-spam software.
  23. petzl

    Where/how do I use Quick Reporting?

    Have you configured your "Mailhosts" For "Quick Reporting" I believe (if authorized) you have to replace the word submit for quick Read more here If you have a SpamCop email account log onto your VER WEBPAGE then click TAB "report spam" get your SpamCop forwarding address from there (It is more powerful) again (if you have Mailhosts configured) substitute word "submit" with "quick"
  24. petzl

    How do I get spam forwarding address?

    Log-in to SpamCop Reporting page (Top right-hand corner) Once there your spam reporting/forwarding address is shown Although MailWasher I found to be good you should try out SpamCop Email. If in two weeks it is not your cup of tea you can ask for a refund.
  25. SpamCop members would/could report your website It's up to you to contact SpamCop and your web-host to cry "Joe Job" SpamCop will try to add the spam senders computer IP to it's SCBL This SpamCop members list blocks spammers in seconds! This is as spammers try send spam. Not after the spam is sent. Making our SCBL the very best blocklist for accurately sorting spam to it's "bulk Folder" for further reporting