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    relaying denied?

    You can, instead of having email forwarded, just "pop" spamcop the SpamCop email servers are as fast or faster than the ISP you deal with now Advantage is you take one less problem out of equation. Ideally just use your [at] SpamCop email address and that removes buggy ISP's entirely
  2. petzl

    Submitting as a mole

    I do not munge I do use SpamCop's Email Service and my only email address is Petzl[at]spamcop.net I do not attempt to even hide this email address and have used it since last century Fact is I do not recommend one accept an email address automatically from an ISP as they are always useless. At best nothing better than a unprotected spam magnet My SpamCop email very near 100% does not give false positives or negatives for me. The only spam that manages to get to my inbox is where I have whitelisted whole domains that a spammer decides to use as a return address. This is simply pulled over to my VER folder using IMAP and fully reported I have also helped have some spammers face conviction by court, a reason why I do not munge spam email also not a problem because I use SpamCop's Email Service as my only email address
  3. Keeps asking for password (mail is fine) **** http://mailsc.spamcop.net/reportheld?action=heldlog Cannot open database connection in putRow Tieing reporting account with email account petzl[at]spamcop.net Cannot create reporting account. Cannot log into IMAP mailserver as
  4. Thanks (the graph though only comes to life after event) "Ellen" had said spamcop was back up (in spamcop.news) Only after I posted this Don D'Minion - SpamCop Admin informed us it was on the blink again
  5. petzl

    Submitting as a mole

    Mole filtering only helps statistics it does not count towards blocking What is "mole" reporting?
  6. Getting floods of this, none getting anywhere but SpamCops Very Easy Reporting folder The web address (miss-configured) looks like a Joe Job
  7. petzl

    tricking with google

    http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z846071669za2...f2a2eac026a899z Another using google groups? Philippine Spammers site http://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagea...130988147855234 Have report site and re-directions to abuse[at]google and Doubt if Google will act Time to dump Google looks like they are going down the failures path of [at]home and others have gone down leading to almost bankruptcy. Seems to be a know nothing management at Google have at present taken the wheel
  8. petzl

    tricking with google

    tiny.url seem very quick in knocking out spamvertised redirections the google link and google company are proving to be worse than china as to removing this link? Time to sell out of Google showing signs of complacency I think
  9. petzl

    tricking with google

    http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z844497966z7f28a5c551095ce141348818358ea36az Did not know google had a redirect service like "tinyUrl"? WARNING Pill pushing spammer uses this to redirect http://www.google.com/url?sa=D&q=http%3a//www.google.com/url%3fsa=D%26q=http%3a//deducy.experreat%252ecom I did report to abuse desk of Chinese site it redirects to (seems they have a history of ignoring in any case) I also sent a personal report to abuse [at] Google forwarding spam as attachment and received a auto acknowledgement. Not sure how long they react to this Moderator edit: merged into an existing Topic on the same subject.
  10. The most effective way to deal with spammers and make reporting them easy is to consider getting a SpamCop Email account This account is a very powerful spam protection system that can collect email from all your existing email accounts. It will sort and send only legitimate email to your inbox with all spam sent to a Very Easy Reporting (VER) folder. Which after a quick check to see it is spam, you can then report with three clicks of your mouse sending spammers to silicon hell in a instant I am in Sydney, Australia and have used this system since its beginning and it is extremely effective. I now do not use any other email address but my bullet proof petzl[at]spamcop.net with out fear of spammers
  11. petzl

    Help! Being threatened with lawsuit!

    As you have been threatened and have the time ask for Lawyers name and make a formal complaint to "Law society" Also look up a "No win no Pay law firm yourself" these in Australia have a near 100% success as they will not take on a case they remotely look like losing Not that I believe a cartooney is nothing but bluff The fact is they thmselves may find threats can be costly
  12. SpamCop email has/is agian returned to being 100% effective for me (so far) thanks
  13. New 50 meg Microsoft Update Link is to Microsoft Update site
  14. For some reason my SP2 is not installing it was availble around 10th depending which side of the world you are Todays one is (plus some hardware updates for me) Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0: x86 (KB829019) The .NET Framework version 2.0 improves scalability and performance with improved caching, application deployment and updating with ClickOnce, and support for the broadest array of browsers and devices with ASP.NET 2.0 controls and services. After you install this update, you may have to restart your computer. How to Uninstall This software update can be removed via Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel.
  15. Just interested in what the method is now for capturing spam It may be that no information is best policy I can accept such, but if the blocklist is dead turn it off
  16. http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z829950501z84...d67bba1738792dz IP source block COMITE GESTOR DA INTERNET NO BRASIL IP range to
  17. petzl

    Seems like more spam now

    I believe there is a "part" score added to SCBL for mole reporting, as is the count used by SpamCop's spam Traps A larger score/count is used by a "normal" SpamCop report meaning a Normal and or unmunged report will list a spamming IP quicker
  18. petzl

    Seems like more spam now

    using spamcop to report spam (free version) you are best use a free throwaway email account like hard_2_guess_99[ AT ] hotmail com mole status does not much. except, help statistics (bit unclear myself on latest rendition) Better still is to get a SpamCop email account Whitelisting NZ would allow a major majority of your colleagues through but not spam (which SpamCop filters should stop)
  19. http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z828987368z50...701ef5c4d03d35z COMITE GESTOR DA INTERNET NO BRASIL block to This is telling me that either the Brazil blocklist is disabled or not configured correctly All Brazilan spam is now only stopped by Spamassassin, My blacklist "BR" or the SCBL! Much is caught by these but NEVER block Brazil? Please check that our WebMail block Brazil is working
  21. Brazil filters still leaking http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z827389917z3c...72a4d28c26eac0z
  22. More Brazil spew not being caught by Brazil filters http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z825543506zdf...6695e3cd8db74dz source IP Block COMITE GESTOR DA INTERNET NO BRASIL to
  23. I looked and that IP is a regular on the SCBC Today Brazil leaks through http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z825178770zc4...ced3047179be57z IP
  24. I just do not understand why this is both in Brazil AND SCBL yet is in my INBOX?
  25. http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z824054967z77...434e48865468caz Stil blocked by SpamCop yet Brazil IP passing through? http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z824054975zbc...47b918488306d5z block COMITE GESTOR DA INTERNET NO BRASIL IP range to