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    Gmail's server blocked

    The problem is that many rouge email servers do not stamp where the email is actually received from and break the IP chain. Usually at the email server itself meaning that SpamCop will block the email server instead of IP of the computer sending the spam (In this case SpamCop would send a great many reports before doing so). All abuse reports (not only those from SpamCop) will also go to the owner of that rouge email server instead of the provider that has control over the IP acually sending the spam a summery If an email server is competently set-up SpamCop's SCBL will only list the *computer* sending the spam and add that IP to the SCBL That is only after SpamCop has tried to notify the email address given for the operator of that IP Example of a properly configured computer you will see that SpamCop identified NO email servers just the IP <> of my computer that sent the above example email to hotmail (This means if my computer sent enough spam. SpamCop would only block MY computer nothing else) you can go here and put/replace that IP in the box then see the country, city, suburb which that IP belongs to If ANYONE is listed by SpamCop's SCBL it means they have a problem they should fix and need to fix. SpamCop would have made attempts to tell them so The right to have a broken email server and expect customers to pay for this dis-service is idiotic and nothing more than a threat. In this case from Gmail( which is in beta?) The real fix is to get a Proper email service like SpamCop's Email service for the only email address you will ever need If someone is trying to push something "free" on you it will be free till you use it (like advice)
  2. petzl

    Gmail's server blocked

    I agree Why would gmail conceal the identity of someone sending one email? We don't reveal IP addresses as part of our ongoing effort to protect every user's privacy SpamCop rightly tracks spam to the last traceable IP If an email server is set-up correctly the IP SpamCop adds to it's SCBL is the actual computer sending the spam By concealing the source is an open invitation for gmail to be nothing more than another internet nasty and deserves blocking This is the stance of more uneeded incompetent IT staff spewing bluster instead of fixing their problem
  3. petzl

    Stats: my RBL verses SCBL

    The answer to blocking using DUL listings (as this guy claims he does) is that everyone sends from them (a Dail Up Listing) and means ones/a blocking list would be very high with false positives using this DUL list! Only from a properly configured servers that do list the destination chain, or IP (source) of the computer that sent the email/spam If all ISP's configured their email severs listing the actual IP that sent the email (as they should). SpamCop's job in blocking reported spam would be more easy and correct. If this IP is not recorded SpamCop will block the misconfigured email server (SpamCop stops at last positive chain in spam)
  4. petzl

    Stats: my RBL verses SCBL

    There are more advantages to SpamCop than blocking. SpamCop also attempts to report the spam sent to the ISP concerned meaning another spam hole is closed I could just "block all" except whitelisted email which would catch more than your RBL (I believe Whitelisted IP's will eventually be the only servers accept email (IMO) Been using the SCBL for years and do not get false positives (I use whitelisting)how many of numbers you list are false positives. Because of SpamCop I also have the only email address I will ever need and have used that address openly since well into last century, It is my main email used for all business purposess and contact with friends SpamCop will list an IP in seconds stopping a spam run while it is happening. Not after, releasing that IP when the spam stops being sent With a SpamCop email account all spam trapped is easily reported which then attempts to notify the ISP that they have a problem so it can be corrected (and this is almost always the case) By having that spam source stopped it eliminates spammers closing the hole they crawl through This all said if you have a better mousetrap I'm sure some may bother to test it out and advise further
  5. Gateway Timeout The proxy server did not receive a timely response from the upstream server. Reference #1.ec2686cb.1139051231.39d8d1
  6. petzl

    Too many links message

    SpamCop is always and continuously improving thanks for yours and others input In the meantime with a little effort you can get better than the "SpamCop BOT" to aid in its reporting. SpamCop will always err on the side of precaution Just open a second "report" page to get the abuse address and add it to SpamCop's abuse report
  7. First time I had this? I looked at spamcop.spam and saw others having same problem As I understand Spamcop changes IP's on same sort of rotation and sometimes this change is not immediately propergated meaning many ISP's take a short while to find the new spamcop IP address? This came about some time ago when spammers were DOS attacking SpamCop forcing Julian to save SpamCop by partnering with IronPort (which is a very good alliance both ways)
  8. Quick reporting working again?
  9. petzl

    Microsoft Live! Email

    AFAIK They just block and bit bin spammers from their secret blacklist. Probably similar to SpamCop's SCBL This "Report and Delete" spam button was for a while on Hotmail accounts but now only by first sending spam to "junk folder" does one then get an option to "report" as spam while deleting. I do this because Microsoft are known to attack spammers with legal action and active in hunting them down
  10. petzl

    many false positives

    The old spell checker always "worked" just seemed pretty useless (always used the google toolbar one. The new one works well
  11. petzl

    many false positives is a mail server? For SpamCop to be blocking a mail server means that this is the last identifiable link If a provider is competently setup the last identifiable link (chain) would be the computer sending the spam which would then be the IP listed by SpamCop SpamCop Members Blocking List is like a radar stopping a spam while spam is being sent, quickly releasing that listed IP once the spam stops. This process is completely automatic but SpamCop has the worlds best staff and deputies checking in the unlikely case of something going wrong (The spell checker now works)
  12. Any reply? Another passing through a defunct Chinese Blocklist http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z868921108z80384db54f468837da351a7fa4ec4a86z IP CHINA CNCGROUP LIAONING PROVINCE NETWORK Block
  13. Try the contact form The email address is not completly correct (I think it is [at]admin.spamcop.net?)
  14. petzl

    Spamcop is interfering...

    Then it's not SpamCop then is it? SpamCop is not meant for blocking? SpamCop is a spam sorting filter. Putting spam into a potentail spam folder. If you are getting bounces it most likley means you have a security problem I have Yahoo, Gmail, MSN, hotmail all on my personal blacklist (as most do). Spammers notoriously use false email addies from popular email providers. This is overiden with a whitelist containing the full email address Although you are claiming spam is not a problem, a great many people use personal spam blocking filters/software on their own personal computers because they strongly disagree with you. If indeed SpamCop has you listed it is for a reason and that reason is your IP has been reported for spamming. If you do not know why it would pay to check your IP's out HERE If you find any blocked come back here and tell us what these IP's are.
  15. petzl

    Polish Spammer not getting blacklisted?

    Your report stopped the spammers run as far as the SCBL is concerned (Thanks) http://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=checkblock&ip=
  16. http://noc.bit.nl/dnsbl/ascc/ Not that I can understand what is wrong with hard coding? The above URL is the replacement
  17. This is one of those getting through a defunct blocklist! http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z864241564zbe88e35c95ed12c1899cd06b6fb9d607z Offending IP Block Ip Range to CHINA BEIJING CHINANET FUJIAN PROVINCE NETWORK
  18. SpamCop is a tool used by SpamCop members to *SORT* email there is NO history of SpamCop ever blocking "SMTP.sbcglobal.net" or IP ? If a mail server is set-up correctly SpamCop will log the last definite IP chain usually the actual computer Sending to that provider an abuse report. in your case an incompetent/ignorant one who just milks your bank account or credit card Ignoring the FACT they are very much part of a spam problem (just cannot be bothered) SpamCop BlockList only list the last identifiable IP "chain" if it is sending spam releasing that IP when spam stops. Every report made an attempt is sent to that listed abuse desk unless they do not accept abuse reports The reason YOU or YOUR PROVIDER are getting listed is because of ignoring abuse reports and not making efforts to repair your or your providers apparently broken system There are also many many private blocklists that blame SpamCop to conceal the actual blocklist used! MSN AOL and others just don't bother they just bitbin emails as if they never arrive, this you are happy with? I would guess that you are happy (I believe yourmail system does this also?) SpamCop has tried to rectify your problem, by recording all of the spam sent, as well as notifying the abuse address that is listed about every report. It would take more than one report to get listed and if listed it is extremely likely it deserves to be so The best move you made so far has been coming here. Your next move is to solve your problem which will be to Educate your ISP and or yourself
  19. A lot of spam from China is sent via zombie computers Not sure if Webmail blocks china anymore as rbl.cluecentral.net is now defunct Use your VER for "Queue for Reporting" option, followed by Report spam TAB. this will also report web pages and add the source IP for SCBL to count towards blocking ASAP
  20. petzl

    What is wrong with my server?

    What is your Email software? Some Email software? Word Wrap's headers Not sure if this is a problem some servers do this also When this happens even hand parsing becomes hard
  21. I get the odd shot through Chinese IP's lately? SCBL stopping the rest? You are right though rbl.cluecentral.net THIS RBL STOPPED ON NOVEMBER THE 1ST, 2005 Yet WebMail has it listed as our Chinese Blocklist? I cannot see why JT cannot "hotwire" spam tolerant/ignorant countries IP's himself (Sometime ago he mentioned he was?) Instead of relying on external networks
  22. petzl

    Keep getting complaints about phishing emails.

    I understand this claimed webhost does not want reports from SpamCop claims to of requested via link in SpamCop abuse report to stop reports being sent, claims to be still getting them? Why this not stop? Clicking appropriate Link works for everyone else? (I often get webhost not interested in recieving reports?) Just send a email to service[at]admin.spamcop.net which is always answered within 24 hours IMO Proper course would be instead of just milking credit cards or bank accounts of course would be to contact the owner that people are reporting phishing attempt threatening their financial institution. Ask if they wish to get these reports? If they do create a fraud[at]address for SpamCop to send reports to (They of course may not be interested either?) Question: How do you start a small business Answer: webhost a big business first
  23. petzl

    Submitting as a mole

    In WebMail afrer checking it is spam you can check the boxes beside the spam for SpamCops "Quick" reporting, This ensures spammers feed and update the SCBL for continued and further blocking Without doing anything to held email it is deleted to trash folder after 2 weeks For full reporting of spam (both IP source and weblinks in spam) It is best to do this from your VER webpage
  24. petzl

    Submitting as a mole

    I'm not keen on any webmails and prefer Outlook Express I also use (SpamCops) Webmail at work. After a bit of poking around have got it working reasonably well. So like all things one has to familiarise first Most email is sent in html SpamCop Webmail (in my setup) views it in plain text Clicking the "unnamed text/html" icon shows html messages perfect
  25. When you use VER to Queue for reporting You then click the Report spam TAB which will provide a "LINK" to "Report Now" on that web page, once clicked a tracking URL is shown on top of page showing "parsed" spam (example) http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z853576399z674c93651f043efee0004b3f3d95b40az If you do not use VER to report spam it may be possible that a spammers IP will not get blocked? Just send in the headers (not full email) remove your email address by replacing with (X) How do I get my email program to reveal the full, unmodified email?