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  1. a new spamcop address is the same cost as a years subscription for old one? You will have to spend five minutes or so in reseting your new account. Then again it may be as simple as requesting JT via webpage to transfer your setup to a new account. If you do this when the subscription is due it should cost you no more
  2. petzl

    Someones spamming using my e-mail address

    jalcott might want to go through my signature for windows protection In meantime do a online scan (If your Nortons disabled something is wrong?) TrendMicro Another plus is to face up to getting a SpamCop email account which aside from blocking and reporting spammers. Also removes detected viruses before they arrive. It always pays to double this security with your own virus program that continually monitors your computer
  3. petzl

    Held Mail

    You just make a ShortCut on your browser and auto report it with mouse if you wish (this feeds the SpamCop Blocklist or "SCBL"). other options are there also. Make sure you click the MailHosts TAB and enter your email addresses which are now being sorted by SpamCop the only email address you will ever need If you choose to do nothing it will be auto-deleted after two weeks
  4. It pays to POP pop.spamcop.net directly as this removes or lessens the probability of other mailservers error SpamCop email is more than likley to be faster than mail from your companies server so no need to forward there By removing an unnecessary step it becomes easier to identify problems
  5. I never looked just assumed they would be? It may be they are not listed by cn.rbl.cluecentral.net and or china.blackholes.us but they need to be One of the spamcop listings is becase I put it there with one report but is due for release in a few hours! The other has a number of reports and will be there for a couple of days CHINANET-ZJ WENZHOU NODE NETWORK this was sent to a old legacy email acount CHINANET SICHUAN PROVINCE NETWORK this one was sent to spamcop addresses?
  6. got through IP range to now another got through IP range to looks like JT has turned the filter off again?
  7. petzl

    can not send email - blacklisted

    Your computer is being accesed by persons you don't want to access your computer. go through my signature and install a virus checker SpyWare checker and Firewall Also get latest updates from microsoft
  8. petzl

    Randomly rejecting Emails

    The SpamCop blocklist SCBL blocks the spam while it is being sent. Releasing IP when spammer has stopped sending. The SpamCop Blocklist acts like a radar when spam appears in the form of abuse reports or spamtraps that IP is blocked. When reports stop comming that IP is released If you choose to show the IP address more information can be given (SpamCop members can see what type of spam it is)
  9. petzl

    Are spammers getting desperate

    You are probably doing good Spammer gets Slammer (from .spamcop)
  10. petzl

    A New Kind of Blocking List

    In my signature I recommend the Installation of IE-SPYAD Particularly for Parents. But I suspect this type of software could be worked on to block all web sites from spam friendly providers (which IMO it pretty much does now) However it does cripple many features of (Genuine Part) Internet Explorer and Outlook Express so it does require a person of internet "savvy" to check the effectiveness of this non-genuine MicroSoft "Tack on"
  11. petzl

    WTF is laposte.net blocked ?

    I know you did and are of course completly correct as usual
  12. I believe you are on the right track. I always try to refer to the list as our SpamCop Members List It just sounds friendlier (Like the Words DON'T PANIC) and would avoid the complaints about those choosing to use this list. A few people forever try to reason that the SCBL because it is named a blocklist is designed to bit-bin email? While it can do this it is meant to sort email to a spam folder (Idealy for reporting), which I and a major majority find it accurately does
  13. You have checked your Held Folder? You can check non spam email for whitelisting and forward You have your Domain Name naturalbridgecaverns.com listed in your whitelist? (Also check your personal blacklist) You have put your (one) "anybody<at>naturalbridgecaverns<dot>com" through Mailhosts? Just click the MailHost TAB in your Held Folder? If possible collect your SpamCop email directly from "pop.spamcop.net" do not have SpamCop forward email to your email domain This means simply less to go wrong and SpamCop's email is probably MUCH faster than your server anyhow. Forwarding is an unnecessary step and removes the problems arising from somewhere/one else
  14. petzl

    WTF is laposte.net blocked ?

    Why is "Nim" mailing list getting on SpamCop's SCBL (is the question to ask)? I am on a number of mail lists none I get have yet appeared on the SCBL? The best thing is to recommend to those on mail lists is to use a hotmail account for them if this is the case (but not an answer as to why) If one gets bounced because of a blocklist they need to remove that address from their mail list (this is so simple I do not see the problem with it?) They of course need to have a working reply address (Most competantly set up mail servers will bounce one or two emails not 1000's of Joe Job's) It is also easy to check the posting IP's of a mailing list to see if they are on any Blocklist and figure out why. This shooting a messenger argument does wash. A/the cause for being listed needs to be worked out and the fix applied
  15. petzl

    I've been blacklisted

    This is probably why you are getting on SpamCops list By bouncing email you are, at best/worst DOS attacking the email addresses of those who report spam. The email reply addresses are usually used by spammer's as a Joe Job Disable bounce "feature" of mailwasher, which is being stupidly and wrongly set by default Bounces are in effect what MailWasher is doing but only to valid and innocent parties email addresses (mailwasher may check email address for validity, before sending a bounce)
  16. petzl

    WTF is laposte.net blocked ?

    The problem is you are assuming http://www.laposte.net/ is innocent? I do not see where the majority of the worlds language users (english) are given an oppotuinuty to object to the bounces they DOS everyone with!
  17. petzl

    I've been blacklisted

    To find out your Computers IP Try this site MailWasher is not as good as a SpamCop Email account but it is probably the next best thing and has a whitelist facility, allowing suspicious email to be viewed in text only mode before being downloaded Your ISP IF competent and set up properly (meaning they should have a registered abuse[at] address and rDNS set) would be the one receiving abuse/spam reports SpamCop predominantly lists computers spewing spam to it's members Sorting List as the spam is being sent not after ( in a few seconds). When the spam stops the IP is released quickly as well. This effectivly sends a spam run (which takes hours) to Silicon hell (Bit Bin) for those smart enough to use SpamCop members SCBL. Meaning the spam run is mainly dumped before the spammer sends, So sending spam to a person who reports spam when its recieved, quickly blocks it before anyone else gets it. People are finding attack is the best form of defense against these criminals
  18. Petzls tips for marketing by email Assuming you are using Best Practice (look under Consent) You also need to use a common email address and do not change it. Many ISP's use a number of Blocklists (sometimes ISP's just send you to SpamCop if you are on any of them!) With a WhiteList it will override any BlackList making sure your email passes. Always state for users to list your domain name in their email whitelist. I always reccomend Hotmail address for mass emails/news lists to be sent to (using a 8 or better alphanumeric logon like 1_2_Buckle_my_shoe_3_4[at]hotmail.com Also ask for your clients to respond every six months to keep your mailing list legitimate if no response use snail mail/telephone to contact them further
  19. Not on spamcops blocklist? not listed in bl.spamcop.net I also went through every mail server you have, do not see them mentioned as blocked If you have a bounce letter it may shine a better light?
  20. petzl

    I think I've been blacklisted

    Although is not blocked by SpamCop Google are showing ignored concerns also SpamCop is not sending reports to abuse<AT>godaddy.com ? for this IP (looks like aZOMBIE to me
  21. Yes it appears that the mail servers themselves may have an infection? On a windows machine it is a must to keep windows secure! although this virus infects linux servers Malware known as Cheese I have been doing some looking around and appears that cybersurf may have a security problem themselves and with their email servers? http://isc.sans.org/source_report.php?subnet=209.197.145 or http://www.dshield.org/ipdetails.php?ip=
  22. Someone using IP is infected and their computer has become a Zombie The Subject of a spam going through this IP is or was It pays to go through my signature to check that it's not you and both you and your mother have a secure windows computer
  23. Nope? but that page was put up only after I submitted a abuse report? However the kiddie porn bit did seem suspiciously overboard and accept the poor sod is being attacked by scammers. Hopefully he can have the law work on his side Whomever posted through a European Zombie the ISP will have logs and a spanish jail room ready for the fraudsters
  24. Sent to a legacy (Non SC) email account this was the email address in spam body dynamoo<AT>spamcop<DOT>net if you click it this address is also on the spamvertised contact URL
  25. Losing services to GOOD email providers are we? As to your statistics fitting catagory of lies damn lies then there are statistics For instance I don't know why my present provider as do all providers stick one with a compulsory email address? I and a great many like me, just don't want and won't bother using! So your 20 million of French spam targets means??? My list of partners also do not use the email account their ISP sticks them with either I wouldn't be interested in using your server if you also did not effectively and accurately protect me from spam as SpamCop Email Service does Wonder how many other paying customers feel this way. I do not use any Australian providers for a trusted and reliable email account. I just use and pay for SpamCop email account. (I'm in Sydney Australia) Many of which also have infomercials on TV or magazines all proved to me to be worse than usless. My business relies on my receiving email without overdoses of spam and or losing email to do so would cost me my livelihood.