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  1. another http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z820286341zf8...b9a635241647adz COMITE GESTOR DA INTERNET NO BRASIL Block IP Range to
  2. petzl

    Additional options under held mail

    Sorry some glitch? Logon to Webmail, select Options then in column "Other Options" select "Display Options" then change "Messages per page in the mailbox view." number to whatever (500?)
  3. http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z818838916zaa...b43898102ea425z Another COMITE GESTOR DA INTERNET NO BRASIL Block IP to
  4. petzl

    Additional options under held mail

    THis feature is already there? just logon first to VER on the scroll box select delete after clicking "check all" Moderator edit: the above link to VER does not work To learn more about VER go to FAQ Entry: What is VER (Very Easy Reporting)?
  5. http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z818684540z7b...040d87bc10c24dz Like this one ***** From: "sexos com mulheres" <criador[at]giffs.zzn.com> To: x Subject: mensagem virtual MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/html X-SpamCop-Checked: ***** COMITE GESTOR DA INTERNET NO BRASIL block IP range to
  6. No but sometime ago he said he could "hotwire" domains (create his own blacklist if the ones we select in Webmail fail)) Since I last raised the issue it seems spam assassin is now catching most of the filth? I am but a customer my ONLY email address is my spamcop one and has generally been 100% effective in accuratly (no false or negative positives) keeping junk out of my inbox. Just this year I have been getting a few Brazil spams getting through (I have all of south america blocked)
  7. petzl

    Deteriorating service

    I've been using my SpamCop address openly for years (Newsgroups etc) Just make sure you have not got a "bad entry" in your whitelist which overides all your blacklist filters You may as well go through your blocking filters being set correctly also also
  8. Most spam is from brazil none of it being caught by the spam block of Brazil (click the blue to see this rubbish is tagged by other spa filters but NOT by the Brazil filters) ALL spam getting through to my inbox is from Brazil (this never used to happen) Whats worse ALL Brazil spam is identified by "WebMail" as being from brazil?
  9. No info where's "JT" and where's the fix?
  10. Been dead most of this year off and on? Blackholes US Down (Google) JT needs to make a local copy if he hasn't already? http://www.dolphinwave.org/spam/zones/
  11. Spammed by IP add to Brazil block to Spammed by IP add to Brazil block to
  12. raise Spamassasin setting to 6 or turn it off
  13. add to
  14. This worm got through from Brazil? add to block to
  15. petzl

    Any way to auto delete some spam?

    If you can set up a IMAP connection with your email clent you can easily delete from your VER folder
  16. just got through? this is the range to also add to BRAZIL also slipping through? add to block to
  17. Yes I installed MailWasher to see (now uninstalled) I have to use a full email address as login Then this happens MailWasher (while detecting spam) misconfigures your reply address when you wish to submit to SpamCop In this case MailWasher becomes a email client and the SMTP will not except the misconfigured return address This is something the software writer needs to look into Again for $30 a year one can get automated spam & Virus free email to their inbox just by getting The only email address you will ever need
  18. Mailwasher is apparently broken and misconfigures your address for submiting spam to SpamCop. You need to contact the software writer This has been reported before. I installed the latest mailwasher Pro and this graphic shows what happens (I munged my submit address by painting it blue)
  19. petzl

    Mailwasher fails to report to spamcop

    MailWasher is a email client in that it needs your "POP" to first retrieve then filter email on the server after filtering it deletes spam leaving non-spam for your other email client to download (in your case Thunderbird) If you wish to report spam to spamcop using Mailwasher it then asks for SMTP settings to submit the spam. Trouble is it has a glitch and misconfigures your email address (as the graphic shows Again you really need to try out the very best in automated spam & virus filters which is a SpamCop Email account You get the only email address you will ever need so far bullet proof from spammers and virus. PayPal is what I use to pay although there are other methods. If it is not your cup of tea refunds are cheerfuly given
  20. petzl

    Mailwasher fails to report to spamcop

    Cannot find where to correct this (This is NOT how I set it up) As I said mailwasher is a email client on its own unless the smtp and pop are set right it will not work
  21. petzl

    Mailwasher fails to report to spamcop

    You need to setup Mailwasher for both SMTP and POP Mailwasher is a email client (on its own) that leaves email (That it does not either delete/report) on server for your OTHER email client (Thunderbird) to then retrieve You need to set up MailWasher properly first (Mailwasher is 12 months old and can not do this yet for Thunderbird)
  22. petzl

    Mailwasher fails to report to spamcop

    The problem with this is Mailwasher Pro has not been updated for over 12 monts For less than $US35 bucks ypu can get the very best and easiest to use a SpamCop Email acount Which is easy to set up. Downloads ALL your email accounts in one go accuratly removing all spam and virus with zero email, including spam deleted. spam is put in a VER folder for you to just check first before rorting (thus getting blocked by SCBL Things like Thunderbird have not yet been setup for MailWasher ( I would suspect your 30 day free trail for Mail washer is over) By the way I have zero connection with SpamCop other than a paying user in Sydney Australia and just don't argue with the Very best And when are you comming to Austraia? I thought except for your Euro Princess have? Heaps of Dutch here already and all most welcome
  23. petzl

    Mailwasher fails to report to spamcop

    It is Mailwasher itself that is attemping to send/email the spam for reporting to spamcop (no other program) So your SMTP setup in mailwasher is wrong (Mailwasher is reporting spam in this case the email program doing it, no other) ERROR MESSAGE Error 550 Relaying not allowed RESOLUTION This error message is coming from the mail server, not from MailWasher. This error means that the SMTP (outgoing) mail server did not recognize you as an authorized user and rejected your e-mail message. Most ISPs (ISP stands for Internet Service Provider, and this includes GCI) configure their mail servers to recognize only those computer IP addresses that are on an accepted list. If you use multiple ISPs, or just switched from another ISP, you are likely to encounter this problem. The solution is to change setting of the SMTP server for that mail account under your e-mail application: What are my POP (or IMAP) and SMTP settings? POP or IMAP is your incoming mail setting and SMTP is your outgoing mail setting. You need to consult your documentation from your email provider for these settings, or see the MailWasher¬ģ Pro help for more information. While Mailwasher is very good as it allows you to not only whitelist email addresses it also allows you to use the best most accurate Blocklist around SCBL along with others. It also by immediatly reporting spam is attacking the spammer It is still not as good as a full SpamCop Email address
  24. petzl

    Mailwasher fails to report to spamcop

    You also have Mailhosts configured? The problem with mailwasher while it works very good one tends to stay out of touch with the ever evolving SpamCop For instance did you know spamcop reporting system was down 24th August (for a major hardware upgrade) much of the day and may be a source of your troubles Ideally you should consider upgrading to a full SpamCop Email account which accuratly filters your email from spam and virus before you get it. all spam is put in a Very Easy Reporting (VER) folder
  25. http://spf.pobox.com/howworks.html This site has a reasonable explanation Basically fake email addresses are checked to see if email address originates from that domain if not it is rejected (hopefully in SpamCop emails case it goes to held folder)