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  1. Spammers already have your email so "unsubscribing" won't make much difference, but sometimes it works (still report it as spam) me [ at ] is not "me" but a new concept that wastes phishing criminals time, or will try to There is also a phone scammers bot to waste nuisance scammers time, goes on a fair bit go to the end where the BOT has scammer screaming shut-up! Maby you could get Grandad to record a series of replies in Polish? The recordings
  2. Spamming is not allowed in this forum, some "nong" thinks he can get revenge by flooding, easily identified and removed ASAP There is a "unsubscribe" link in spam, USA does not recognise it as spam if there is? If "unsubscribe" link does not work put that in SpamCop NOTES when you submit You can forward such spam to "me [ at ]" which is a deranged artificially intelligent BOT that will waste their time replying to them
  3. OVH do have a webpage for reporting spam also, they do seem slow to act on SpamCop reports Cloudfares is {not used it they do seem to react}
  4. The sites are shut down, seems no connection, IP's are not identified as botnet? spammer is using different compromised accounts (web servers) to send email NOT A WEB SERVER spam reports for IP over last 2 days but none further back, so IMO it is you specifically targeted? 2 SpamCop reports 1 SpamCop report 3 SpamCop reports 4 SpamCop reports 3 SpamCop reports
  5. YES (your choice) would let one see what is happening more clearly
  6. Sounds you are on a SpamBots list a reporting URL would be helpful TRACKING URL - it may be saved for future reference:
  7. The IP's are too old for one to see (over 24 hours old). So it "looks" to me like IP "" is hitting spamtraps and no info is held or given on them, only a spam report would be saved. Someone is using a dodgy mailing list! Spamtraps are secret and can only be got by a "web spider" scraping email address hidden on the Internet (web pages, newsgroups, etc).
  8. Would help if you disclosed the IP? Your IP is not the only IP a blacklist looks for. Possibly users IP is blocklisted as a source Tell your user to scan for malware and change password If Microsoft Windows Defender is available to them, use it!
  9. We are sensible even driving cars on the left, even the water going down the sink plug hole goes clockwise The theory is 000 was is the emergency number and wanted the zero last number to stop children dialing it when playing with phone
  10. When I bothered with Fax I used a Internet fax provider. If you search ebay you will probably find one cheap and nice (Cold War Red Phones )
  11. Lenny has a "rotary phone"? Ebay sell them, But these scammers are making me consider dumping the land line phone, just nuisance calls
  12. looks good There is also a bot to answer scam phone calls A program is available for VOIP phones but I think it is for Linux? the collection of Lenny The Linux code
  13. YOU HAVE TRIED With rouge abuse address try the CERT of Country concerned cert [ at ] put in comments DoS spam attack from "NETWORK OWNER Mihos" "DOMAIN" IP bounces (6 sent : 6 bounces) Submissions (samples) to which bounce Submitted: 10/28/2017, 10:11:41 PM +1100: Dagaanbieding van Koopditvandaag Submitted: 10/28/2017, 8:29:07 PM +1100: Dagaanbieding van DealsforMen Submitted: 10/27/2017, 6:41:29 PM +1100: Dagaanbieding van DealsforMen Submitted: 10/27/2017, 6:39:33 PM +1100: Dagaanbieding van Koopditvandaag Submitted: 10/26/2017, 6:33:34 PM +1100: Dagaanbieding van Koopditvandaag Submitted: 10/26/2017, 6:15:23 PM +1100: Dagaanbieding van DealsforMen Submitted: 10/25/2017, 6:58:16 PM +1100: Dagaanbieding van Koopditvandaag Submitted: 10/25/2017, 6:51:18 PM +1100: Dagaanbieding van DealsforMen Submitted: 10/24/2017, 6:34:07 PM +1100: Dagaanbieding van Koopditvandaag Submitted: 10/24/2017, 6:31:24 PM +1100: Dagaanbieding van DealsforMen Submitted: 10/13/2017, 6:53:03 PM +1100: Dagaanbieding van Koopditvandaag Submitted: 10/13/2017, 6:43:15 PM +1100: Dagaanbieding van DealsforMen Submitted: 10/12/2017, 7:03:25 PM +1100: Dagaanbieding van Koopditvandaag Submitted: 10/12/2017, 6:57:42 PM +1100: Dagaanbieding van DealsforMen Submitted: 10/11/2017, 6:43:30 PM +1100: Dagaanbieding van Koopditvandaag AND SO ON, AND ON, AND ON!!
  14. BROKEN LINK BELOW *************************************************** SpamCop abuse report [ SpamCop V4.8.6 ] This message is brief for your comfort. Please use links below for details. User-targeted report, see notes, if any. is open proxy, see: [ Additional comments from recipient ]
  15. send a report to your email address then use the SECRET link contained in it User-targeted report, see notes, if any. this will show you replies to your reports if any
  16. Supposed receiving system not associated with any of your mailhosts The spam you are reporting is from a email account you have registered in your email hosts?
  17. If SpamCop mailhosts don't work for you or your company, reporting through SpamCop is not a option sorry.
  18. Your problems should end if you just used SpamCops mailhost program? Just requires you to have your email address to be sent a validation which identifiess your mailhost This belongs in the just "too easy" basket? You are making reporting hard for yourself!
  19. just needs your ONE email address? Not every email address (unless a different domain addy) SpamCop will send you a verification email for each host which you copy and past into top link For Fastmail I got two validate emails from SpamCop which identifies all mailhosts
  20. you need to set your mailhosts or you will report yourself
  21. IF its you reporting spam make sure you have put your email address in mailhosts or spamcop can get it wrong?
  22. your remailer is not stamping IP correctly which don't help contact your remailer service also. should be how?
  23. I'm just a user of SpamCop not a tech
  24. Try complaining to "deputies [at] spamcop [dot] net" that will go to Cisco tech
  25. yes take care! without seeing a tracking URL from SpamCop we are in the dark! At top of page after SpamCop parse