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  1. Have you considered disabling the sending of NDRs until the attack stops?

    This person has not given us any clue as to what they are on about or any of the supposed afflicted IP address (yes we get spammers often proclaiming innocence)

    SpamCop does not allow bounces to be reported? SpamCop looks for originating IP to be blocked. They have a misconfigured server and are blaming SpamCop the messenger

    It would help if this person gave some info to check? A blocked IP number would help correct their problem

    It is obvious they have misconfigured something and wrongly blaming SpamCop

  2. Miss Betsy

    And I just had an idea - why does an admin need a complete report when spam hits a spamtrap or for mole reporting? Just a short note saying a report was made.

    I would say the problem is that a number of know nothing do nothing "abuse" desks start complaining about what they term" SpamCop" spam (been there done that)

    The best way to deal with a open network (or open computer) is to format all their spam spewing drives and leave those drives with 20 alphanumeric password protected (this stops them spamming and something I am cosidering doiing! I've had enough

    If someone like Comcast does not mind insecure networks fine I hope they realize what information I do not decide to copy and post in newsgroups (Passwords credit card details etc) Then find they have to buy new drives for their servers fine and suits me. ;)

  3. I don't follow (or maybe just can't read) .. only when listed?

    SpamCop notifies the ISP when they get listed for sending email to spamtraps, but only when listed not before If responsive and they fix their security problem SpamCop will very quickly delist

    Miss Betsy's rendition is fine. However I feel being nice to people who end up on SpamCops "Blocklist" need to be spoken to more aggressively and straight to the no nonsense point

    Trying to be "polite" seems to infer to many of these loons that it is SpamCop at fault when SpamCop is but a service. Stating in no uncertain terms to these no nothing loons that any provider that gets listed, has been listed because of their own doing/incompetancy and no one else's

    Whether or not they like it The only listings that happen is because of no response or action to abuse reports. Which are sent for each and every spam! It is not an excuse or SpamCops doing if their "upstairs" do not inform them of problems (FIRST stop paying these "drongo's" get a provider that WILL provide a service)

    It is now ridiculous that out of every 1000 emails recieved one is legitimate (One now has to be ready to "avert one's eyes")! The rest is spamvertised filth and or fraud (If on a SpamCop Blocklist talk to your provider and demand your money back. That is all these ISP credit Card milking creeps are about) :angry:

  4. If you are on SpamCop's blocklist it is simply because your ISP does not care and you should look for another provider

    SpamCop contacts the listed address of ISP long before any lengthy listing so your provider again does not care and is either not getting abuse reports or ignores them

    The reason a provider (or credit card milker) does not get reports is simply that they have a misconfigured network and one you should not trust to send email

    Many of these clown ISP's eventually come to SpamCop newsgroups and threaten (cartoony) legal action about the messenger who has advised them of their (at best) messed up misconfigured network. Or they are simply spammer friendly in both cases SpamCop is simply and effectivly doing what SpamCop members subscribe for.

    That's to produce an effective spam sorter/filter which sorts spam as and while a spammer is sending spam and when spam stops the IP is released (The SpamCop Filter is not a blocklist). SpamCop does this magnificently stopping porn, fraud and other sleaze from hitting ones in box (again while being sent not after)

  5. SpamCop does not report bounces so your whole argument is baseless

    If you are not a spammer you have a security problem with your network. It only takes an employee (or yourself) to open a "exe" file and your computer becomes a slave zombie for one to do what ever (format hard drive even)

    Of course it may be your set-up is misconfigured without an IP to go by we do not know if you are even truthful

  6. SpamCop doesn't seem to care about the individuals that lose email service.

    They like to "carpet bomb" and forget about the "collateral damage". If they

    could use the "Bush Doctrine" of "pre-emptive strikes", they likely would.

    SpamCop Mail uses the alleged "blocklists" to sort email into inbox and probable spam folder. None of these lists are actually anything but a "sortlist" nothing is bounced

    Out of interest try making a 8 Alphanumeric Hotmail throwaway address and send an email to a comcast user Then watch comcast mail bomb that account with spam!

    This is all Comcast presently are doing all over the planet out of a 100 emails from Comcast all 100 are spam. Often pornographic, bank fraud, software piracy, etc. I for one do not wish to see this and SpamCop puts with absolute accuracy for me in a folder to be checked and if need be automatically reported (ComCast are ignoring these reports)

  7. if I use that list I block all comcast email, that's email from MILLIONS of everyday people. I cannot allow that, nor should they

    I block them!If NOBODY from comcast IP's can send me email suits me fine.

    So far 100% of all email from Comcasts IP's to me has been spam and is all reported as it has been for some time only to be ignored by Comcast

    I personally do not want email from comcast ever!

    I as I said before I hope their customers do the right thing and leave

    My only concern about the SPEWS listing is it was far too slow in happening

  8. You may want to remove your SPEWS from your lists for this reason, it seems silly. I like to have SPEWS on, but come on, you can't just block a multi-million person ISP.

    Hopefully they will end up a small abusive provider

    They do not seem to care about other people. perhaps this is what Comcast want?

    They most certainly need to be blocked going by the volume of spam they allow through their IP's. Using the SPEWS list has stopped Comcasts spam getting through to me. Consider dumping Comcast as a provider would be an even better step

  9. Norton  :unsure:  is often the culprit after it updates

    Happens to me once in every while then you lose POP ability (reboot is the answer)

    Which Norton product does this?

    If it's on a PC running WinNT or better, have you tried just restarting its Service?

    Norton Anti-Virus 2003 on WIN98 auto updates and then POP stop working (sometimes)

  10. Start here to check your setup


    and here


    After doing that consider this

    Suggested setup for a start

    (1) Log in using your FULL spamcop email address here


    (2) click "Options" at top of page

    (3) in box "Mail Management" click "SpamCop Tools"

    (4) click "Select your email filtering blacklists."

    (5) uncheck box "Block All " and check all the boxes in box

    "DNS Blacklist" and click "Blue Button" "Modify" underneath

    (6) have your provider forward your email to your spamcop address

    (7) Setup your email client to collect (POP3) your email from spamcop.

    In the POP3 box of your email client remove the one you have there and replace with "pop.spamcop.net"

    (7b) If you use IMAP to access your email, please use the following names:

    spamcop.net customers: imap.spamcop.net

    You can disable "auto polling". If you do not a bell will ring every time a message hits your "held folder"

    (8) Success you should now have all mail caught by filters in your held folder with only legitimate email in your inbox

    (9)For logging into held folder


    This will allow you to forward and whitelist innocents and Toast the guilty at a simple click of the mouse button

    I would suggest you use password software for bettter security for logging in


    This is basically freeware for 20 passwords/URLs

    It also works flawlessly from a USB drive (good for shared computers)

    Lockable by two completly different strong encryption methods (Blowfish AND Rjindael)

    You then disable your personal computer to remember passwords and login (always uncheck this option on shared computers)


    To contact SpamCop go here




  11. You are best set-up a IMAP connection to spamcop ("imap.spamcop.net" as well as "smtp.spamcop.net") there is no need to "auto-poll" this extra IMAP email connection to spamcop (just uncheck the relevant box)

    Doing this allows you to drag (with mouse) spam from your inbox to your held folder for VER reporting (no need for SpamDeputy)

    spamdeputy issues are best dealt with their "yahoo support group"

    spamdeputy link

    I reccomend that you should no longer use your windows computer to hold passwords!! Instead use a software program (Click for) such as "Password Depot" this can be on your computer or (as I use it) on a USB device to be used on all the computers I have to use (Town libary included)

    It is freeware for 20 passwords and itself is protected by two differnet encryption algorythms - This means your passwords can be very long, composed of non-text characters, numbers as well as text.