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  1. The most effective way to deal with spammers and make reporting them easy is to consider getting a SpamCop Email account This account is a very powerful spam protection system that can collect email from all your existing email accounts. It will sort and send only legitimate email to your inbox with all spam sent to a Very Easy Reporting (VER) folder. Which after a quick check to see it is spam, you can then report with three clicks of your mouse sending spammers to silicon hell in a instant

    I am in Sydney, Australia and have used this system since its beginning and it is extremely effective. I now do not use any other email address but my bullet proof petzl[at]spamcop.net with out fear of spammers

  2. I suspect that when you ask Stan for the information you'll find the correspondence dies.

    Actually, another question... Do you munge your reports?  If so, was there anything in the original message to identify you?  Because if you munge and if there was no unique id, how can Stan know that you registered and, more particularly, which ip address you used?

    Of course, having replied to his message he can now join the dots but maybe his first message was bluster addressed to the SC reply link - which, of course, doesn't reveal your identity if you munge.


    As you have been threatened and have the time ask for Lawyers name and make a formal complaint to "Law society"

    Also look up a "No win no Pay law firm yourself" these in Australia have a near 100% success as they will not take on a case they remotely look like losing

    Not that I believe a cartooney is nothing but bluff The fact is they thmselves may find threats can be costly

  3. Exactly what is the update?  Thanks!


    For some reason my SP2 is not installing

    it was availble around 10th depending which side of the world you are

    Todays one is (plus some hardware updates for me)

    Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0: x86 (KB829019)

    The .NET Framework version 2.0 improves scalability and performance with improved caching, application deployment and updating with ClickOnce, and support for the broadest array of browsers and devices with ASP.NET 2.0 controls and services. After you install this update, you may have to restart your computer.

    How to Uninstall

    This software update can be removed via Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel.

  4. And they may possibly also be used to increase the time that a IP is listed. (Note: that there is much confusion about this last point and it would be nice to get it clarified with an official statement. But I do not hold out too much hope for that.)


    I believe there is a "part" score added to SCBL for mole reporting, as is the count used by SpamCop's spam Traps

    A larger score/count is used by a "normal" SpamCop report meaning a Normal and or unmunged report will list a spamming IP quicker

  5. When deciding how best to do this, while not exposing myself any more than necessary, I chose to take the 'mole' status.


    using spamcop to report spam (free version) you are best use a free throwaway email account like

    hard_2_guess_99[ AT ] hotmail com

    mole status does not much. except, help statistics (bit unclear myself on latest rendition)

    Better still is to get a SpamCop email account Whitelisting NZ would allow a major majority of your colleagues through but not spam (which SpamCop filters should stop)

  6. http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z828987368z50...701ef5c4d03d35z




    This is telling me that either the Brazil blocklist is disabled or not configured correctly

    All Brazilan spam is now only stopped by Spamassassin, My blacklist "BR" or the SCBL!

    Much is caught by these but NEVER block Brazil?

    Please check that our WebMail block Brazil is working

  7. ZoneAlarm for windows XP (free edition) seems to be easy to set-up for me and most I would think it is six of one and half a dozen of the other as to which one, one chooses from your list all are good AFAIK.

    My signature also shows other programs one needs nowadays for computer security (or something similar)

    Password Depot I find very good and works off a USB key (freeware for 20 complex passwords) this means you do not store passwords on your computer (If computer is compromised the Windows one is easily hackable). No doubt other types of "Password Savers" are also good

  8. I'm not questioning what you're posting, just your habit of quoting yourself while doing so.


    I'm fairly busy and it takes time to report the spam slipping through then to provide links to that reported spam as well as the IP's concerned

    To remove quotes is not much of a problem I suppose, but it becomes an extra disincentive to bother. Like reporting spam to Brazil in that it only ends up in the bit bucket with Brazilian ISP's ignoring (although SpamCop report does add it to the count of that IP being listed)

    I signed up with a SpamCop email account to help me not get spam.

    The VER web page is a plus in that all my spam is easily reported.

    It is no bother for me just not to inform of what is a problem for me Then quietly dissapear like many are

  9. petzl, why do you feel the need to keep quoting yourself?  Thanks!


    just mentioning IP's from Brazil that are passing through when I have Brazil blocked?

    Or you saying this is falling on deaf ears and its now usless to try to keep SpamCop Email ahead of the rest?

  10. For the last few months, I've been getting occasional Chinese spams forwarded to me from Spamcop (anything from none to ten a day).   I have "China the country" listed in my blacklist.   When I then report the spams individually. the offending ISP is always in China.


    Yes the SpamCop filters are leaking email from countries that one has specifically asked to be blocked?

    One factor seems to be that the blocklist used was on "autoPilot" and eventually crashed


    "blackholes US" also state they are under DOS attacks

    Personally I feel if blocklists are failing other means need to be set-up by SpamCop Email

    My main problem is Brazil who are trying to attack my address. Only achieving to be further blaclisted. Its only recently that a minimum of success by these Spammers are getting through to my inbox (Which are then reported) (I gauge most spam attacks for me are Brazil accounting for 90% + in attacks on me for one (not sure if this applies to all users?)

    I also on a even smaller scale seeing some China and Korea spam also leaking through to my inbox. This seems to also coincide with SpamAssasin seemingly being placed at the forefront of blocking spam by SpamCop Email? Before this SpamCop Email had for me a 100% rate in accurately stopping ALL spam with no false positives (Still not getting any false positives)

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