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  1. Hi petzl,

    Well finaly you can show the same error.

    Thats what i get..

    But what i dont understand is ...

    You say its a email client on its own ?

    Hows that?

    Whenever you hit process mail it uses the standard client,that is thunderbird or OE..

    Interesting problem huh... :(


    MailWasher is a email client in that it needs your "POP" to first retrieve then filter email on the server after filtering it deletes spam leaving non-spam for your other email client to download (in your case Thunderbird)

    If you wish to report spam to spamcop using Mailwasher it then asks for SMTP settings to submit the spam. Trouble is it has a glitch and misconfigures your email address (as the graphic shows

    Again you really need to try out the very best in automated spam & virus filters which is a SpamCop Email account You get the only email address you will ever need so far bullet proof from spammers and virus. PayPal is what I use to pay although there are other methods. If it is not your cup of tea refunds are cheerfuly given

  2. ha..ha...ha..

    But i just had a conversation with a employee of my isp,not a helpdesk person but higher then that..

    A thing i didnt tried yet was loging in at my webmail/directly at isp address.

    So sending from my isp webmail to submite.ID..spamcop[at]blabla spamcop went fine,no problems so its not blocked...

    Does this help?


    You need to setup Mailwasher for both SMTP and POP

    Mailwasher is a email client (on its own) that leaves email (That it does not either delete/report) on server for your OTHER email client (Thunderbird) to then retrieve

    You need to set up MailWasher properly first (Mailwasher is 12 months old and can not do this yet for Thunderbird)

  3. The problem with this is Mailwasher Pro has not been updated for over 12 monts

    For less than $US35 bucks ypu can get the very best and easiest to use a SpamCop Email acount

    Which is easy to set up. Downloads ALL your email accounts in one go accuratly removing all spam and virus with zero email, including spam deleted. spam is put in a VER folder for you to just check first before rorting (thus getting blocked by SCBL

    Things like Thunderbird have not yet been setup for MailWasher ( I would suspect your 30 day free trail for Mail washer is over)

    By the way I have zero connection with SpamCop other than a paying user in Sydney Australia and just don't argue with the Very best

    And when are you comming to Austraia? I thought except for your Euro Princess have? Heaps of Dutch here already and all most welcome

  4. yes that they are both the same i already knew that...

    but ok..you been a great help,like the others...but we have to wait till tomorrow.

    then i can give some more info on what they said about this..

    i hope you can give your feedback on my other started topic...


    It is Mailwasher itself that is attemping to send/email the spam for reporting to spamcop (no other program)

    So your SMTP setup in mailwasher is wrong (Mailwasher is reporting spam in this case the email program doing it, no other)


    Error 550 Relaying not allowed


    This error message is coming from the mail server, not from MailWasher. This error means that the SMTP (outgoing) mail server did not recognize you as an authorized user and rejected your e-mail message. Most ISPs (ISP stands for Internet Service Provider, and this includes GCI) configure their mail servers to recognize only those computer IP addresses that are on an accepted list. If you use multiple ISPs, or just switched from another ISP, you are likely to encounter this problem. The solution is to change setting of the SMTP server for that mail account under your e-mail application:

    What are my POP (or IMAP) and SMTP settings?

    POP or IMAP is your incoming mail setting and SMTP is your outgoing mail setting. You need to consult your documentation from your email provider for these settings, or see the MailWasher® Pro help for more information.

    While Mailwasher is very good as it allows you to not only whitelist email addresses it also allows you to use the best most accurate Blocklist around SCBL along with others. It also by immediatly reporting spam is attacking the spammer

    It is still not as good as a full SpamCop Email address

  5. You also have Mailhosts configured?

    The problem with mailwasher while it works very good one tends to stay out of touch with the ever evolving SpamCop

    For instance did you know spamcop reporting system was down 24th August (for a major hardware upgrade) much of the day and may be a source of your troubles

    Ideally you should consider upgrading to a full SpamCop Email account which accuratly filters your email from spam and virus before you get it. all spam is put in a Very Easy Reporting (VER) folder

  6. But Petzl, I do not want to be transferring all my messages over the wire to any future spamcop SMTP servers.  Often when away from home, I am on very slow dialup.  Dropping the message at the closest mailbox (the ISP's) is an advantage and minimizes the bandwidth used across the internet.

    I completely agree with spamcop's decision not to support SMTP servers from the reputation point of view.  I don't think SPF will be widely accepted and implemented to make it useful.


    Suprisingly I too end up in places where dialup was the norm. This has now changed or changing with wireless (now apparently offerering up to 75 megabites a second from your laptop)

    SpamCop Email Service should never rest on its "laurels" and needs to advance. While still the very best (and only)email service for stopping spam getting to your inbox. I want more, which is a very white hat SMTP for sending email and needs not to be "pooh-poohed" and forgoten about because of simply being sumised as being in the too hard basket

  7. I want to be able to use only my spamcop address on all emails, regardless of where I send my email from.


    Well if JT would get behind the SPF program and provide a SMTP (out going server accessed by logon/Password) It would be a disincentive for spamcop joejobs and you could send/access email with your SpamCop address anywhere

    Remember I would also like non SPF to go to held mail if not whitelisted

    The idea sounds solid and a good antispam solution (again IF it becoes a universal norm)

  8. It is NOT only with GeoCitites sites, but many sites.  I have no control over the code or what gets worked on first, so no, I have no idea if they have even determined the cause completely yet. 

    The only info on our side is that the parser finds a link then does nothing with it.  Sometimes, refreshing the parse will yield a result, other times not.


    Found a simple Geocities form to report these sites


    I thugh I may of killed the spammer but although down to 3 from twenty the spammer is very much still not got the message

  9. Tracking URL of a sample ????


    I' getting a deluge from what I believe to be same spammer using UK Yahoo/geocities web sites that link to other pornsites to my hotmail account (20 a day) also

    If you are a paying Spamcop Email user you can see some them of them here

    Geocities spam samples

    You will see they are not fast in taking these sites down either? 3 days to be removed. It also suggests to me they Geocities UK may have a security problem

    Looks like this Geocities spammer is now RIP :P (so reports do work)

    Every so often spamcop does not report the URL so I add it manually. Also this spammer incudes a base 64 spam which sometimes SpamCop does not get(again I add that and the site it links to to my spamcop report (so if you have the time you can do this yourself)

    If the site is unreachable SpamCop will not report it either (often site has been canceled)

  10. does it reference yahoo webspace, or is the URL using a Yahoo redirect, which doesn't actually go to a Yahoo destination?


    Mainly uses Yahoo webspace (all different name) with links elsewhere On some occasions (not often) it redirects from yahoo

    If I have the time I also report the weblinks from Yahoo

    Must of hit a nerve, as once out of over a hundred reports in that the Pornsite it was redirected to claimed they will block yahhoo redirects?

  11. Well MS is cashed up to by more bullets

    "money from Mr Richter and his company, OptInRealBig.com, will be used to augment efforts to combat spam and other computer misuse."

    I don't say reporting spammers works all the tme. On the otherhand fines and or prison sentences seem to be esculating for spammers

    I always report my hotmail spam at present getting abut 10 a day (porn) from same spammer always referancing Yahoo webspace (which link to diferent porn sites) not sure how long before Yahoo take them down if they do at all?

    I'm sure if Hotmail get enough evidence of this spammer he will find him/her self facing the courts I do what I can to provide the bullets

  12. Hi,

    Following spamcop's recommendation on this page:


    [snip tedious fix for]

    I downloaded SpamKiller from Minute Group.

    Now outlook is working great again.

    I suggest you take down the recommendation of SpamKiller from that page, and any other places its mentioned.



    The best way to stop getting spam in you inbox is to get a SpamCop Email Account This allows your email to be downloaded or forwarded to (forwarding is best) and then accuratly spam filtered.Probable spam is put in a Very Easy to Report (VER) folder and email identified as clean to your inbox

    This account allows whitelisting of email addresses and or domains you regually receive email from. Most find it very accurate to POP spamcop which You will also be given a SpamCop email address which is the only email address one will ever need.

    You are allowed two weeks to decide if it is your cup of tea or not

  13. That is probably what I did wrong then! I just hit forward and sent it that way. I will try as an attachment. Thanks.


    Never display your email address with an "[at]" put <AT> in it like


    or "info[AT]jovonna[DOT]org"

    first contatact is best used ging a free throwaway address like

    "hard_2_guess<AT>hotmail<DOT>com" upgrading contact when you consider it confirmed (spammers use programs called spiders

    Forward to your secret email address as an attachment (in the case of"outlook Express"

    Ideally you should consider coughing up the US$30 a year for the only email address you will ever need which is a SpamCop email address this will also collect email from all your email addresses you now have and can easily be trained to accuratly only allow legitimate email to your inbox with all spam just ending up in a "Very Easy Reporting" folder where ALL spamm is reported and added to SpamCops members count towards blocklisting

    You have a two weeks free trail to test if this indeed is your cup of tea or not and a refund if it amazingly is not

    I am in Sydney Australia and SpamCop's biggest whinger/critic if it fails Which it rarely dores. If it does is continuosly improved to correct

  14. anyway, to get back to my original question, has anyone else noticed a significant increase in spam coming from hotmail as the last stop before reaching your local server?

    thanks, paul


    I'm starting to get a persistant spammer (porn) to what was a clean hotmail account with a "hard_2_guess[at]hotmail.com" address

    The best defence is attack report all spam in the case of hotmail I not only report through spamcop but also put it in hotmails "junk" folder then delete/trash it and hotmail will then present a popup to allow you to report it as "junk" Hotmail atively hunts down spammers worldwide

    Once reported it pays to use Blocklists however when using a selectable numbe of blocklists as well as personal blacklists these need to beoverridden by your personal Whitelist (simpler to get the only email address you will ever need

  15. The domain record for hotcopper.com.au indeed still shows the same financial services unit behind it,  I've since deleted the email they sent me (shame on me) but in it they provided a link to a press release on hotcopper.com.au that mentioned they had been purchased by a 3rd party and weren't sure they would continue offering any of their services.


    I gave them an email address my present "provider" dumped me with and it is now getting stock spam within 24 hours of giving HotCopper. That email address which I had not used? So (IMO) either Hotcopper are selling email addresses or personal information is somehow being scraped? This imformation is not available to public.

    Of course it may be (wink wink nod nod) extreme outside probability/odds that it is coincidence and also that the spammer is touting stocks (from USA ip with an invalid reply address tj8ca<AT>verizon.net)

    Just proves NEVER give out a legit email address to people first contact use a free through away with a (like)HaRd_2_Guess<at>hotmail<DOT>com one

  16. Being the kind of straightforward person that I am I sent a professional-style flame to the email address listed on the domain record for hotcopper.com only to discover (via their response) that they (a financial services unit) is no longer affiliated with hotcopper.com and that they, too, think blocking spam-protected accounts is pretty idiotic.

    As of this morning the domain record was updated to reflect a surreptitious domain squatter that is now trying to sell hotcopper.com.

    That explains why you got blocked all of a sudden.  Domain squatters go hand-in-hand with the rest of the underbelly of the Net, such as spammers.


    This is with Hotcopper.com.au (Australia) Seems most of the sensible imput is moving away from them at any rate (at least the ones I follow have moved)

  17. So let's review. Another customer of the company that hosts my domain sent

    out spam. spam Cop added that server to bl.spamcop.net. I have my e-mail

    account on that server forwarding all e-mail to spam Cop (which is suggested

    in the spam Cop documentation). Since the server doing the forwarding is now

    in bl.spamcop.net, every single e-mail that is forwarded gets blocked.

    > http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/


    The question is why is the company that hosts his domian getting blocked

    Answer because it's cheap and the reason it is cheap is because it is no bloody good and just wants to milk your bank account

    Answer tell them they are getting listed by SpamCop (not a easy feat).

    To get this far means they are no bloody good and GOODBYE and ask for ALL money so far milked to be paid back (if they have a ombudsman make a formal complaint to get your money back AND closed down)

    The fact is their sevrver is a supporter of spammers and does NOTHING to stop being listed

  18. Disclaimer: Please have patience as I'm not all that tech-savvy. I mean to say - well - I was an English major.

    So, lately (last week or two) I've been getting, in addition to the usual spam, blank e-mails. No subject, no body. And they all seem to be coming from [some random name][at]yebox.com or [some random name][at]didamail.com

    I Googled this and got nothing. Any insight as to what this is, what it's caused by, etc? Also, I want to be sure I use SpamCop correctly, and I know a crux of that is to be sure the spam I'm reporting is actually spam. The funny thing is, I have no idea if this is spam.


    It's spam you don't want it you don't know who sent it

    When you paste headers just put/add in body "NO BODY IN spam"

    SpamWare is pretty crippled and often for one reason or another falls over when using a hacked computer that a provider dosen't care about

  19. I've had the "bounce flag" set for my (paid email) spamcop email account twice today; it has never been set before.  The details (if you could call them that) were


    A test message to the bouncing address -- my spamcop address -- came through quite quickly.

    If it never happens again, I won't mind.  How can there be a bounce issue with messages to my spamcop address that's my fault (rather than the fault of the spamcop email system)?  Is there a way to find out more?  Thanks.


    The SpamCop email system is the best available. In the unlikely event of issues and or expected issues, it would be announced here Latest events are posted on your WebMail logon

    I would also expect to see others raising like/similar email problems in this "newsgroup" if problem was other than yours or those trying to send to you

    I'm in Sydney Australia and all my SpamCop Email arrives with spam being put accurately in my spam folder and only virus free and legitimate email put in my Inbox (which "Outlook Express" checks without fail every 10 minutes)