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  1. Make Your USB drive Bootable

    this can be done with Flash Cards as well

    Altough its probably cheaper to buy a USB 80GB drive (My 4GB flashcard cost me US$300).

    EBAY have external Laptop USB 80GB drives complete for about US$130

    2½inch 5400rpm laptop Samsung drives are around $US110

    3½inch PC drives are even cheaper although a bit more that twice the dimensions of a laptop drive. For the above price a PC equivlent would be around 300GB they also require a power supply

  2. http://www.thestar.com/NASApp/cs/ContentSe...tacodalogin=yes

    An article about a Canadian ISP that will be implimenting free anti-virus software for all it's customers...  Thoughts, comments?


    The 'service" is going to help cut down on virus (by compulsory screening) not sure if the FireWall is going to be software or hardware (ideally both is what is required) My signature shows free software for this

    No mention of spam prevention?

    It is best never to use an email address provided by an ISP as they really are not interested in much except milking your bank account.

    By not using their "email service" you would save $8 a month or $116 a year :huh:

  3. Hi I have recently signed up for an email account with you, so far its been great but I am having one issue, it seams to be taking a very long time to get messages in from my pop accounts. I cant use mail forwarding so I have spam cop pull in the emails directly from the email server. Is there any way in which I can speed up how often it checks for these emails?


    You are best to use your spamcop email address and let the others slowly die

    There is no reasonable reason why your ISP cannot forward email to SpamCop

    The POP'ing time varies with SpamCop from around 15 minutes to 5 minutes depending on system load. You should pop direct from pop.SpamCop.net and depending on what time your own email client "POP's" also adds to the delay's of POP'ing (SpamCops email sever is state of art and probably quicker than your internet connection, I'm in Sydney Australia)

    Most ISP's are the reason spammers spam and dump one with a compulsory email account which they do not protect or show concern about completly clueless and just want you as a cash cow.

    One of my Legacy email accounts UUnet (Ozemail) have put in a "spam" filter which only allows spam through with legit email disapearing. Before I got both and SpamCop accurately sorted the spam to a VER folder and the legitimate email to my inbox, Now there is o point in getting email fowarded and not sure if I can turn forwarding off as I no longer use them as a provider

  4. I've got POP working and it seems like spam has decreased slightly, but when I check my spamcop.net HELD MAIL folder to review the messages spamcop has identified as spam (that's the purpose of this folder, right?) I see no messages. If that's not the right place to look for mail ID'd as spam, where am I supposed to look?


    -- Paul


    There is a set-up FAQ (click here)

    Very basically

    aside from POP'ing email using "pop.spamcop.net" on your email client (If you wish to use IMAP you can also use "imap.spamcop.net" most use both but only have their email client check pop. IMAP can be used to drag email to your heldfolder If you drag all those emails you wish to your Very Easy to Report (VER) folder; On the "Select Action" scroll box after checking the boxes with the contacts you wish to whitelist scroll to "Forward (and whitelist Sender)"

    You also need to Set-up your blacklist checking all the blacklist boxes for full security or uncheck some that you find "troublesome" Do not check the box "Block All" or "Tag Only" (these are another control you may use but you have to work out what they do)

    Hope this is a help

    (you should also use a Alphanumeric password from a 8 character to no more than 30 for a SpamCop email account. The more alpnumerals you use the more secure your mail will be For instance a 15 alphanumeric Password is 120 bits secure Banks use 128 bits. I highley recommend using a "password saver" from a USB Drive)

  5. Am I required to set up an account for each email address I own?


    A SpamCop account will "POP" up to ten different e-mail accounts (including Hotmail, Yahoo etc) Removing Virus's, accurately putting non spam in your Inbox. With spam going to a "Very Easy To Report" (VER) folder (No e-mail is ever lost) Allowing you to very effectivly attack and block spammers by a easy click or three of your mouse

    It is best to have existing e-mail accounts forwarded to your SpamCop account as this is faster (almost instant) POP'ing is done around every 10 minutes depending on system load.

    You are best to gradually start disusing other e-mail addresses and use your SpamCop address and POP directly from SpamCop. This avoids lessens the misconfiguration problems a major majority of ISP,s have with their systems

    SpamCop is the only e-mail address you will EVER need

    The reason we have a problem with spam is because of Internet Providers and their inability to secure the e-mail address they dump you with or force you to have. If spam was effectively blocked spamming would have no point! Even Hotmail offer a superior service to a vast many and is always good to have for first contact, as well as those “subscriptions” you have to sign up with. Hotmail (Microsoft) actively hunt down suing and jailing Spammers who attack their customers

  6. If my ISP would have bounced it, that would be one less customer, and perhaps they would tell their friends not to use me since I don't answer e-mails.  Not a good situation for any business trying to please customers.


    That is why the SpamCop function of sorting spam to a held folder for confirming as spam then reporting to an ISP is the best option, than mindlesly bouncing (which far to many ISP's still do)

    From my experience (not sure what the colour of the sky is on your world) most spam spew comes from ISP's who do not have a legit contact address so even reporting does not get to a responsive person

  7. Has anyone tested the security of yahoo groups lately?  A few months ago, someone attempted to add me to their list without my consent.  I received a confirmation email as one would expect from a confirmed opt-in system.


    For yahoo groups you are foolish if you do not use a disposable hotmail account

    use a hard to guess logon like 1_2_buckle_-my_shoe

    (I prefer hotmail because Microsoft actively arrest sue and jail spammers)

    They also do a better than fair job of stopping spam (and virus) hitting your inbox (yes hotmail have a whitelist)

    When you do report a spammer as a hotmail victim it is flagged for a legal attack

    A big problem in accepting the compulsory email account with your provider is that they are mainly absolutely useless (I do not accept them) The worse fact is they then never seem to learn

    Right now a legacy email account from UU.net (ozemail) they are offering spam and virus filtering without whitelist. The only mail I still get is spam with legit mail disappearing

    There is still no doubt the only and best email account to have is a SpamCop one

  8. Since I have NO idea what to do with any of this, it is clear as MUD to me too, lol.



    Here's another waste of a perfectly good explanation ;)

    Spammers use Yahoo groups to send spam to their many victims and yahoo are slow in responding to this (so far)

    SpamCop is like a radar and when spam starts being reported through SpamCop; SpamCop blocks the IP it is sourced from

    This means the spam is blocked (or flagged) in seconds as the spammmer tries to send spam not after it is sent (A spam run lasts for hours and hours)

    When spam stops being reported SpamCop then frees that listed IP (and is the quickest for doing so)

  9. Report all spam you get and the IP source will get reported and possibly blocked

    Without an IP of source or headers and or a SpamCop URL reporting link no one can further assist you.

    Just make sure your own computer is secure, My signature show links to free programs that will secure a windows computer

  10. spammers rely on MASS mailing millions and millions of emails sent so non-exsitant accounts mean little: recent example

    Sydney Morning Herald

    Jeremy Jaynes was making suckers of everyone. Not any more, writes Mark Coultan.

    The messages were typical spam, those time-wasting emails that clog inboxes everywhere.

    One promised riches on the stockmarket. Another offered software that would erase your computer's internet history. Another offered to make you a fortune working from home as a "FedEx refund processor". Each offer cost $US39.95 ($52).

    It is unlikely those who paid felt they got value for money; they were only diverted to other websites. For Jeremy Jaynes, there was a sucker born every minute, almost literally. From his house in North Carolina, he sent millions of these messages.

    As Jeremy James and Gaven Stubberfield, he became one of the world's biggest spammers - No.8 on the list kept by the website Spamhaus.

    Spammers work on the law of averages. If Jaynes sent out 1 million messages, and only 0.1 per cent of people responded, he still made $US39,950.

    By the time Virginian police arrested him, Jaynes was making an estimated $US500,000 to $US750,000 a month. He owned a million-dollar house, a restaurant and a Maserati and was considered a respectable businessmen. He also helped renovate housing for the poor.

  11. Thanks for your reply. It's nice to know I can always count on this forum to provide the answers I'm searching for. Really, I'm not kidding. This is just f*cking great. Thanks again for your time and attention. You've been really helpful.


    You have lost me?

    The option is yours to cancel your account where you will be given a refund for time remaing and open a new one

    It may be possible by asking the owner of SpamCop's email service to transfer your setup to a new address of your choosing contact can be made by clicking the following link SpamCop's CONTACT WEB PAGE

  12. ...how can i do this? I have about two pages of addresses I want to keep but deleting them one page at a time just takes too long. I would delete my account and open a new one if i didn't have half a year left... Some how I added all these addresses by accident. No idea how but if some admin/sysop could delete the whole lot it would be great as they are mostly spammer addresses which defeats the whole object of the service, non?

    All the best Dave


    If you write to JT WebPage he will purge it for you.

    Although you can go direct to your WhiteList check all the boxes and delete them page by page (Probably best option

    The reason for accidently whitelisting email address is the Repoting Held Mail Page scroll box at top of page will "SCROLL" as you move (scroll) to bottom of page using mouse scroll wheel (to "release/delete" button)

    To avoid this happening click on page to remove the mouse activation of pages ScrollBar

  13. How do I create a new primary address for my current spamcop account without having to cough up money and time to establish a completely new account? This should be simple and seamless, but it isn't.


    a new spamcop address is the same cost as a years subscription for old one?

    You will have to spend five minutes or so in reseting your new account.

    Then again it may be as simple as requesting JT via webpage to transfer your setup to a new account. If you do this when the subscription is due it should cost you no more

  14. For your own peace of mind you will want to check you have all the normal security stuff installed and working - anti-virus, firewall and, perhaps, anti-spyware.



    jalcott might want to go through my signature for windows protection

    In meantime do a online scan (If your Nortons disabled something is wrong?)


    Another plus is to face up to getting a SpamCop email account which aside from blocking and reporting spammers. Also removes detected viruses before they arrive. It always pays to double this security with your own virus program that continually monitors your computer

  15. then autoforwarded to my ISP mail address. Outgoing mail indicates my domain name, but actually goes out from my ISP's server)

    What's happening and who needs to fix it?


    It pays to POP pop.spamcop.net directly as this removes or lessens the probability of other mailservers error

    SpamCop email is more than likley to be faster than mail from your companies server so no need to forward there

    By removing an unnecessary step it becomes easier to identify problems

  16. I never looked just assumed they would be?

    It may be they are not listed by cn.rbl.cluecentral.net and or china.blackholes.us but they need to be

    One of the spamcop listings is becase I put it there with one report but is due for release in a few hours!

    The other has a number of reports and will be there for a couple of days CHINANET-ZJ WENZHOU NODE NETWORK

    this was sent to a old legacy email acount CHINANET SICHUAN PROVINCE NETWORK

    this one was sent to spamcop addresses?

  17. Yesterday (thursday) could not send email. Spoke with ISP - Road Runner. One of the techs had not heard of spamcop.

    error message on attempting to send email.

    An unknown error was returned from the SMTP account . . .

    Server response '571 was found in bl.spamcop.net ....

    The only suggestion that the ISP had was to unplug the cable modem for 24 hours

    and let the DNS server assign a new address



    Your computer is being accesed by persons you don't want to access your computer. go through my signature and install a virus checker SpyWare checker and Firewall Also get latest updates from microsoft

  18. The SpamCop blocklist SCBL blocks the spam while it is being sent. Releasing IP when spammer has stopped sending.

    The SpamCop Blocklist acts like a radar when spam appears in the form of abuse reports or spamtraps that IP is blocked. When reports stop comming that IP is released

    If you choose to show the IP address more information can be given (SpamCop members can see what type of spam it is)

  19. In my signature I recommend the Installation of IE-SPYAD Particularly for Parents. But I suspect this type of software could be worked on to block all web sites from spam friendly providers (which IMO it pretty much does now)

    However it does cripple many features of (Genuine Part) Internet Explorer and Outlook Express so it does require a person of internet "savvy" to check the effectiveness of this non-genuine MicroSoft "Tack on"

  20. Petz:  This shooting a messenger argument does wash. A/the cause for being listed needs to be worked out and the fix applied

    Miss Betsy

    I think I already said the same thing a couple of posts back.

    Miss Betsy


    I know you did and are of course completly correct as usual

  21. There's more than one "blackhole list" on the Internet, Wazoo, so I don't think there would be any copyright/trademark restrictions involved.

    I'm pretty sure that their trademark is "RBL" and/or "Realtime Blackhole List," but not any one or two of those words.

    to suggest a new name: SpamCop Blackhole List


    I believe you are on the right track. I always try to refer to the list as our SpamCop Members List

    It just sounds friendlier (Like the Words DON'T PANIC) and would avoid the complaints about those choosing to use this list. A few people forever try to reason that the SCBL because it is named a blocklist is designed to bit-bin email? While it can do this it is meant to sort email to a spam folder (Idealy for reporting), which I and a major majority find it accurately does