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  1. 2. I will also redo my enquires form to include a mandatory field that requires users to choose whether they'd like to receive our mailings (simple yes or no field). In an automated email it would say that you have subscribed and should this not be the case then please reply and you will be removed.



    It needs to be the opposite?

    If one wishes to continue recieving your emails then they need to reply

    If you do NOT get a reply they are NEVER to be bothered again

    A good how to do this is by going to Bonded Sender and look at passage CONSENT and passage UNSUSCRIBE to see the riot act on professionalism

  2. So I should report these "bounced" emails to spamcop? Of course I want this guy to stop spamming people, but moreso, I want this guy to at least take my email off his return path when sending out these mails.


    If you are getting a copy of the spam in the bounced email report as I suggested (do not use SpamCop for this) make it a personal abuse report

    If there are no "attachments" showing you the spam and its source you can use spamcop for reporting the ISP for "misdirected bounces" (this is unlikley to be the source of the spam)

  3. A spammer seems to have put an email address I own as the return email address for all his spam mails. This resulting in me getting every failure delivery email from the victims' server.

    Please, is there anything I can do about this? Im seriously desperate since ive been getting 100-200 failure delivery emails a week.



    You have to report (using the "DAT" or contained file in bounce) the source from where the spam is being sent from (you are not allowed o use SpamCop to do this) SpamCop can however help you in giving abuse addresses for personel reports

    Seems to work for me

  4. Yes JT has reset my password he believes the limit is 30 but right now not game to try it (Will try again next sunday Sydney Australia time) I don't expect much mail on Sunday Monday


    Looks like JT is correct (30 is maximum) I just used random 26 lowercase/Upercase characters numbers (giving 208 bit security) and it works (numbers and Characters only no symbols)

    Willl change this shorty to an undisclosed (higher or lower) number as giving away password size is also a "clue" but 208 bit security is better than a banks

  5. I just tried to delete unwanted entries in my SC Mail whitelist.  Each entry I deleted took me back to page 1.  When you have over 35 pages to deal with this makes it a very slow process.  It should at least remain on the page you are dealing with.  It would also help if each item had a date attached as to when it was placed there.


    I agree The whitelist is hard to update

    I try to whitelist domains and only use specific domain addresses when it becomes a problem to keep the list shorter

  6. That is what I did not want to happen to me, sorry  :(

    Have you sent a message off to JT to reset the password?


    Yes JT has reset my password he believes the limit is 30 but right now not game to try it (Will try again next sunday Sydney Australia time) I don't expect much mail on Sunday Monday

  7. Have you tried?  Have you gotten any errors? If confirmed that at least x characters is accepted, that could be added into one of the FAQ entries.

    My passwords are 11 qwerty characters including the date of last change and are changed every 90 days.


    I used 50 and are presently locked out :(

    No error message nothing so the limit is less than 50 (What the number is though I don't know) HotMail seems to be between 8 & 15 (at least the box only holds fifteen characters)

    I use 40 to 50 randomly generated uppercase lowercase qwerty characters with random numbers on most accounts I wish to be really secure (equal to 400 bits)

    I use a password saver on a USB drive so remembering them is no problem, The password file is also available (hidden) on my website also heavily encrypted by two different algorythm methods

  8. What is the maximum size for passwords

    is 30 characters to many

    What characters can be used

    Personally I like to use between 45 and 60 random characters and numbers with symbols such as"=" signs included for maximum security

    Can this be accommodated or is one limited to upper & lower case QWERTY with numerals

  9. SpamCop wouldn't be interested because, IIUC petzl's posts, Bonded Sender is part of Ironport who owns spamcop.  Also, because part of the mission is to stop a spam run.  For whitehats, that happens as soon as they get the spamcop report.  The primary purpose is not to blacklist any IP address permanently.

    Some other blocklist might be more interested.

    Miss Betsy


    I see BondedSender and SpamCop as ideal and complementery to each other and if one of BondedSenders customers does start spamming it's

    (1) easily traced by SpamCop


    (2) easily and immediatly blocked by SpamCop

    Remember for properly configured e-mail servers SpamCop easily blocks the SOURCE without blocking the server it went through

    Once dedicated and Whitelisted e-mail servers become the norm, it will mean only whitelisted e-mail servers will be accepted by well everyone and children starting on internet will only associate spam with spam (that exellent meal in a tin)

  10. There are a couple of inherit problem with whitelists... 

    * Everyone must sign up to join them.

    None can commuincate until all parties of a communication channel are subscribed.


    To use Bonded Sender whitelist is free and as easy to use as a Blacklist

    * They're not bullet proof

    What happens when a someone makes the effort to disrupt the service.  1000 spammers who acqurie 1000 valid accounts can lodge a lot of complaints.

    What about a conspiracy?  if someone doesn't like what someone else does...  Who gets blocked, who doesn't?

    Bonded sender to be listed are not free and require a Bond each SINGLE spam Complaint costs that user US$20

    * administration and judication would be a nightmare

    Someone has which reports are valid or not.  Otherwise ppl will be unjustly removed

    Bonded Server is free for one to use as a whitelist to subscribe it has to be paid for

    If it was as simple as we wish, it would have been done.

    In an ideal world, no problem it could work.  But then, in an ideal world, would it be needed in the first place?

    It is needed now will people use it is another matter. That letter from your Bank or Solicitor WOULD arrive if Bonded sender was used

    Check out BondedSenders Riot act to see

  11. Luv ur signature petzl

    I'm a little curious if you are familiar with the sourceforge project Calm or specifically clamwin:



    I'm currently checking out AVG tho.

    So far, AVG is performing nicely, it found the 10 viri I had stored for later inspection. (it's only 3 different versions of same strain)  It's curious, after I reported a spam to a specific site in China, I've been recieving viri form a neighboring ip addy. 

    I wonder what that's all about... :unsure:


    Thanks for the link

    I were not aware of them but are now. AVG has been around for a while and seems to be as good (if not better) as any paid for anti-virus product. Wonder when Microsoft will have a "tack-on" virus detector

    Chinese are internet hopeless! They probably :o have infected machines that send out virus's to all their spam victims? I only use a spamcop e-mail address and do not see any of their mindless rubbish. Any good provider would allow you to block all of China because of to many spam tolerent/ignorant providers. This also applies to their seemingly endless number of virus infected machines

    If you use a firewall and EVERYONE should (ideally BOTH hardware and software) Software minimum type You will see virus (amongst other deliberate attackers) always trying to access/attack and infect through various ports every few seconds

  12. Has spam gone crazy again... or is it another virus?

    I received an email today from support at symantec something like a new buppa-k virus, but I didn't report a virus, they were telling me I did, I suspect the file might be the virus.

    My server and email fouled up last night and started losing things. I got 50 spams today, they bumped right up again.


    Another reason to use SpamCop email (The ONLY email address you will ever need) as SpamCop checks all incoming email for both spam and Virus

    You should always run your own Virus program with latest definitions

    For windows uses check the links in my signature the Virus program I mention is not only as good as the best its free and reasonably low on system resources

    The other links are also now compulsory for a secure internet (wndows)computer all programs are free for individual use

  13. Domain lists work *only* if the domain name is authenticated.  That is why they have not been possible until now.

    Also, the receiver must use the *authenticated* name in matching his white/black lists, not some other name that the spammer might have forged.


    Actually I have been a long ignored :( supporter of using a whitelist

    odd shot fired without response

    Not sure what the reason for at least SpamCop e-mail to implement it?

    Probably does blacklist guru's out of a job

  14. Does <EOM> mean sarcasm? I hope so since, AFAIK, as long as the "unauthorised" listings aren't actively doing anything criminal there's nothing forbidding them to list your URL/phone number/etc.



    Nothing necessarily to do with illegality (It however may be). The person concerned specifically asked for the links to be removed.

    Not knowing why? Could be adult content etc, or just inappropriate.

    The best people to rule on this are the Domain registrar, particularly if there are no warnings for underage (this, as a for instance, could constitute illegality) Some use false weblinks for "phishing" which is often an illegal act also

  15. 24448[/snapback]

    A reason why DUL is never used is that all email Headers have a DUL IP in them meaning all email would fail unless whitelisted

    A spammer only has to call his computer ""Whitelist IP" and regardless of where it was sent from because it had a "whitelist IP" mentioned in headers it would go to ones inbox (whitelists over ride all blocklists)

    It may be certain POP servers could identify a IP in a specific manner but most just "Keyword search headers" first for whitelist (if none) then for blacklist

  16. Also, I challenge the line in that article "why blacklists of spammer's IP Addresses aren't stopping spam".  The problem as I see it is not enough people are using blacklists because "I might lose a message".  A proberly configured blacklist will never "lose a message" because the sender will be informed of the problem.  My blacklists (from the spamcop email system) are stopping more than 99% of my spam.  If I get 2 spam in one day in my inbox, something strange is happening, yet it catches between 125-200 messages in the Held Mail folder each and every day.  The combination of effective blacklists associated with a whitelisting system is the best solution for most people.


    Yep the answer or solution to everyone's problem is to get the only email address you will ever need no email is ever lost by using SpamCops email system's blocking lists (mainly because it is thought out and set up correct)

    I get about 1 spam a month in my inbox which is easily dragged to my reporting folder (using IMAP)

    IMAP can also be used to easily whitelist email addresses by dragging them to reporting folder and then released by "Send and Whitelist" "button"

  17. SpamCop does not list email addresses.  It lists IP addresses such as which are currently spewing spam. It would appear that your ISP (go2.pl) is either spam-friendly or incompetent.

    . You get what you pay for!

    Contra petzl, it appears to me that the problem lies with the ISP's mail-server, not your own computer. I may be wrong!


    You may also be right :P

    However my advice to keep ones computer secure still stands

    Part of a security problem would be using an incompetent and or spam friendly ISP (they often collect email addresses passing through there servers to add to spam lists maybe even keep copies of creditcard numbers or more)

    SpamCop tries to go beyond mail servers and identifies actual individual computers that are spam sources. If an ISP masks this source through malformed IP addresses (incompetence/no rDNS) then the last traceable/identifiable IP is added to SpamCop Members Blocklist to sort probable spam into spam folders (for checking and reporting if it is spam)

  18. Yesterday when I tried sending email to the manufactory office (info[at]protonsil.pl), I received failure notices:

    host poczta.protonsil.pl[] said: 553 - X-Blocked :

    Your adress is in the SpamCop Blacklist (in reply to MAIL FROM command)

    I never on my life send a spam or needless e-mail. Please remove my adress from black list and penalize author this fake registry!

    Best regerds,

    Michal Szafranski

    my e-mail adress:



    You email address is not listed or blocked

    Your computer is open and everything on it is available to everyone

    Some are even using it to send their spam from it this is why SpamCops members have your computer listed

    Please read my signature AND

  19. Not confirming and not sending means that all that had been accomplished is the use of SpamCop resources in doing the parsing and looking-up of data .... if it's not actually being 'sent' anywhere, then absolutely nothing has been accomplished.



    Begining to wonder myself if SpamCop needs winding up came right a few days ago speed wise then slowed down again (but not as bad as it was say a week ago?

    In the past this is simply due to a growing over supply of users

  20. I agree that it takes way too many clicks and too much time to get from a Held Mail mailbox/Folder listing to the management of blacklists and whitelists and back again.  While you wait for JT to provide an easier way, you might find it convenient to bookmark and use the SpamCop Tools Page in its secure or insecure form or any of its links in a separate window.


    I would like a downloadable and (ideally) uploadable Whitelist so far I do not need to use a blacklist but have experimented with it

  21. If email is flagged by your blacklist and or the SpamCop filters email will end up in your held folder. SpamCop NEVER loses email

    You are always best to POP pop.spamcop.net directly and check what is in your held mail folder Login Here

    More likley your "forwarding system" has broken and is still waiting retrieval. Ideally you should phase out other email addresses and just use your SpamCop addy which is the only email address you will ever need

  22. how does one redirect addresses that aren't the address with which one signed up for spamcop, through a spamcop account? i was always under the impression that spamcop was for one account...


    Just have your ISP forward existing email addresses to your SpamCop address (often easily done using an ISP web site or phoning them) Turn that ISP's filtering OFF SpamCop's email is state of art with zero deletion of any false positives, SpamCop also checks for known Viruses on your email

    If you have to you can have SpamCop POP those accounts (Forwarding is quicker and best)

    POP Setup Page (you need to login)

    Hotmail you need to read this POPING Hotmail AOL Yahoo

    Make sure you have ALL emails with different domain names listed with your SpamCops Mailhost Click tag MailHost after logging on

    Try to just use your SpamCop email addy and phase out the others over time

    A SpamCop email address is the only email address you will ever need

  23. SpamCop members list which can be used for blocking

    (although members use the list to sort email into spam folder for checking)

    the Computer sending spam from a IP address (not an email address)

    The one who's computer is being blocked is probably comprimised meaning all Information on it is open and the computer itself can be operated by Spammers and or whoever

    Use my signature links to secure that (your) computer