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  1. Domain lists work *only* if the domain name is authenticated.  That is why they have not been possible until now.

    Also, the receiver must use the *authenticated* name in matching his white/black lists, not some other name that the spammer might have forged.


    Actually I have been a long ignored :( supporter of using a whitelist

    odd shot fired without response

    Not sure what the reason for at least SpamCop e-mail to implement it?

    Probably does blacklist guru's out of a job

  2. Does <EOM> mean sarcasm? I hope so since, AFAIK, as long as the "unauthorised" listings aren't actively doing anything criminal there's nothing forbidding them to list your URL/phone number/etc.



    Nothing necessarily to do with illegality (It however may be). The person concerned specifically asked for the links to be removed.

    Not knowing why? Could be adult content etc, or just inappropriate.

    The best people to rule on this are the Domain registrar, particularly if there are no warnings for underage (this, as a for instance, could constitute illegality) Some use false weblinks for "phishing" which is often an illegal act also

  3. 24448[/snapback]

    A reason why DUL is never used is that all email Headers have a DUL IP in them meaning all email would fail unless whitelisted

    A spammer only has to call his computer ""Whitelist IP" and regardless of where it was sent from because it had a "whitelist IP" mentioned in headers it would go to ones inbox (whitelists over ride all blocklists)

    It may be certain POP servers could identify a IP in a specific manner but most just "Keyword search headers" first for whitelist (if none) then for blacklist

  4. Also, I challenge the line in that article "why blacklists of spammer's IP Addresses aren't stopping spam".  The problem as I see it is not enough people are using blacklists because "I might lose a message".  A proberly configured blacklist will never "lose a message" because the sender will be informed of the problem.  My blacklists (from the spamcop email system) are stopping more than 99% of my spam.  If I get 2 spam in one day in my inbox, something strange is happening, yet it catches between 125-200 messages in the Held Mail folder each and every day.  The combination of effective blacklists associated with a whitelisting system is the best solution for most people.


    Yep the answer or solution to everyone's problem is to get the only email address you will ever need no email is ever lost by using SpamCops email system's blocking lists (mainly because it is thought out and set up correct)

    I get about 1 spam a month in my inbox which is easily dragged to my reporting folder (using IMAP)

    IMAP can also be used to easily whitelist email addresses by dragging them to reporting folder and then released by "Send and Whitelist" "button"

  5. SpamCop does not list email addresses.  It lists IP addresses such as which are currently spewing spam. It would appear that your ISP (go2.pl) is either spam-friendly or incompetent.

    . You get what you pay for!

    Contra petzl, it appears to me that the problem lies with the ISP's mail-server, not your own computer. I may be wrong!


    You may also be right :P

    However my advice to keep ones computer secure still stands

    Part of a security problem would be using an incompetent and or spam friendly ISP (they often collect email addresses passing through there servers to add to spam lists maybe even keep copies of creditcard numbers or more)

    SpamCop tries to go beyond mail servers and identifies actual individual computers that are spam sources. If an ISP masks this source through malformed IP addresses (incompetence/no rDNS) then the last traceable/identifiable IP is added to SpamCop Members Blocklist to sort probable spam into spam folders (for checking and reporting if it is spam)

  6. Yesterday when I tried sending email to the manufactory office (info[at]protonsil.pl), I received failure notices:

    host poczta.protonsil.pl[] said: 553 - X-Blocked :

    Your adress is in the SpamCop Blacklist (in reply to MAIL FROM command)

    I never on my life send a spam or needless e-mail. Please remove my adress from black list and penalize author this fake registry!

    Best regerds,

    Michal Szafranski

    my e-mail adress:



    You email address is not listed or blocked

    Your computer is open and everything on it is available to everyone

    Some are even using it to send their spam from it this is why SpamCops members have your computer listed

    Please read my signature AND

  7. Not confirming and not sending means that all that had been accomplished is the use of SpamCop resources in doing the parsing and looking-up of data .... if it's not actually being 'sent' anywhere, then absolutely nothing has been accomplished.



    Begining to wonder myself if SpamCop needs winding up came right a few days ago speed wise then slowed down again (but not as bad as it was say a week ago?

    In the past this is simply due to a growing over supply of users

  8. I agree that it takes way too many clicks and too much time to get from a Held Mail mailbox/Folder listing to the management of blacklists and whitelists and back again.  While you wait for JT to provide an easier way, you might find it convenient to bookmark and use the SpamCop Tools Page in its secure or insecure form or any of its links in a separate window.


    I would like a downloadable and (ideally) uploadable Whitelist so far I do not need to use a blacklist but have experimented with it

  9. If email is flagged by your blacklist and or the SpamCop filters email will end up in your held folder. SpamCop NEVER loses email

    You are always best to POP pop.spamcop.net directly and check what is in your held mail folder Login Here

    More likley your "forwarding system" has broken and is still waiting retrieval. Ideally you should phase out other email addresses and just use your SpamCop addy which is the only email address you will ever need

  10. how does one redirect addresses that aren't the address with which one signed up for spamcop, through a spamcop account? i was always under the impression that spamcop was for one account...


    Just have your ISP forward existing email addresses to your SpamCop address (often easily done using an ISP web site or phoning them) Turn that ISP's filtering OFF SpamCop's email is state of art with zero deletion of any false positives, SpamCop also checks for known Viruses on your email

    If you have to you can have SpamCop POP those accounts (Forwarding is quicker and best)

    POP Setup Page (you need to login)

    Hotmail you need to read this POPING Hotmail AOL Yahoo

    Make sure you have ALL emails with different domain names listed with your SpamCops Mailhost Click tag MailHost after logging on

    Try to just use your SpamCop email addy and phase out the others over time

    A SpamCop email address is the only email address you will ever need

  11. SpamCop members list which can be used for blocking

    (although members use the list to sort email into spam folder for checking)

    the Computer sending spam from a IP address (not an email address)

    The one who's computer is being blocked is probably comprimised meaning all Information on it is open and the computer itself can be operated by Spammers and or whoever

    Use my signature links to secure that (your) computer

  12. Over a dozen attempts to report - one "almost" made it, but when I clicked on the button, I got a "upstream server response timeout" message.  Tracking URL:


    Other spams both before and after have processed as expected.


    SpamCop full reporting is almost stopped. At best creeping along

    What is wrong?

    This crops up usually because of spamcops popularity and inability of system to keep up with the new members signing up

    Perhaps its time to reduce FULL reporting times to 24 hours to allow system to keep up?

    QUICK reporting should be reduced to 6 hours and maybe less

  13. Quite understandably the login screen for spamcop webmail is configured so that you have to enter your full username and password each time, well it does on my system. I developed a small program that loads the spamcop webmail login page in a nice big browser window and automatically enters my username and password for me plus clicking the Enter button. I wondered if such a program might be useful to other spamcop webmail users?



    I recomend using a program that stores ALL passwords on a USB disk (encrypts password file with two seperat algorythms) as it means this becomes even more secure and even if you end up with spyware on computer your password list remains very secure

    Just check my signature for all links

  14. Sounds interesting :D however I don't really see that people would see this very seriously. Spamcop is just a means of reporting these spammers and does not necessarily provide any service to the ISPs so they would have no incentive to pay. In my opinion, it would devalue the whole point of using Spamcop, to report spammers, creating a blocklist against them and would most likely undermine its credibility when people begin to think that it is simply a moneymaking scheme for the owners of Spamcop!


    I don't mind if Sueing Spammers was a money making scheme for SpamCop

    However I suggested the legal expenses and rewards could go to the Legal team diciding they had a winning Case

    Some time ago "Hey Pete" from the other SpamCop forum tried this by adding a fee to every abuse report he sent (or along these lines)

    I'm suggesting it can be done and successfully

  15. Your own email client can sort them into a folder or ever delete them at server if that is what you wish you just set up your email clients rules. It is best you just have them sorted to a folder and (auto)marked read


    It's to do with legal implications of who is reporting and thus blocking spam and ignorance is no defence

    When the men in black come looking it is YOUR door they will break down

  16. There is no "problem". I would just rather not receive these reports. If I have made an error in the configuration then I would appreciate assistance in idenfying where that option is located and how to change it.

    Thanks :)


    Your own email client can sort them into a folder or even delete them at server if that is what you wish you just set up your email clients rules. It is best you just have them sorted to a folder and (auto)marked read

  17. The spammers are already catching up. New forms of malware direct hijacked computers to send spam through their ISP's official mail server rather than directly from their own IP. This means that automatic blocklists will soon list the mail servers of Comcast, SBC, and all the other major ISPs. This will reduce the usefulness of these lists for many people.


    Not seen any spam through a comcast mail sever yet? For that matter major majority of all Mail servers are so far spam free

    SpamCop also uses logic for adding to it's exellent blocklist and knows if spam is from a mail server or not. An ISP would have plenty of warning to do something about a spammer or spam source using their email server

    That said SpamCop blocklist still tries to identify the Computers IP that sends the email If the email server is competantly set-up The email server will not be listed by SpamCop. By this I mean as the spam is being sent SpamCop will often in seconds block the very computer trying to send spam (not the email server it is going through)

  18. (Names of the innocents have been removed to protect the guilty)


    And of course, Spamcop moronically lists a mailing list origin as the

    origin of the spam. This only helps hide the identity of the spammers.

    For example, if a piece of spam gets through to the xxxxx list (which is

    unlikely, but could happen), and you report this as spam, it is my

    network that is listed as the spam origin site, not the spammer, who

    remains anonymous and protected.

    So, in short, if you are happy with spamcop, good for you. I remain




    Denial of a problem this "mailing list" has is not a solution

    It would take more than one report for SpamCop to list an (which is a source)IP and when abuse reports stop coming the IP is released

    every abuse report is sent to their ISP and they can have SpamCop send a copy to them (if they wish to, but sounds to me like they prefer to be anti SpamCop) The problems this "mail list" is having is of their own creating and trying to protect the spammers they host

    Any user making malicous abuse reports through SpamCop can be expelled, with members fined (or both)

    SpamCop Blocklist is the very best spam filter one can use For any one to suggest not to use it is giving real bad advice. Any blocklist should be combined witha whitelist (A whitelist overrides a blocklist)

    The next if not best thing for one is to get is the only email address you will ever need which is a fully protected SpamCop email address (From botn virus and spam) Read about what real people say of SpamCop

  19. The problem with blocking using the spam Cop blocking list is that so many legitimate users are on Road Runner or Comcast and get blocked when some newbie's computer gets infected with a virus and allows spammers to use it to send spam. Mailwasher will indicate whether the sender is listed (mouse over) but there are false positives. Someone at a university who is getting mail from people they don't know, maybe even from APNIC area users, can't automatically rely on a blocklist.


    ComCast have claimed they will block port 25 which would effectively stop their spew if they actually did this? (meaning mail would only be allowed through authorised mail servers

    SpamCop blocks the IP (computer) that the spew comes from but only when it starts spewing spam and releases that IP when the spew stops

  20. Hi


    I live in Poland but email account I have in USA 

    Sorry for my english and Please HELP !!!



    Try using my signature for security fix's (all are free but very effective windows programs)

    SpamCop traces the source of spam to the computer IP it is sent from (as best it can)

    If it is your computer everything on it is open to spammers

  21. If you are reporting then I am most grateful.  My filtering scenario works so well that I don't remember the last time I got junk in my inbox and the number of false positives I receive is tiny (although I did get one thismorning  ;)  )



    If you report it (spam in your inbox) quick enough the Spammers 3 hour run is blocked before it completes often in seconds meaning most of spammers run hits a bit bin (or silicon hell)