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  1. I have 5 POP accounts that I route through my SpamCop mail.  I'm not sure of the maximum number allowed, but I see 10 allowed in the interface.  Maybe an admin knows of more allowed?


    You should try to have your email forwarded to your SpamCop email account this is far superior/faster then there are no limits (the limits apply to POP'ing only)

    You are then best to POP direct from SpamCop's servers

  2. While MailWasher is a fine program. For its "Pro" price one can get a FULL SpamCop email address and get FULL POWER & VERY accurate spam filtering backed up by SpamCop Email & VER® (Very Easy Reporting) from the fastest mail servers on this planet. SpamCop will reliably retrieve email from as many addresses as you have and only allow legitimate email to your inbox (at least this is my and most's case)

    YES there is much much more! Aside from putting money SpamCops way you get every email virus filtered and can use without fear your email address. Sign up and effectively immunise yourself against Spammers (spammers only end up having email spam immediately bitbinned as they try)

    Spammers effectively just end up in a sin bin (attack being the best defence) to be reported & blocked . That’s while they try to send spam, not days later :D

  3. Bonded Sender The Original and the Best

    I would say this is important if it is not encouraged expect Bandwidth for "Very Easy Reporting" or VER to keep slowing down further and further

    Support from US SpamCop users would add momentum to the "profit line" of SpamCop's very dedicated users

    This whitelist will override all other selected blacklists (of course it is up to you/us whether you/we select it)

    I feel it is important that "we" endorse SpamCop's financial backers B)

  4. Yes, it's popular.  Yes, it's been recommended for quite a while.  But, man, the stuff this last "upgrade" has broken is more than a bit absurd.  And then finding out that the "remove / uninstall" pattern provided doesn't go far enough to actually remove / uninstall it <g>


    The best approach for firewalls is to have both hardware and software protection installed :ph34r:

    ZoneAlarm so far has not had it's security bypassed from outside of one's windows PC (It can however be secretly turned off by programs installed on/to your computer)

    Most windows software does not ever completely uninstall requiring one to regularly reformat and reinstall Windows to recover disk space :(

  5. !'m trying out Historykill (shareware) again works for every other site I save cookies on except this one

    I am now trying out 12-ghosts (free for personal and with a great Pop-Up killer just hold shift or "Ctrl" to bypass)and same finding

    SpamCop forum IMO has a problem? It seems deleting original cookie is not good

    I use a Password saver program (free for 21 passwords) but getting lazy in extra mouse moves (I only use 7 differnt passwords of varying security levels eg maximum is around 307 years to crack)

  6. Sample of forged bounce

    this was not bounced to my email address (To dowlnload rightclick and save to folder. File name is "MSN ServerMessage Delivery Failure.eml" ) :angry: To view you will need to "Right Click" mouse save as file and use Outlook Express to view drugs spam)

    spamcop reporting diagnoses this as a bounce (it was blocked by SCBL)

    This email is as I saved it it is in HTML (has been scanned by Mail server and Norton latest definitions)

    So it shows that SpamCop is doing some good and pays to report this spammer even if it is a personal report

  7. when this happens to me I just open the spam and get the REAL spam URL link and add its abuse addresses to the report no big deal? :rolleyes:

    I have latest Virus scanner and a (software) firewall also scan for spybots wih

    Ad-aware and "Search & destroy"

  8. Hi folks.  I just signed up for SpamCop but I am thoroughly confused.  I'm having trouble understanding the entire thing and can't find any basic instructions anywhere.  I would like to continue to use my regular email and have it filtered by SpamCop.  Is that possible?  If so, how?  I use Outlook Express.  If I can't set it up to filter my current email address, I'm going to cancel my subscription.  So far, I am completely confused.  Can anyone help me?

    Start here to check your setup

    < http://mail.spamcop.net/tips.php>

    and here


    After doing that consider this

    Suggested setup for a start

    (1) Log in using your FULL spamcop email address here


    (2) click "Options" at top of page

    (3) in box "Mail Management" click "SpamCop Tools"

    (4) click "Select your email filtering blacklists."

    (5) uncheck box "Block All " and check all the boxes in box

    "DNS Blacklist" and click "Blue Button" "Modify" underneath

    I find that blacklist "dnsbl.sorbs.net" is for me agressive. You may uncheck any blacklist that is causing to many false positives (the Whitelist overides these blacklists. But will not override Virus detection Virus are deleted. You can turn notification of this off)

    (6) have your provider forward your email to your spamcop address

    (7) Setup your email client to collect (POP3) your email from spamcop.

    In the POP3 box of your email client remove the one you have there and replace with "pop.spamcop.net"

    (7a)You NOW need to whitelist your providers email servers for reporting spam (include your SpamCop email address). To do this go here and follow instructions (you logon with full email address and password)


    If you have multiple email addresses you just need to submit one email for that domain (this is done to get around spammers forging headers)

    (7b) If you use IMAP to access your email, please use the following names:

    spamcop.net customers: imap.spamcop.net

    You can disable "auto polling". If you do not a bell will ring every time a message hits your "held folder"

    (8) Success you should now have all mail caught by filters in your held folder with only legitimate email in your inbox

    (9)For logging into held folder


    This will allow you to forward and whitelist innocents and Toast the guilty at a simple click of the mouse button

    I would suggest you use password software for bettter security for logging in


    This is basically freeware for 20 passwords/URLs

    It also works flawlessly from a USB drive (good for shared computers)

    Lockable by two wo completly different encryption methods (Blowfish AND Rjindael)

    You then disable your personal computer to remember passwords and login (always uncheck this option on shared computers)


    To contact SpamCop go here