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  1. So my questions are:

    1. Can anyone program something like this to work with Outlook Express 6.x ?

    2. Where is the right-click menu content stored (i.e. which file would have to be changed to access this) ?

    (I understand you know this)

    Logon to your SpamCop website It will have your super secret SpamCop "Forward address"

    In Outlook Express (for windows) Highlight spam message then select

    "meesage/forward as attachment" and send with your super secret spamcop address(disclose this to NO-ONE)

    There are programs which make it a bit easier to report spam (Reporting spam is your best defence from attack) A good one is the stand alone product from SpamDeputy

    It is best to just get a SpamCop email account which is the only email address you will ever need

    (1) effectivly stops spam going into your in-box

    (2) All spam is caught in a "held" folder for you to simply cheque all for reporting (this is done by a click of the mouse) Effectivly bit binning spam runs (before sent not after) till they either go broke or end up facing the authorities (In neat places like China this can mean being used as body parts)

  2. The address is question is a .edu which unfortunately has been published in quite a few places, which means that I can't get rid of it and it gets a fair amount of spam.  And since the University has to let e-mail from Brazilian and Chinese and Korean professors and family members through...

    I also can't really forward it to a filtered account because right now I'm doing most of my mail checking on public and semi-public machines.

    spam Cop is a great way to relax and blow off steam, I must say.


    Even more reason to block their email (Professional people should be educated in abilities to explain to their ISP's that spam is not tolerated and hurting their homeland) Rub some salt in by explaining that they have to post from a Hotmail account as they are in a Country where it is impossible to differentiate their email from spam which is mainly a menace

    That said a WhiteList overrides any blacklist setting so specific email or domains would get through but not others. (And SpamCop Email has this ability)

    I have a diamond mine in Brazil, I get all reports from there even though Brazil is blocked but not specific email addresses. I also get email from China a simple matter to whitelist genuine domains

    It seems that spammers hurt Australia ( a reformed spam tolerant county) enough for the Government to fine Australian Spammers a million dollars a day and seems to have halted spam from here (I'm in Australia)

  3. I've been sent in the past few days with links that resolve to nic.br

    One of the many abilities of a SpamCop email account is to block email from spam ignorant/friendly Countries such as Brazil. So unless a specific email address is in my WhiteList all email from Brazil is in my "report as spam" folder.

    When reported (at click of mouse, as easy as this) they are then added to SpamCops Blocklist (SCBL). So even if a ISP does not accept abuse reports they cannot send email which means there sites do not get traffic (It is not wise to check spam sites at any rate as many are trying to access your computer with trojan/virus's)

    At present with so many offshore countries spam tolerant a SpamCop email account is now almost compulsory. As once these low lifes have your address the spam will not stop and infact increase till you have to dump that email address. At least by reporting that email address you are stopping the spam getting to those who use SCBL and this is before it is sent not after.

    A spam run would take the spammer hours to send and SCBL can have it bitbinned in seconds and going nowhere

  4. It seems (correct me if I'm wrong) that pro-spammers change IP for each blast they make. When the used IP becomes blocked and they switch to another one.

    Spammers send for hours posting spam on a single run. SpamCop BlockList has them often blocked within seconds making their spam run/efforts futile and simply bit binned

    For me out of a 1000 plus spams hitting my SpamCop email folder occasionally one may get to my inbox So far I have had no false positives

    Although I have reported a friend by mistake It was not held by SpamCop just changed his name to "bear" which from email experience usually involves males in lewd acts :blink: This had his Bear site taken down and he was not amused (so if in doubt do not report) :angry:

    Not sure if this advice is still current but you used have 14 days to see if SpamCop email is your cup of tea or not.

    The fact is that SpamCop email is administered by "JT" who is very awake to spammers antics and effective at keeping well ahead of their antics. SpamCop email servers are second to none and probably faster than the email servers you now use (of course all viruses are deleted with latest Virus definition filters as well)

    The point is you are not just relying on gadgets for spam control but best advisers on spam control this planet has :ph34r:

  5. suggest you at least try a SpamCop email account to see how its really done

    This is the best and most accurate cost effective filtering system on the planet. The big plus is that once spam is "very easily reported" (VER) it is added to SpamCops blocklist, effectively stopping spam while being sent and not after

    click the link

    SpamCop Email

  6. I've gotten like 20 of these over the past month of so:


    I keep getting something to effect of "cannot <whatever> the site, yet when I click on it, I have no problem accessing it.

    They blocking you or something and not me?



    If you think it will help report the website to


    Sometimes spamcop misses a beat or two so if you have the motivation feel free to step in

    Even better go to the website and see if there are links to other sites report them also

  7. This is not a/your NewsReader problem

    If you decide to disable ZoneAlarm install another product (such as) or switch to their 15 day free trail of their "PRO" version which is not affected (Zone Alarm are working on problem)

    Hardware types being the better choice over software ones

    ZoneAlarm is a very effective Software choice

    read about it here


    OK the latest Free edition of ZoneAlarm has the yEnc problem fixed!

    Make sure your computer is secure

  8. I have 5 POP accounts that I route through my SpamCop mail.  I'm not sure of the maximum number allowed, but I see 10 allowed in the interface.  Maybe an admin knows of more allowed?


    You should try to have your email forwarded to your SpamCop email account this is far superior/faster then there are no limits (the limits apply to POP'ing only)

    You are then best to POP direct from SpamCop's servers

  9. While MailWasher is a fine program. For its "Pro" price one can get a FULL SpamCop email address and get FULL POWER & VERY accurate spam filtering backed up by SpamCop Email & VER® (Very Easy Reporting) from the fastest mail servers on this planet. SpamCop will reliably retrieve email from as many addresses as you have and only allow legitimate email to your inbox (at least this is my and most's case)

    YES there is much much more! Aside from putting money SpamCops way you get every email virus filtered and can use without fear your email address. Sign up and effectively immunise yourself against Spammers (spammers only end up having email spam immediately bitbinned as they try)

    Spammers effectively just end up in a sin bin (attack being the best defence) to be reported & blocked . That’s while they try to send spam, not days later :D

  10. Bonded Sender The Original and the Best

    I would say this is important if it is not encouraged expect Bandwidth for "Very Easy Reporting" or VER to keep slowing down further and further

    Support from US SpamCop users would add momentum to the "profit line" of SpamCop's very dedicated users

    This whitelist will override all other selected blacklists (of course it is up to you/us whether you/we select it)

    I feel it is important that "we" endorse SpamCop's financial backers B)

  11. Yes, it's popular.  Yes, it's been recommended for quite a while.  But, man, the stuff this last "upgrade" has broken is more than a bit absurd.  And then finding out that the "remove / uninstall" pattern provided doesn't go far enough to actually remove / uninstall it <g>


    The best approach for firewalls is to have both hardware and software protection installed :ph34r:

    ZoneAlarm so far has not had it's security bypassed from outside of one's windows PC (It can however be secretly turned off by programs installed on/to your computer)

    Most windows software does not ever completely uninstall requiring one to regularly reformat and reinstall Windows to recover disk space :(