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  1. Wazoo, any chance you could post some mole reports dated after July 2nd? Thanks Also, deputies[at]admin.spamcop.net seems to almost never reply. We've issued a good deal of emails to them requesting assistance with at least a few of headers but nobody seems be in the house
  2. Telarin, i meant the mole report "headers" of the following form. Submitted: Monday, June 26, 2006 2:14:50 PM -0400: Red Hot Stock Watch 1813546602 ( ) To: mole[at]devnull.spamcop.net I just need them to be from July 2nd onward date
  3. Merlyn, thanks. I still doubt they are spammers on our system, rather than forwards say joe[at]domainname.com --> forwards to joeblow[at]att.net or smth else In any event, I've started saving the headers from June 30th onward, so anything you posted is not included on those lists. Do you have any headers say from July 2nd onward? Thanks again.
  4. StevenUnderwood, Hello again. Is there a way to post in here some of the mole reports that are shown against the last say week or so? We've had one of our mail server temp blacklisted again :-/ and I'd like to try and match up the email headers I've been saving since the last incident against the mole reports. Thanks a bunch.
  5. StevenUnderwood, there was nothing you guys missed for sure We have not gotten any answers from deputies at admin.spamcop.net though we've repeatedly tried to get in touch with them. Also, we left a VM at SpamCop's answering machine In any event, we're storing message subjects, every 15 mins, for our outgoing queue. In the event we would ever get bl'ed again, we would try and match such subjects to the ones that you posted in this thread before. Hopefully we'd get a hit and we would find out the cause. I want to give SpamCop a big heads up. AOL implements what's called a "feedback loop". Basically any complaints within the IP range you register, gets forwarded to the abuse address that one registered at the time of feebackloop creation. Very, very useful They scrub the AOL recipients as to make them into what spamcop refers to "moles" We have had great success with their feedback loop, since we were able to find out and elminiate any spammers, or anyone that was using our servers as a passthrough forward, and who was reporting any email forwarded to such forwards as spam SpamCop must wake up and smell the coffee. Mole reports are good and all, but what about the case where users are simply forwarding their emails and one's servers are used only as passthrough value? The hosting company is definetely not to blame, yet SpamCop makes no effort to either 1)provide the hosting company a way to check if anyone is forwarding emails than reporting them as spam once they receive them on their ISP's account 2)no effort into providing some headers etc, so that our abuse technicians can identify what's happening Hope someone will act upon my suggestions and change the tables around.
  6. StevenUnderwood + Wazoo + the rest of the crew, thanks for all your kind advice on this issue. We've checked our ISP control panel and there was nothing wrong with it. At this point we've decided to ask deputies at spamcop.net for further assistance. again bless all of you
  7. Wazoo, correct. I'm assisting with finding out why is getting blacklisted and how to prevent it in the future. We are currently looking to see if there is anything wrong with our ISP Control Center that I'm personally not familiar with. We are a hosting company. I'm not sure what needs explaining from the SenderBase numbers. The only thing that I can state is this There is a legit Vol Change vs. Average showing from SenderBase.org site for these two IPs + Why you would ask? Well the moment we started getting blacklisted, we have to route email out. This is done via 'outgoingip' feature of Qmail, which allows relaying out email via a secondary/third IP bound to the mail server. We almost never use these two IP's for our legit mail server mail01.secureserverdot.com It is only during blacklisting period that we implement such. Being that there is almost never any traffic originating from such IPs during the time that our mail server is not blacklisted, you'd see how one can explain the increase in Vol Change vs. Average The reason we're blacklisted could very well be our end user's autoresponders, yet without any form of header checking it is next to impossible to determine.
  8. Guys, thanks for all your help so far. We are going to follow through with your suggestions.
  9. Hello, please ignore albunix.org domainname, that's not the one I'm requesting help. I understand the part that we're getting summaries only since these are mole reporters. Could you please explain the part that the ISP does not wish to receive reports. What do we at the netblock owners have to do to rectify this? Also, how can we at least get the Report History as you've listed it? Thanks guys, this is helping out a lot.
  10. Hello, thanks for looking into it so far. Correct, abuse at successfulhosting.com is where we receive complaints. There has been no complaints that we've received. There has been only Alerts that we've generally received on the 20th minute of every hour more or less making us aware of IP's being reported. Yet, no further information, was ever received from us. In the past we've received actual reports that start as follows [ SpamCop V1.582 ] This message is brief for your comfort. Please use links below for details. ... ... ... and we'd get full headers showing where/what domain is being abusive. Any ideas on what to follow through at this point? bless you for all your help
  11. Hello, I'm from netblock. We've getting reports such as --------------------------------- IPs reported in past hour: -------------------------------- Yet, we have gotten not even one single complaint against our netblock. We stay very much in top of abuse tickets, and even have an established feedback loop with AOL which so far has not shown any issues for our mail server. What's my options in here. We use SpamCop blocking lists ourselves, and have found it to be very useful, yet at this point, seems we're cornered without any options to proceed. http://public.albunix.org/spamcop.JPG supposedly shows we have 99 complaints, yet we have not received any actual one. Thanks for your help in advance.