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  1. That's a good tip, I should have done that more recently anyway. The problem is pretty consistent over 3 computers I normally log in from, and I think it also appears with my Android tablets and phone although I'm losing track. I tend to think it's an issue with Time Warner and it never happened before they took over Brighthouse. As I mentioned I also can't access my mail directly through standard ports anymore using Mailwasher nor get automatic photos, alarms and video off my IP cameras. Again, this morning, I used a new alias and forwarded a spam to Spamcop and within 5 minutes I had the spamcop response in my inbox. If history repeats itself, that will be the only one that will work because using an alias only works once, maybe twice. Best,
  2. Thanks, It could be something like that when sending or even when receiving Spamcop replies. The strange thing is if I use an alias addressee it almost always works as intended at least the first time. It's as though they do create a block list after the first message sent or received, but no one at Time Warner seems to have any clue other than for me to check my inbox settings to see what senders I've blocked which of course is non of the above. They did definitely monkey with the direct port access to their server as evidenced by Mailwasher not having access and my IP camera alerts which rely on port access are also not working. It's still a mystery to me. Best,
  3. Hi, I have been using Spamcop for probably 20 years but for over a year it appears Time Warner either blocks spams from being forwarded to Spamcop.net or blocks the prepared reports from being returned to my inbox. This started to occur about 6 months before their announced takeover of Brighthouse Networks / Roadrunner. If I create an alias, (ex: Joe Schmoe = xx1234[at]spamcop.net), I can normally send one or two Spamcop reports to go full circle from my email and back through to my inbox before it doesn't work and I have to create another temporary alias. spam forwarded to Spamcop will normally never come back and it takes a lot longer to file spam manually at www.spamcop.net especially from my phone. No one at Time Warner seems to be able to understand anything other than the most basic questions about the roadrunner service, so I have not found anyone with any understanding of this. The only real reply I've heard is that it's been bad for a while. It is also very slow and at one time during the takeover it would just go down, (but the price goes up!) They are also blocking port access to directly retrieve emails from their server, so services such as Mailwasher will also not work as a result. Don told me there is no problem on the Spamcop end of things. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks ATF
  4. ATF

    What about 'picture' spam?

    Well, I did the very best I could using words that I've known for a long time. What better way to explain it? A blank email as I described has only the .gif, and no text. The ad is the text in the .gif. My questions were fairly simple. Is there any further progress on this type of spam? Does the report include the .gif image with the contact info or spammer ID? Others in this thread have described the same thing. It doesn't seem confusing at all, when your inbox is indundated with spam of pictures of text for a penny stock offering or retail merchandise. If an ISP report contains only text, then the picture won't get to the ISP you are complaining to, only a blank message? That particular email client is an online site, Netzero, and doesn't have all the bells and whistles of say, Outlook. Pictures don't show as ascii data. Fortunately my main email for personal use is relatively clean except for a registration at ICU.com which immediately triggered all kinds of crap although all I did was register. '
  5. ATF

    What about 'picture' spam?

    Yes. Other than my inserted comment, there is no actual proof of the spammers activity if only text is sent. Most of these spams have a subject of Re:Mortgage question, or who knows what to try to slip past spam filters and also appear like a legitimate email reply in many cases. As one member suggested, often, without a <comment from the user> these messages are normally blank with the exception of the ad in the .gif. The fact that there are so many picture spams now, (at least in my inbox), suggests maybe this is a successful tactic, (to put the text in a .gif), to avoid the wrath of ISP's? I also forward all the spam I get as an enclosure to spam[at]uce.gov the address for the FTC spam complaints for what that's worth. I don't know what they actually do with it, but it should all go to them in the .gif form as the full advertisement; https://rn.ftc.gov/pls/dod/wsolcq$.sta...Z_ORG_CODE=PU01 I also find if I forward the spam to spamcop, I get two links to complete the report. One might have accurately parsed the spam, and the other I think is the picture which won't do anything on it's own. Thanks, ATF
  6. ATF

    What about 'picture' spam?

    These blank messages with penny stock ad .gif's and now ads for general merchandise seem to be coming out all the time now. I get at least 7-8 per day. I do add a line <.gif image for penny stocks will not paste into report> or something of the sort to run through the parser, but I'm wondering if anything else has been done to include the images in the final report? Thanks, ATF