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  1. Redstone

    ISP recommendations

    This ought to help you with your decision: http://www.dslreports.com/
  2. Redstone

    Grrrrr I HATE YAHOO!!

    From my experience, Geocities eventually does do something but after there is enough reports about the site. Rather than see the scamsite for what it is, they wait until there is enough complaints before they shut it down. Sometimes (and this is seldom) do they whack a site upon reporting. However, a growing number of spams I receive that reference Geocities sites ends up either 404ed or 403ed.
  3. Redstone

    vronaholiday.com, what the F....

    Thanks to Wazoo for sharing this thread on the classic SCNG. One may want to go after the ringleader of this crazy botnet. If you look through the HTML source, it will lead to adultactioncam.com ( making this a problem for Teleglobe. This IP address belongs to a known spammer, and I've been manually LARTing these bozos for quite a while. So it isn't like Teleglobe is NOT aware of these SOBs. :angry: http://www.spamhaus.org/SBL/sbl.lasso?query=SBL18975
  4. Redstone

    More about Freeserve...

    If Freeserve would just add in the originating IP address as was previously stated (and stated in the RFCs), this would never of happened. You may want to give Hotmail another chance. I was getting 50 spams per day as well, but it looks like they've incorporated their own blocklistings of well known spamsources (i.e. open proxies.)
  5. Redstone

    Use calendar to mark events

    There are also the dates of when certain major spammers end up getting their asses hauled into jail like Jeremy Jaynes, aka "Gaven Stubberfield".
  6. Redstone

    1st Post!

    GregR was behind the planning of Janet's peek-a-boobie.
  7. Redstone

    smoking or non-smoking lounge?

    It would be complete if there was a virtual bowling alley too.
  8. Redstone

    Poll about Avatars

    Avatars? Why not?