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  1. Hi again, Can you give me a link to where I can sign up for a free ISP account, I can't find it on the SpamCop.net site. Can you supply me link to where I can see email adresses for SpamCop support, because I can't find that either. I sent mails via the "Dispute listing" function, but I didn't get any replies from that.
  2. ok, that's the real problem here, because, once listed within SpamCop, it's a pain to get delisted. There's no contacts to write to, only one delisting try. After that, one'll have to wait 24 hours. As a relay host for at lot of customers, we cannot be provided with information of what blacklisted us. That is annyoing and surfing the forums, I can see that I'm not the only one who has problems. Actually, the biggest problem is some (read: many) recipients mailservers reject mails only on behalf on a check on SpamCop. SpamCop is not the only blacklist in the world and recipients should really be checking a quantity of blacklistes and cummulate the answers to give a either positive or negative reply. At last, why do all recipients answer with a 5** reply? That's bogus too in my oppinion. This should be a soft error instead. regards, kews
  3. If the spamtrap is secret, how do find out how our IP got blacklisted?
  4. Hi, First, I don't know much about SpamCop, but recent blacklistes have made me wonder: If I sign up for SpamCop reporting adress, send a mail to a unknown recipient in a domain and the mail bounces back to the SpamCop adress, will the unknown recipients IP adresse get blacklisted because it bounced a mail to the spamtrap? If yes, would I, hypothetically, be able to cause a lot of blacklist entries for a lot of companies to which I've sent mails which I knew would be bounced? (could also be Out Of Office replies)... regards, kews