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    [Resolved] Accidentally Misreported an Email as Spam

    They are a reputable company and I probably accidentally didn't tick or did tick the don't spam me/spam me box on a web form at some point. I really don't think it's genuine spam and was surprised to see that my tired eyes had reported it. Thanks for the advice. I have followed the instructions and appologised. I was trying to be careful as I unwittingly misreported once before. Thank you all and sorry if this is a pain for Spamcop Fairy
  2. Submitted: 27 July 2006 18:12:44 +0100: HALF PRICE luxury whites for Summer! Hi! I have accidentally reported an email that I probably had an unsubscribe option for. How do I stop the complaint? The report ID is: 1854283540 Soorrryyy! Fairy