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    Identifying the source of spam

    Where possible it is something we endeavour to ensure our clients do. It is entirely possible that some slip through the net and go against our policy, using lists that are obtained from alternative sources. Of course this is hard to pinpoint down to a client without email subjects that we can look up, and even with this data there are a huge number of false spam reports being made by opt-in subscribers. This would certainly prove useful, though I am confused regarding abuse.net. From the FAQ, I was led to believe that requesting a new point of contact for a domain would result in the relevant abuse emails being sent there? A report history can help now, but I am also looking for a more permanent solution to solving this problem.
  2. emc chris

    Identifying the source of spam

    Is there a way to add another abuse contact for our IPs? Rather than our upstream provider?
  3. Hi, We are a legitimate email marketing company, and just recently are regularly experiencing spamcop blocks. I have signed up for reports on our IPs but am only receiving information on the IP becoming blocked, not the reported email. I have a postmaster[at] address which is not receiving anything from spamcop, and last week sent an email to abuse.net requesting that another address be made responsible (though checking on their website, this change hasn't been made). How can more information be obtained? Without knowing which email was possibly sent unsolicited there is no way that I can identify the customer. FYI, the currently blocked IP is, and also frequently blocked is Any help appreciated. Thanks, Chris.