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    blacklist threats, help!

    well i forgot i posted this which is why i never came back with a response. happened to come across it on google. i "re-attached" my domain to my hosting account have haven't been having any problems since....so who knows. nothing has been changed email wise, just the nameservers my domain is setup with that connect it to my hosting account. don't know what the problem was other than what i told you and my server's ip won't help you this late in time. but i know that mail wasn't coming from my account/server but spamcop was still sending complaints to my hosting company about my account... you say that you don't report any "unverified" spam ips...and i am absolutely positive it wasn't coming off my server...no formmail, mailing lists and only two accounts which it wasn't coming from. anyway, so something went wrong and it wasn't anything on my end but reports were issued. wish i had come back to this sooner so you could have checked the ip.
  2. Hi, I am one of those people who hate spam. I use spamassasin on my webhost and am pretty happy with the reduction in spam. Recently my web hosting company received a number of complaints about spam which the complainers associated with my hosting account (based on the ip of my domain). Of course the complaining party (in this case spamcop) threatened to blacklist the server I am on and my hosting company threatened to suspend my account. Here is the problem for me. There are NO mailing lists on my server, NO formmail on my server, and only 2 email accounts on the server. One for my mom which she doesn't use, and one for me. I don't ever BCC lots of people. I know my computers have not been compromised by a virus and I know that my email account is secure because the password is changed regularly. According to my host, they doubt that the spam was actually coming from my server, but believe that someone chose to spoof email addresses using my domain. Somehow that translated into my server being threated with a blacklist. I am surely not as knowledgable about spam as people like spam cop and the aol spam police (the latter of which love to throw their weight around in regards to spam even though they are a huge culprit), however, i am clearly aware that spammers spoof email addresses and mail headers all the time. So given that this is public knowledge, why does spamcop assume that it is me that is sending the spam? I have had to disable my domain, just unplugged it from my hosting company. This won't stop the spam of course because it wasn't coming from there in the first place. What happens now is that when there is a spam complaint about an email from someone at mydomain, they won't connect my domain with my hosting company and won't threaten to blacklist them. Now as much as this sounds like a complaint, this is a real problem. The point of this post is to ask what i am i supposed to do in this situation. I am not at all at fault, but if i use my domain, then whatever hosting company it is attached to will get threatened by a blacklist. i get spoofed mail from *[at]microsoft.com or *[at]ebay.com all the time. surely they aren't getting blacklisted because it obviously isn't them. i just don't know what to do. i have this domain and i can't use it because some jerk-off out there is using it when they spoof email addresses. Please advise, I really appreciate any help I can get on what i am supposed to do here. Kind regards, Matthew