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  1. For the record what was posted WAS "an entire package as received" apart from removing the first part of my email address before the ampersand in the message header that was the exactly what was displayed by the 'view source' command, I have dozens more of these all almost identical. Strangely, I have been getting several of these daily but I have not received any today after sending info on it to deputies[at]spamcop.net yesterday as suggested by 'StevenUnderwood'
  2. Maybe I did not make it clear enough, the submit addresses in the fake spamcop messages I am getting are NOT mine and they come to email accounts that are not registered with spamcop. Essentially there does not seem to be much difference between my sending method and forwarding, it's just that my method is far quicker in 'the bat' as it only takes 2 keystroke combinations to send it, the end result is identical. I am surprised no one else has got anything like these messages, it seems to me some spammer has found a way to beat spamcop as it appears not to be able to handle this kind of junk.
  3. I did not edit the message, except for removing the first part of my email address that is exactly what I received, I have just checked my mail and have received several more almost exactly the same as this and, as I said previously, the 'submit' address in these messages is not mine, I have checked all the recent ones I got and submit.rzfg7znvb0gj8fxz[at]spam.spamcop.net or submit.nxdympw9hngxgbec[at]spam.spamcop.net are used. I am using 'the bat' email program, when I get a spam message I press F9 to 'view message source' I then select all and copy/paste it into a new message which I send to my spamcop reporting address without any subject line or anything else added or removed, I do not use "Forward" and "Forward as an Attachment" as this adds unnecessary text to the message. I am afraid I did not keep the message I got back from spamcop the first time I tried sending one of these so sent another in via the web form, with full details turned on [and have saved the resulting page] at the bottom the only entry for report spam to was 'Internal spamcop handling: (badreports)'. I have tried reading a lot of the FAQ pages etc., admittedly not too thoroughly, as I had noticed some posters seem to get quite a rough time on these forums and I would have preferred to avoid posting, but could not find anything that really seemed relevant to what I was getting.
  4. I am sure these messages were not originally reported by me as I am now getting dozens of them to a number of email addresses, only a small percentage to the one I have registered with spamcop, also I never put anything in the subject line and the submit address is not the one I send messages to. No graphics in the messages I have just tried sending the entire message, as above, to spamcop in the body of an email.
  5. Fairly new user here so please be gentle if I am in the wrong forum or something. I have started getting a LOT of spam as attached below, but if I try forwarding this to 'spamcop' I get a message back about me reporting spamcop, is it possible to report this type of stuff or do I just give-up on it, I have checked and though it is very similar to email I have reported, the main part of the message is definitely nothing that has come from me. Moderator Edit: humongous posting of some very confusing data which also included this user's "submit" address has been edited out ....