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    blacklist threats, help!

    I'm having a similar problem Dont yell at me please, i'm kinda new at this... I have people sending me spam from my tld. I'm getting all those spams, from horse porn to viruses, including those return to sender emails. I cannot tell if those are real senders, but after contact with the "sender's" .edu admins, they sometimes tell me the account does not exist, or that the user does not seem to be sending out such mail. Like I said before, those emails come to my inbox as my_normal_email[at]addresss.tld but as management[at]my.tld So, if i submit a spam report, will it end up blacklisting my ldt? Or will you guys only blacklist those .edu senders? I really dont feel like getting blacklisted for a report i submited, especially when someone else is the culprit. Thanks in advance. Courtney