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  1. Sorry--I have no spamcop email account. StevenUnderwood is right. I should have been more clear. Is the registration only for people who have spamcop email accounts? I use spamcop to report spam, and I assumed that this step was necessary for us as well. yyy.net does show up as registered. I guess my question then becomes: do I need to register "forward-only accounts" like the one I described, xxx[at]alumni.x.edu? If I do, then I guess I will report my problem in detail, as mentioned in the pinned post you mentioned above. Thanks for the responses thus far!
  2. I'm confused by the issue of forwarding accounts here. I have two scenarios: 1. My university provides "forwarding accounts" for alumni, which means they give us a permanent email address and that mail sent to that email address will automatically be forwarded to another email address that we keep on file for them. There is no webmail, imap, or pop access to this forwarding address. I successfully registered my primary email account (e.g. me[at]yyyy.net) with spamcop (the address that the alumni address forwards to), but when I try to register the alumni address, I always get an error: "The email sample you submitted for xxx[at]alumni.x.edu appears to traverse more than one domain. Please ensure that you configure each mailhost individually and in order." Of course, the email that I sent to spamcop for verification was the email that landed in my <me[at]yyyy.net> account, forwarded from the xxx[at]alumni.x.edu account. Does this mean that I cannot register the xxx[at]alumni.x.edu account at all, or am I doing something wrong here? 2. I have several forwarding accounts (aliases) associated with my personal (hosted) domain (e.g. yyyy.net), and they dump email into several different actual email accounts associated with my domain. For example, I have an alias for <friendster[at]yyyy.net> that dumps mail into main account, <me[at]yyyy.net>. I also have other actual mail accounts on the domain, such as <store[at]yyyy.net>. All these accounts go through the same mail servers associated with yyyy.net. I have registered <me[at]yyyy.net>, and from what I read in the FAQ, I'm assuming that I do not need to register any other accounts associated with yyyy.net. Is this correct? Thanks for reading (and maybe replying to) my message!